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Shiva is worshipped as Omkar Swaropa or the Omkar, which is the universal sound or the universal ever-existant.The blessings of Shiva are sought to fulfill ones life and evolve further and come closer to Shiva. This Aarti is recited in Shiva temples all over India, where devotees recite this Aarti collectively and experience bliss and ecstasy. By chanting this saubhagya mantra, we are asking for good fortune and blessings for our current and future life-times from Lord Ganesha. The word Gajakarnikaya refers to the ears of Lord Ganesha which is similar to that of an elephant.
By chanting this mantra, all impediment and blocked energy in your physical and cosmological bodies are unconfined.
By chanting this mantra, you can tune your body with seven chakras and all 72,000 nadis, to any loka.

They are portrayed as being separate and yet one and the same at the same time.Hense Shiva is worshipped as the ever-existent and his worship is said to include everything else including Brahma and Vishnu. Chanting this Ganesha mantra will help in filling your mind with the feelings of oneness for a single-minded devotion.
It is believed that chanting this mantra by thinking a group of people in your mind will help in a group healing.
By Vashikaran You can Attract your mate , lover or any officer or anyone that suits your Admiration ! No one can teach you better than me cause i am learning this when i was in 6th class and from my Experience i know how to Control such powers ! My Guru told me that this science is meant for everyone and its must have for anyone who want to know occultism !

In india people came from different countries to learn this ancient science of attraction ! Many of My clients Misunderstood Vashikaran as Hypnosis, Hypnosis is nothing infront of vashikaran. In india Hypnosis called Tratak and its also very deep science of meditation and knownig your inner powers, if you really want to learn this secret science of Vashikaran then i am here to teach you this but remember “if your thinnking to have lots of girlfriend and thinking that i will learn it by just watching these videos then sorry my dear This is not any syllabus !” i have many students that are not able to be blessed with this and in other hand there are students i found that are blessed with attraction power better then me !

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