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For our purposes, we will briefly define Vodou as it is practiced in Haiti, for this is the tradition of Hougan Kay Aboudja, & the focus of this article. For example, the Lwa (Loas) can protect a garden giving it a better chance to grow, but they are not responsible for the germination of the seed; that is God.
Do I have to be of African descent in order to practice or be initiated into the Vodou religion? Much has changed in the religion itself, no less in Haiti, just in the past decade since I first came in contact with it, in the 8 years since I first took initiation, & today new challenges face all those who are called the children of Ginea.
More than ever before, the 90’s saw an upsurge of interest in Afro-Caribbean traditions, most notably in Lukumi (Santeria), but also in Haitian Vodou as well. Not to leave technology unexploited, these charlatans also now use the Internet as a medium to profit. That I struggled, & went through all of this in order to get where I am today is not the issue. This entry was posted in Alternate Spirituality, Voodoo, Vodou & Voudou Information and tagged About Haitian Vodou, Haitian Priest, Haitian Priestess, Haitian Vodou, Haitian Vodou Ason, Hougan, Mambo, Vodou, Vodou Ason, Vodou Ceremony, Vodou Clergy, Vodou Hougan, Vodou Magic, Vodou Mambo, Vodou Rituals, Vodou Spells on November 26, 2012 by admin. Wicca Spells is a central source of knowledge and it is gathering information on genuine Wicca rituals, Spells, Sabbats and general Witchcraft.
We intend to cover many aspects of witchcraft as well as astrology, including the twelve signs which are Aries, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces. We will be giving out free spells every so often when we update the website, so there will be always something new every time you visit us. Since our speciality is within Love Spells, Wiccan Spells and Witch Spells we would be updating it more frequently with more indepth information. Let this website be a guide to the starting witch, to the new spell casters, to those who are interested in all sorts and forms of magic and spells. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Spell News newsletter, to get the latest premium spells in your email box, with new articles and information on Wicca. You can join our facebook page for updates and talk about everything that has to do with Wicca, Wiccans and Witches. I’d like to say hello to our Wiccan community and share with you a photo of my lovely cat, showing off a Wiccan pentagram handmade by me.
Erzulie-Freda, Vodou Lwa of Love, Passion and Prosperity and the namesake of Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo of New Orleans! Erzulie-Freda Voodoo Veve exclusive to Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo of New Orleans ~ drawn by the owner herself from a dream, 2 decades ago. Described as one of the most beautiful Loas, she is notoriously vain, a touch lazy, has multiple lovers and prefers to receive lavish gifts of perfumes, sweet cakes, jewelry and flowers for her help with your requests. She is the Lwa that can make most things possible with Love and Success; without her help, little can be accomplished, especially where relationships are concerned. Other aspects of Erzulie can include jealousy and anger, especially if ignored by someone when she is demanding their attention. There are many aspects to the Erzulie’s collectively in our tradition which include Gran Erzulie, the Great Mother and Erzulie Danto, the fierce protective Warrior Lwa to name a few. Erzulie-Freda Drapo ~ sacred Haitian sequined art and symbol for the Lwa of Love & Passion ~ our sacred altar to Erzulie! A few interesting facts about the Great Mistress Erzulie, the first being, her Catholic counterpart is The Virgin Mary. Her sacred days are Tuesday and Thursday: You will note in any Voodoo Spells, Love Spells, Voodoo Love Item, Ritual or Spell Kit we create, your instructions always suggest beginning on one of these days if possible. Suggested Offerings to Erzulie Freda: Would include Sweet Cakes, Pink Champagne, Perfume, Flowers or Beauty Products.
Papa Hector’s Spells are White Magic Spells and are 100% Safe and work for Highest Good of all Concerned. ONCE WE RECEIVE EVERYTHING WE NEED FROM YOUR SIDE, YOU WILL BE EMAILED THE CASTING DATE FOR YOUR SPELL, YOUR SPELL WILL BE SCHEDULED AND CAST ON THAT DATE. Papa Hector has a very busy schedule and there is a waiting list for Consultations and Spell Works. Send in your questions and required info once your order is complete and you will receive your consultation by Papa Hector via email with your questions answered, and if your case is accepted, you will be given the needed information on how to proceed.
Once your order is completed, you will receive an email within 2 Business days to Schedule Your Appointment. After I broke up with my ex I spent a lot of time wishing that I could just turn the clock backwards.

