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Wicca Spells is a central source of knowledge and it is gathering information on genuine Wicca rituals, Spells, Sabbats and general Witchcraft. We intend to cover many aspects of witchcraft as well as astrology, including the twelve signs which are Aries, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces.
We will be giving out free spells every so often when we update the website, so there will be always something new every time you visit us. Since our speciality is within Love Spells, Wiccan Spells and Witch Spells we would be updating it more frequently with more indepth information. Let this website be a guide to the starting witch, to the new spell casters, to those who are interested in all sorts and forms of magic and spells. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Spell News newsletter, to get the latest premium spells in your email box, with new articles and information on Wicca. You can join our facebook page for updates and talk about everything that has to do with Wicca, Wiccans and Witches.
I’d like to say hello to our Wiccan community and share with you a photo of my lovely cat, showing off a Wiccan pentagram handmade by me.
Lammas (also known as Lughnasadh) is a celebration in the honor of the Sun after the first harvest (also known as Celtic celebration of Grain). Yule is the Day of the Winter Solstice (also known as Celtic Renaissance Festival of the Sun). Summer Solstice – Midsummer, the shortest night of the year and a celebration of the Great Light (also known as Celtic feast of Oak). Ostara is a holiday during which honored a great Harmony, it’s a time of Spring Equinox (also known as Celtic Festival of Birds). Mabon is autumnal Equinox Day, and as well as the spring is – a symbol of Harmony (also known as Celtic Wine Festival). We do, however, still give information and methods on other types of spells including black magic, wiccan magick, pagan beliefs and how to choose one, spell casting in general, and so much more. In Wiccan texts there is a direct reference to the ethical standards (a commandment), which is bound by a witch (if she is good).

Wicca is very tolerant to other religions, as they believe that all gods are one of the incarnations of the Great Spirit.
She can do so only on two occasions as motivated by hunger (this applies to animals) and in the event of an attack.
We do not accept the deliberate destruction of the body (to the issue of drugs, smoking and alcohol, which destroys the body). Wiccans believe in reincarnation, that is, that our souls after the death of the body (shell) does not die, and after a short rest will return to the earth to live again, but in a different body.
I also read about him in newspapers being appreciated by a lot of people because of his wonderful work he did for them. In many magic traditions this peculiar New Year, the most important holiday throughout the Wheel of the Year.
The origins of the religion dates back to the days when the main power in the society was in women hands. We (wiccans) do not accept slave obedience to God, as in most prayers of the Bible, a direct reference to the absolute god. Yes, we use wine in their ceremonies, but this is happens eight times a year, and it is a very small portion. Sometimes, the soul enters the country eternal summer, and remains forever with the Great Spirit. Samhain symbolizes the triumph of the eternal Life, Death and Rebirth of the universe and marks the death of Summer, the coming of Winter. It is a celebration of Winter withdrawal and the return of Spring, the rebirth of Sun forces. Traditionally on this day there were held Eleusinian Mysteries (kind of a combination of ritual and theater).
This is due to the fact that their life was righteous and life committed to performing their duty. It is believed that on Samhain the gates to another world opens up, and a fine line almost erased between the material world and the realm of spirits.

Gods that are worshiped on this day are gods of sun and light (Apollo, Phoebus, Helios, and others). Yet, it should be noted that Neo Wiccans replace the wine with various juices, which is also acceptable. For clarity any Wiccan regardless what branch he belonged, had no right to cause any harm (spiritual, physical, emotional), except in case of self-defense. This holiday sometimes involves an element of mourning the Cherridven (also known as Ceridwen). But when I saw the article in News paper again I decided to call and inquire for help from Chief sangoma, I booked for an appointment to His Temple In Boksburg,Fourways Sandton Johannesburg. She is the only one that supposed to wear green clothes on a holiday in order to show her respect for the forest spirits. When I arrived there, I was shocked when he mentioned everything that had happened in my life before I could say anything to him. Other participants of the event are forbidden to wear green clothes, but they are allowed to wear green ribbons, for example, weaving them into wreaths. Chief prayed for me and he gave me some oil to rub my body and some water to sprinkle all over my house. In tradition there is ritual jumping through fire, as the fires are believed to give fertility and wealth.
I couldn't believe it when I got a call from my wife apologizing to me, now we are happily together with a baby boy. Beltane – is the transition from cold to warm months, from the time for awakening to daylight.
On this holiday, try to remember your deceased relatives, cause for Samhain – this day is the spirits day.

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