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The Rich & Healthy Witch by StarFields - The essential survival guide for real magical people - see here. This energy magic Soul Love potion has a fun origin - an Xtra Magic subscriber mailed in and asked how much of the Gypsy Rose Love Potion one should drink before love comes into one's life.
Now there is a small problem in that you can't actually love yourself (see here for why not) so we have to love something other than "me" - I'm guessing that's why love potions of old were always made to give to someone else and never to be made by yourself and then drunk by yourself for self improvement purposes!
However, we can love aspects of us, and what better love affair to start than with your own soul? People think the only thing they're good for is to sell them for muppety palaces and big cars and public acclaim to anyone who comes knocking, but they have many better uses than that.
First of all, I was told in no uncertain terms that this love potion was to be energy magic, which means that no physical ingredients go "into" it, but the potion is created through energetic imprinting. We want to create a magic circle to focus the ingredients on the central space, our glass of fresh water. I placed my glass of water in the center and then added the things that wanted to be added in the space around. In this case, it was definitely white rose petals and a white rose bud - soul love is classically represented by the white rose, also unconditional and non-sexual love so that's perfect.
I found some quartz crystals, a varied selection from many places and placed them around the water. Then I added salt and sugar - purification and sweetness, our soul love wants to be pure but happy and fun, delicious in all ways. I then personalised it further by adding some white rock roses and petals for that whole immortality thing and as a bow to the Great Creative Order; but that's me, you don't need the white rock rose. You can add other things that you get sent or feel are right for your own personal soul love potion.
2 - Remain focused on loving your soul just because it's there (and not because you hope your soul is going to get you that expensive new handbag you've been yearning for!). Fact is that most of us are strangers to our own souls and attention and communication have to come first - that's that energetic connection being made through which soul energy can then stream towards us and manifest in our lives. But don't look over your shoulder, loving the soul is a good thing all in itself and for no other reason than it is the right way forward. Ok, so now you have your ingredients assembled, and your magic machine is imprinting the water.
Now put the whole arrangement in a place where the light of the sun and the light of moon and stars can shine on it for one whole rotation of our delightful planet, meaning that you leave it for exactly 24 hours from the moment you finished it. There is some flexibility in this but this love potion is the most effective when the planet has turned once.
If you want, you can light a white candle that will burn out before the 24 hours are over, to represent the death of the physical body and that the soul goes on beyond. Take a moment to sit or walk quietly, or dance if you prefer, and start listening with all your six senses for the living presence of your soul - wonderful! I've been wondering something for a long time now but i've been reluctant to actually ask you. Your soul can send you messages and intuitions which is what you need to be in the right place at the right time to meet up with the right soul.