I will love to share my testimony with all people because i never thought i would have another chance with my boyfriend, the man i wanted to marry left me for another woman, and when i called him, he never picked my calls,he deleted me on his facebook account and then set the status to having a girlfriend with the other chick. Hi, I just got a reading from hector I too wanted the same thing my ex back and hector said very similar chances very low what percentage did he give you just curious. Also, Goats Milk Spiritual Soaps and Powerful Herbal Bath Rituals and Magical Voodoo Dolls, plus Ritual Supplies and the finest handcrafted spiritual and magical Voodoo products available! Since we offer numerous magical traditions in our store, you will find expert guidance, consultations and spiritual solutions available by Mambos, Hougans, Paleros, Santeros, Priests and Priestesses to offer accurate insight, advice and spiritual remedies for the ancient spiritual tradition that best resonates with you. We feel getting acquainted and having personal access with our spiritual workers is a very important part of this process and strongly believe you must connect with those who are helping you with your situation. They are personally prepared by each practitioner, ritualized and consecrated on our live working altars. You will find many spiritual resources, comprehensive articles, accurate history, ritual information and techniques to acquaint you with the art of Vodou Magic & more! Beneath this Ultimate source of creation is a host of lesser divinities called Lwa (Loas), a Kreyolized word of dubious etymology. The Lwa (Loas) may bring rain, but they are not responsible for water being in the sky; that is God. Vodou does NOT postulate a doctrine of transmigration of souls as in the Hindu religion, nor the karma-based reincarnation put forth by the modern New Age Movement. There has been much tension created over this issue of late in the African-based traditional communities in the United States.
What matters is what Spirit has to say about the potential initiate, not what any man may think. Competent priests are not easy to find, especially if you are not tied to the Haitian communities in either Haiti, or the Diaspora, & often operate solely by word-of-mouth.
Certainly, Vodou remains the fulcrum of life on both the island, and in the Diaspora, the underlying rhythm of discourse, but it is also undergoing a forced evolution of sorts from both within & without, especially regarding its politic. The full lave tet ceremonies (sevis tet la) that should take three days to finish are often accomplished in a matter of hours, seldom over-night, & at a cost of up to $1,500.
Almost daily do we hear about the next “Exotic Vodou Initiation Tours” to Haiti, just send your money now! We do, however, still give information and methods on other types of spells including black magic, wiccan magick, pagan beliefs and how to choose one, spell casting in general, and so much more. In Wiccan texts there is a direct reference to the ethical standards (a commandment), which is bound by a witch (if she is good).
Wicca is very tolerant to other religions, as they believe that all gods are one of the incarnations of the Great Spirit. She can do so only on two occasions as motivated by hunger (this applies to animals) and in the event of an attack. We do not accept the deliberate destruction of the body (to the issue of drugs, smoking and alcohol, which destroys the body).
Wiccans believe in reincarnation, that is, that our souls after the death of the body (shell) does not die, and after a short rest will return to the earth to live again, but in a different body. All of our love spells are designed to obtain her assistance and in turn, thanking her with the appropriate offerings. She can be a bit of a drama Queen and enjoys encouraging fantasies; even if some are not realistic. This is why we must always please her and stay in her good graces should we seek her assistance. They are even customized to Target & Attract Your Desire to help you get what you want! The longer you wait, the more work it will take to attain your goal (if attainable at all) and the longer the list grows! No words can express how grateful I am to have found someone that is so real and dedicated. Using Love Spells , Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Magic, can help you find solutions for your personal situation ~ scroll down for more about our Powerful Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Dolls & Magic Love Spells!
Therefore, we proudly showcase our outstanding team of expert spiritualists throughout the website. We strongly believe handcrafted products with the highest grade, organic ingredients are far more effective for your spiritual remedies, outcome and evolution!
The word Vodou identifies a very specific set of similarly related traditional practices only. A few Lwa (Loas) are embodiments of natural forces such as the forest, or the sea, fire, or storm.
This is a complete socio-cultural system inseparable from the way of life for its faithful, one capable of answering any & all questions we might face in life. Houngan & Manbo usually practice, or are at least familiar with, the practice of magic, but this is separate from their work with the Lwa (Loas).
How morality as a concept is defined in Vodou is simply different than that commonly found in Western Culture.
Where there is smoke, there is often also a fire, but as usual, people tend to mistake the former for the later. Although, any one of the selections you find in the Voudou book section on this site are highly recommend to learn the foundations and basic principles of Vodou! Many non-Haitians now adhere to the faith & have taken Vodou initiation at one grade or another.
