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Moirae (and Norns) while also the Goddess Athena (Minerva in Latin - the greatest Weaver of all) are Patrons of Knot Magic. Knot magic is used in every kind of spells although it’s long been perceived as the way to control the forces of nature and especially the Winds (in the Futere we are going to give you an ancient knot-magic spell alleged to store and control the winds)!
Colors of the threads, cords and ribbons often preoccupy the kind of magic the knot will conjure.
Everything listed above is used to propel, program or to design the level of love according to the needs of one part in a love affair or a relationship. If these kinds of spells are used in you, you won’t listen to anyone except that person who put these spells in you. Umandangaphakathi, Intando and Igobondela are mainly called Idliso when it has expired and have become a disease to a person damaging his chest. Our primitives the whole of Africa used Umandangaphakathi due to the competition that was caused by polygamy. If Umandangaphakathi is used properly and mixed well by the muthi expert is of no harm, unless that it robes someone his freedom of a fair affair or relationship. This entry was posted in Healing, Idliso, Traditional articles and tagged Idliso, Mandangapakathi, Umandangaphakathi.
Any questions or needs?Please let me know, I (Khokhovula, traditional healer) am willing to help and or advise you.
As we saw in depth in a previous article the Triple Goddesses of Fate are constantly weaving the Destinies of Humans and others!

The Totem Archetype animals which can be invoked to guide us through knot magic is the Owl and the Spider.
Knots were sold by witches since the ancient times to sailors so that when it’s need the most the sailors would untie a knot to release wind so that they could sail again. Below you will find a list of Color Correspondences which can both be used in Knot and Candle Magic. It helps the one who does it to dominate the love life and be loved by the other part in an extraordinary way.  The Zulus call these love magic charms and spells ‘Umandangapahakathi’ meaning the love that multiplies in that person to whom the magic has been directed to. When Igobondela, Umandangaphakathi, Intando (the love spells are working in a person, he can’t say no to the person who put it in him or her.  One becomes a robot kind of, or a sophisticated machine that is operated by a remote or something, he complies with everything bad or good of a partner who put the spells in him. We have seen some guys parting ways with their families, fighting with them because they (the family) tried to advise them about a dangerous woman or girl. Idliso is muthi that you were given intentional by your enemy secretly without you seeing, only with the intention to make you sick and die after some time. Tiger feels her influence and urges us to plant the seeds of our desires in the fertile and rich darkness of pure potential beating ferociously within every heart. Magic is our focused, projected desire to the Universe, consciously using symbolic or even plain actions. The art of binding Knots to cast a spell is known to be practiced since ancient Mesopotamia.
Some could say Atlantis but this is not yet a scientific fact although much effort has been made by Archeologists from all over the World to prove the existence of this Legendary Civilization.

Please know that each color represents certain qualities but if - for any reason - you disagree, I would advice you to go with your instincts. Some people come back home to the family sick having been dumped by their women with the spells having turned into some illnesses; chest related problems that result from the bad mixing of the spells by the new comers in the world of magic and healing (inexperience). It can make this person loves you dearly when it is isichitho to the other one you are involved with or you are likely to be involved with.
Man also had their type of spells to keep their women together as one happy family understanding each other and living peacefully.
By practicing Knot-Magic we try to add or maybe alter what the Fates have already decided for us.
Umanadangaphakathi, Intando and Igobondela are not something you are given to die of chest problems but only to love someone continuously and severely none stop. Isichitho is a muthi or very bad spells that make people contradict, fight and possible divorce. In this case again umandangaphakathi would be used but the mixture differs with that one of women because the one for man would be directed to all women to love and respect him. In this case Fate has not been decided yet and every Magical Action can influence Karma as it is a conscious decision to change Reality.

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