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WHO WE ARE: For years my sister, Linda, and I have only worked locally to help people solve problems that no one else could manage. The spells my sister and I perform require considerable time to complete because they are done in the old ways with traditions that have been passed down to us by our parents.
Or, if you'd still like more information about my sister and I, then read on to learn more about how the extraordinary practice of the forbidden arts can bring HOT, PASSIONATE EVERLASTING LOVE to your door NOW. Though my sister and I always work together at beginning and the end of a spell to seal the bond of energy for our clients, my specialty in love spells involves non-specific romance.
We choose from several age-old Pre-Ritual Divination methods to determine how the spirits want us to proceed with your case.
We each meditate on your situation until we have a clear astral path to your unique energy pathways.
We select the appropriate herbs, oils, incense and other natural items from our extensive herbal apothecary to create a strong web of energy to help ensure the most powerful bond of love in the universe. We choose from a wide variety of methods including candle magick, fire scrying, weather magick, automatic writing and many other ancient techniques to determine the best time and location to complete your love spell. We apply your personal details such as your birth date and preferences to further tailor your spell to your specific needs.
We astrally re-align your auric energy fields to help ensure a smooth transition to the new state of being you will be preparing for.
We provide clear, simple instructions on what you must do to participate in the ritual to and ensure that your spell is personal on both sides: the side of the practitioners and the side of the querent, YOU. Finally we use all the information and resources we compile and apply them to the most powerful rituals in our book of shadows. Once your ritual is complete, we follow up with a eight-week reinforcement of your spell to help ensure that the spell is bound for eternity.
Each of the Elements of Mother Earth receives offerings on your behalf when we enact your ritual working for love. Particularly in the case of a spell for a specific person, we can't stress enough that you be serious. Disclaimer: Our practitioners have been highly successful in helping people to make their deepest desires become reality.

Without a foundation, you’re just sitting on sand and the first wave that comes along will wash away everything, no matter how solid you thought it was. Our customers have nagged and nagged up to allow people to contact us through the Internet. When you want ideal love that comes from a person you don't know, I am the ideal practitioner to help you achieve your goals.
With our guidance, you actively participate in your ritual working with clear, simple instructions for adding just a touch of your personal energy and passion for success. This helps us create a ritual based on the ancient texts but still specific to you and no one else.
Many times we will scry, throw the tarot or runes or choose from some other method that our experience tells us will provide the most accurate information about YOU.
No detail is left out as we enact the ancient ritual of love that has been forgotten by all by a few adept witches. Though there can be no guarantees with ritual magick, we are highly skilled practitioners of the forbidden arts and the skills of old are not to be taken lightly.
You'll have the opportunity to choose whether you want a specific person or just your ideal partner (whoever that is) right away.
I ask all those serious about creating positive changes in their lives to consider the following. The ancient rituals and rare ingredients we use are not easy for the average witch to afford or even find.
On the other hand, my sister Linda works exclusively to help you attract the affection of a specific love. You should continue to experience powerful changes to your aura for several months after the spell is complete. If you are not absolutely certain that you want a particular person to love you, please don't choose that option. We have studied and practiced the forbidden arts for decades to master the power of subtle and chaotic energies in the universe. Both love spell types require very different rituals and expertise to help ensure your success.

Many practitioners ask little or nothing about their clients and their results reflect their poor quality. Both ritual types require specialization if they have any chance of affecting your life in a positive way.
Prayer, spell and ritual workings should not act as a substitute for legal or professional help. Then a few weeks ago a friend put us in touch with a nice lady living in Alaska who desperately needed help. Once we determine which of our strengths are ideal for your specific needs, we use our combined knowledge of the craft to help raise the appropriate energy currents.
We work with you to harness your innate energies with our more than 40 years combined experience with the craft. In order to use our services you must agree that: you are at least 18 years old, spell services are subject to interpretation and that you have read our full disclaimer. She had no way to contact anyone in our profession let alone someone with over 40 years of experience.
If you want your spell to be performed by people who know the world of the supernatural, contact us with your heart's desire so we can begin work on YOUR future. At the end of the ritual we work together once again to appeal to the spirits to rule in your favor.
It is unfair to both you and to the object of your affection to reverse a spell once the target has fallen for you. You will also receive clear concise instructions on how you can interact with the ritual process and further add your own personal energy to our ritual workings. After all there's no point to buying expensive ritual ingredients or tools if you don't know how to use them properly. Our book of shadows is old and thick with spells and rituals other witches have never even heard of!

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