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Only request assistance in your love situation if you are willing to take responsibility for your failure in the relationship, it takes two to make a relationship work. Too many people cry innocent yet do not reflect on those parts of their personality which may not agree with the rest of the world. If you have joined my Blog for love help or have visited my website for love assistance then this information is for you.
I’m writing this essay in English because I have already covered this issue in Spanish on my website as 60% of my correspondents are in that language I am now appealing to the 40% of my correspondents that speak English. The largest percentage of email correspondence for spiritual assistance that I will receive over the course of a year regards love, I am certain that this is true of most spiritual practitioners who actively help the public. General Rule for all spiritual assistance: What ever magical work I perform on your behalf is strictly confidential and will never be repeated outside our consultation. Anyone you speak to can compromise the help whether it is your mother, sister, best friend, brother, god brother or sister. What will happen is their supposed mighty magical God Father will start to verbally harass and threaten the godchild causing them to feel unpleasantness over the matter and so ruining their outlook for whatever they needed help with which is unfortunate. The point is confidentiality is above all my number one rule for any spiritual help you will receive from me. Likewise the offended lover is not expressing their unhappiness with whatever the issue might be. Ironically there are people who will not face reality that the other person no longer loves you.
These are many possibilities for a break up and I will only know if you can truly be helped if you are truly unbiased and dead honest with me about your situation. Finally patience is paramount in these matters, if your lost lover has any desire to be with you again.
Just think about the act of falling in love, and yes sometimes people instantly click other times it is a bond established over time.
The same rules apply with this aspect of love magic as above and relates in a similar fashion to the return lover spells.
Consider also that a marriage in and of itself carries with it ritualistic elements of a binding of people, in many wedding ceremonies there is a symbolic tying of the hands to symbolize this bond. This is probably the simplest and most pleasant of all areas of love magic, because the spirits or universe are always more willing to grant your wish when you allow your needs to be provided for you by the forces of the beyond. Yet when you simply ask for someone as a lover then you will find someone with a general love attracting spell.
Please review these sections regarding love before you email me with questions or requests regarding this issue. If you extend me this simple courtesy it makes it easier to answer the large volumes of email I receive regarding these topics.
Canadian shop Fauna and Forest is dedicated to Pressed Flower Jewelry and Nature Inspired Creations. But it has become far worse, I am not taking on any return love cases and I am not performing spells for attracting a specific person anymore.

You alone are responsible for your mistakes in life and can't expect a magcian to take on the responsobility of your careless attitude towards your love life. You cant buy your way through magical work, nor be cleared of blame for your failures in love. Whether it is someone wanting to attract someone to the most notorious request of returning a lost lover, or those wanting more sex in their life to the least difficult finding a lover.
I do not consider love related requests to be, a life and death situation, so many people who request help with this topic behave in this manner.
This also means I expect you to keep the secrecy as well keep in mind that speaking of something that is being done for you can very well sabotage the help you receive.
Not all magico-religious sects are this way, though you would be surprised at how many people report this.
If you absolutely can not honor this rule then please do not waste my time or yours with these matters. It can be due to the inevitable personality clashes between couples or one lover is inconsiderate of their loves feelings about the relationship. Sometimes you have a lover that has a history of unfaithfulness and now has grown tired of the relationship and is leaving you for the other person. Some people believe that they can lie to the spiritual worker and expect the magical work to bring back the lover despite the truth of the matter.
These spells will manifest from 9 days to generally within 6 months and in very rare cases 9 months to a year.
Before you go about attracting that specific person you really should consider some very basic factors and look realistically at what it is that you truly desire from this interaction.
I also will always require your names and dates of birth as this is imperative to understanding the situation better through my own personal methods of analysis.
Additionally it has a time constraint much like a true spell (until death do us part) which binds the two until death. When you are picky or want a specific someone the forces will not always be so willing and so it can require tremendous effort and strength from the magician to accomplish this.
Same is true when you are looking someone for sex you will find someone with these spells as in the case of general sexual attraction spell its wise not to be too picky. Hand forged by myself from copper, textured and patinaed and then paired with a clear Rose quartz bullet point.
Each piece is unique and It's truly special to have a pretty piece of nature with you always.
If it's a general love, request to ask that the universe find someone for you I will do this and the same goes for sexual attraction requests.
If you want things to work grow past your petty emotions and try to understand the person you love. For any of these aspects of love here is a basic guideline with my rules for this aspect of my practice.
Often prompt me their urgency which is quite silly and often counter productive to resolving your particular matter if it can be resolved.

There have been far too many experiences in years gone by, that illustrate the damage caused by speaking about any help you are receiving from a spiritual practitioner.
Is this really someone you want to have in your life?  Unless the outside influence is real such as a person that is pursuing your spouse or mate then it can be a factor to consider.
This is both unrealistic and a problem because it means you will fail in regaining your lost love, you will hear me repeat this again. It all depends on the damage you did in the relationship and I have known some very bad examples of this.
Also keep in mind there is a trap in this regard, one that you will fall into if you are not mentally disciplined enough to deal with.
Again do not expect results over night even with love spells designed to attract someone it can take months. Wanting something forever seems great but it is human nature to both grow tired of something and want some more. Yet despite this bond many married couples will cheat on each other this is not an uncommon aspect of life, people don’t always marry for love. I have added a renaissance wax to the copper to protect and keep its current color.The Rose Quartz is known as the love stone and has a great connection to the heart chakra. I am not insensitive to these matters only pragmatic and experienced enough to know that not everyone who asks for this help is sincere, for those of you who are sincere you have my empathy. However you should ask why your mate was so willing to give into the temptation of the outside influence maybe something was always wrong to begin with. Additionally I will say that sometimes people will linger around an ex lover asking them if they still love them obviously an ex-lover will say yes or no dependant of their personality. Her lover came back still in 9 months time yet my former client did not feel he would return considering the serious bad she did to him, please be realistic in these matters before you ask for help.
It is important to get to know the person you desire to attract before you employ a love spell to bring them closer to you. There is a difference between love and obsession this is why I take a practical approach to these matters. Some people will say yes to the ex lover to not hurt their feelings and this deludes the jilted lover further who unrealistically believes this to be true.
Which will lead toward the delusion that they want you or feel what you feel, laugh if you will I have had various people say this to me who were fixated on a specific person. You should love each other as long as love exists between you and do your best to keep that love strong by bringing out the best in each other.
Most importantly if the person already shows an interest in you before any love spell is cast, its time to consider another factor. If so most likely the most you could get out of such a person is sex and then what if you fall in love and their significant over discovers this interaction?

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