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Jan 212015 Fully Utilize a Sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps – Look at How Many Applications I Got!
Today I thought I would show you exactly how many pretty nails have been created with just two sheets of Jamberry Nail Wraps.  I have had a couple of readers leave comments that they were unable to get more than one manicure out of a sheet.  I hope today’s post helps with that, because you can {and should} be getting so much more from your wrap sheets than just one manicure! When I got the first sheet of Love Spell (now available as From the Heart) wraps in, I immediately ordered another sheet.  I knew it was going to be one of my favorites, and I knew my guests would be loving it at the parties as well.  Isn’t it just sparkly gorgeous-ness? So, I had TWO sheets of Love Spell to use.  With those two sheets, I did a full manicure on myself, three party guests did full manicures, and one guest did four total accent nails {two on each hand}.
You cut the 7 smallest sized wraps {in both rows} in half to use in manicures and as accent nails {so, 28 total pieces per sheet….2 rows of wraps with 7 wraps in each row, cut in half} . Then, the largest width wrap {two of these total per sheet} is cut into eight pieces to use on your small toes in a pedicure and the second largest width wrap {two per sheet} is cut in half to use on your big toes in a pedicure. As you can see from this chart, with the two largest wraps on each sheet, you get a full pedicure by cutting the largest one into eight pieces {for your eight smallest toes} and cutting the second largest one in half for your big toes. BUT, another way you can use those largest wraps is by trimming them down to fit your thumbnail.
One of the gals at my Open House really wanted the wrap from the Love Spell design that is just the little white heart to put on her thumb.  There was only one of those left on one of the second largest wrap options by the time she did her manicure {the wrap normally used for your big toe in a pedicure}, so she cut it down to the width of her thumb and used it that way.

Just make sure when you are trimming wraps down to size that they end up small enough for your nail and that no part of the wrap is touching any skin or your cuticles.
In any case, since I have three of the very largest and three of the second largest wraps still left on my TWO sheets, I can still do three full pedicures {or I could trim them down and use on my thumbs}. After taking away the two largest wraps in each row to set aside for future pedicures, I also have enough left to do twelve total accent nails {six per hand}. Like I mentioned above, you will always cut each wrap in half to use, so since I have four full wraps left from the two sheets {8 total accent nails} and four halves of wraps left {4 total accent nails}, that is how I got to 12 total accent nails. That’s a lot of bang for my buck, wouldn’t you agree?  Especially when you are snagging your Jamberry Nail Wrap Sheets with the Buy 3 sheets, Get 1 free deal! And I am a huge fan of the fact that this Love Spell wrap sheet has multiple patterns and colors, so when I do use the remainders as accent nails, I can still produce a lot of different looking manicures. If you enjoyed the post, share using the buttons below and please consider following my blog. 10 Comments on Fully Utilize a Sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps – Look at How Many Applications I Got!
My toenails beds aren’t idly biddy enough to do that BUT have you ever tried to cut the leftovers into strips and use them as you would striping tape?

My sister gave me a sheet of Jamberry wraps but I haven’t used them yet – this is a helpful guide!
But, what both of these parties really emphasized for me was how many uses I am going to get when I fully utilize a sheet of Jamberry nail wraps.  I mean, I understood it before, but I had yet to really finish an entire sheet {I just have too many designs I want to try on}, so it was crazy to see the amount of use my guests got out of just two sheets of the fan favorite, Love Spell.
No coupon code needed, it just automatically applies to your shopping cart during checkout. I’m Jen, the blogger behind this blog, and I am proud to be an Independent Consultant for Jamberry.
For me, because my nails are pretty short, I usually have the middle section of each of the wraps leftover.

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