Use for Divination - A range of Natural Quality Norse Crystal Runes Stone Sets with gold embossed Rune Symbols from The Realm of White Magic - order online!
These Norse Runes are also called the Futhark Runes, a name taken from the first six letters of the Runic alphabet.
A regal violet form of quartz, sometimes with whitish stripes and can range from the palest lilac to the deepest purple.
This page is installed with Magical POP-UP info - CLICK any TELL ME ABOUT link - shows pop-up information about the Crystal. Rose Quartz Runes increase your self reliance and self-love when used in Rituals and Divinations. Found from Russia to the Mediterranean and from Greece to Ireland, the Elder Futhark is the style used until around 800 CE.
This rose quartz pendulum has a 5-inch curb chain with a rose quartz bead on the end and a chamber. Rose Quartz a stone of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. In the psychic and spiritual realms, Rose Quartz is often used to attract love, and for love spells. MPRW7RQ 7 Chakra Rose Quartz Wand With the warm, pink tones of a faceted piece of rose quartz forming its core, the 7 chakra rose quartz wand is a wonderful ritual tool for healing emotional hurts, and invoking love within your spells and magic. MPSM39202 A Woman's Meditative Oil Warmer A trio of women bow their heads in reverent reflection. Rose Quartz is usually not just a  piece of Quartz, more than often it will be quite large and does not usually grow in regular crystal shapes.  It is also translucent. When buying Rose Quartz it is good to know that the stronger or more defined the pink color actually is, the more valuable that Rose Quartz will be.
The stone itself is said to bring inner warmth and soothe its bearers.  It can help to relieve stress and create and joyful and loving environment in a person’s life. It is also believed to hold importance in the psychic and spiritual realms in the sense that it can be used to attract love.  Rose Quartz is mainly associated with the Heart Chakra. In the past, Rose Quartz has been used in the creation of love spells and the use of charms.  Its loving energy can help weaken the heart of an individual and allow for others to enter, creating everlasting love. Rose Quartz is also used in a method called crystal healing, where it can be used to heal and or release possible childhood sexual traumas, or bottled up emotional wounds.  Resonating anger, possible fears and resentments can also be removed through the properties of Rose Quartz.
Rose Quartz has even been known to bring families back together with its divine loving energetic properties.
On the physical end Rose Quartz can benefit the circulatory system, thus improving your hearts health, while helping with kidney disease, headaches, sexual inabilities, sinus problems, depression, addictions, and even weight loss.  In fact the list of physical benefits goes on and on, even to the point where it is believed to protect a child during pregnancy. Hand forged by myself from copper, textured and patinaed and then paired with a clear Rose quartz bullet point. Each piece is unique and It's truly special to have a pretty piece of nature with you always. Thus you can get information from your soul about all manner of things future, past and present and from a galaxy far, far away without ever having to buy a single book.
Water is wonderfully responsive to energetic imprinting, so let's start with a simple clean glass filled with sparkling, life giving, fresh, bright water. Muddying the magic waters with too many ingredients in the wrongful hope that "more is better" is probably high on the list of the top ten reasons why beginners magic doesn't work out.

Known as the "Love Stone" or stone of the Heart, for giving and receiving love, calming emotions and soothing jealousy. Rose quartz is a crystal known for possessing an energetic quality that is nurturing to the heart, and as such it is often used in crystal healing to help mend heart break and all number of other emotional difficulties. Sculpted of brass, the singing bowl is beautifully worked with Tibetan script and design on both its exterior and interior, creating a look and feel that is perfect for calm meditation and deep ritual. I have added a renaissance wax to the copper to protect and keep its current color.The Rose Quartz is known as the love stone and has a great connection to the heart chakra. Ask not just once but at least three times, especially if you're a beginner, if you really need to add that thing, if it really needs another ingredient. See a soul mate is very often a really unexpected person, someone who you wouldn't have looked at twice if you just looked with your eyes alone, as so many people do, sadly. Reflective or high polished stones have been used for centuries in developing psychic awareness. Fully revised to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this international best seller, Ralph Blum's classic work is now even more relevant as a tool for self-help. Rose Quartz allows the competition to be first and right to subside and tolerance, tenderness and kindness to take its place.--- Love. Similarly, in magic it is a popular addition to love spells, where its warmth can help foster nurturing love and affection. Within, it also accented by the embossed relief of five images of Buddha, arrayed in a star-shaped pattern. On each of its side as well as its top, it also portrays the Om symbol; a timeless symbol of serenity and oneness with divinity.
It is excellent for dispelling negative energies, healing and enhancing mental capabilities. This wand is wonderful for seeking this quality within your practice, and is only enhanced by a clear quartz sphere at its back and a clear quartz point at its tip, used to gather and direct energy. Lift the latches that hold it closed and pull the bottom-hinging door down to reveal seven shelves, one for each chakra, providing you with storage space ideal for ritual tools and components; each shelf can aid you in charging your ritual tools with energy corresponding to the chakra it represents!
I really do want to do a love spell again, but this time I want to call for a long-lasting, soulmate kind of love. Selected any read from right to left, the Runes describe the overview of the situation, the challenge you are facing, and the course of action called for.
This makes it both a handy way to keep things tidy as well as a useful tool in its own right upon the altar. Use the Runes as an aid to meditation, a game for fun, or as a tool for practical decision-making.
Please allow for some variance in coloring and size, due to the crystal formations used in its creation.
I have been searching for such a spell for a long time now but I just can't find one that feels right.

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