This particular person is notorious in both Haiti & the Diaspora for her abusiveness, as much as for her inauthentic services. The origins of the religion dates back to the days when the main power in the society was in women hands.
We (wiccans) do not accept slave obedience to God, as in most prayers of the Bible, a direct reference to the absolute god. Yes, we use wine in their ceremonies, but this is happens eight times a year, and it is a very small portion.

Sometimes, the soul enters the country eternal summer, and remains forever with the Great Spirit. She is the most beloved Lwa (Loa) in the Voudou Pantheon and to whom our site is dedicated. In these cases, she can become very sad, emotional and bitterly disappointed; you can feel that way as well when working with her.
These colors can manifest with clothing, altar items, candles, gifts, bottles and even food. I am now a believer of what you do and that there are powers we normal humans can not understand. My sincere gratitude also goes to Luck, who had been so patient and kind and answered (and is still answering) all my queries and help(s) me out so much. Please take the time to meet and learn about everyone in the Erzulie’s family to find the practitioner or their powerful spiritual products that can best serve you. These traditions survive in Haiti today, many of the more important ones intact & largely unadulterated.
Offerings are made to one or more Lwa (Loas) & the resulting foodstuff is prepared to feed the assembled community. Blood as a medium holds enormous power (called adjae in Vodou), power that can & should be used to good effect. In Haiti, as in Africa, there are two ways in which one may come to the Vodou, by blood (that is to say by ancestry) & through possession (that is to say, by taking possession of a lineage…by the process of initiation). Are you looking for “Power” over others, to make them do your bidding, to curse your enemies, or other such nonsense?
The second issue is that the priests who are performing these services should rightly be compensated. Lauderdale area, in New Jersey, New York, Boston, Montreal, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Austin, Atlanta, Oakland, etc. In Miami International Airport, in JFK, & in Laguardia, it is now common to see new initiates, dressed in white, traveling to or from Haiti. One Manbo in New York runs kanzo services in her Manhattan basement & makes the boule zin ceremony on her kitchen stovetop! This is due to the fact that their life was righteous and life committed to performing their duty. As the female Lwa of love, sexuality, passion, pleasure and prosperity, Erzulie is quite powerful in fulfilling these desires. It is the Lwa (Loas) then who intercede in the life of the living, healing us, protecting us, etc. Some Lwa (Loas) represent natural forces, which historically incarnated in the flesh, died, & then became deified ancestors. This is especially evident in the rites of initiation, called kanzo, as well as those rites for the dead. Evil, as a concept, is a creation of man, not of God, & thus it should not be assigned any absolute value.
This is a simple concept, which DEMANDS of the individual full accountability for his or her own actions, guaranteeing that one cannot dodge responsibility for the same. If you live in one of these areas, you may feel free to call the store at 504-525-2055 us as we may be able to refer you accordingly or arrange for your Vodou services here in New Orleans.
Her initiates then return home to find major upheaval in their life, dwindling opportunities, bad luck, & so forth. Yet, it should be noted that Neo Wiccans replace the wine with various juices, which is also acceptable. He is very kind and when you talk to him, you’ll feel so much at ease and you can almost feel a calm spreading.
There is also Voodoo or Hoodoo (a variant form of Afro-based magical practice) as it exists in the Southern United States.
Blood sacrifice in Vodou is wholly akin to the kosher laws of the Jewish people whereby meat is consecrated through prayer & ritual while the blood is being let by a trained slayer. It is a major source of their power, allowing them to effect changes in reality to our benefit. For clarity any Wiccan regardless what branch he belonged, had no right to cause any harm (spiritual, physical, emotional), except in case of self-defense. The Vodou is a living tradition evolving to meet the needs of its faithful, having survived for millennia in one form or another. However, because Vodou is a tradition that adapts, has adapted, to its environment through its revolutionary history & to the present day, it is arguably best described as an African-based Kreyol religion. However, because of this surge of interest, the religion is also quickly becoming yet another tool for profit by the unscrupulous. Likewise, the religion is all together different in the North, & there are very historical reasons for this.
Yet another so-called Manbo in the NE United States has been known to charge clients as much as $3,000 for a simple leaf bath! In the West today, it is all but impossible to determine who has, or does not have an African lineage based solely upon skin color or physical morphology. Hector, I am able to see the light of the day and Im truly happy and things can only go upards from here for me.
Also, White people have been in the Vodou since its arrival in the West, & ample evidence exists to support the presence of non-Africans in these traditions even BEFORE the middle passage.

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