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I was sitting at a local watering hole when the gentleman beside me started going on and on about his fantasy football team.  Like I had nothing else better to do than listen to him discuss how he drafted the Redskins defense in the 7th round. Now, if this guy annoyed me, a football fan, after only a few brief minutes of hearing him talk about his third string wide receiver, it got me thinking how the wives, women and girlfriends of millions of men around the country cope with these very same conversations. This entry was posted in Life of Sports Chump, Pigskin and tagged Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre, Eli Manning, Fantasy Football, NFL, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady by Chris Humpherys. I’ve never been one about fantasy football much less any of the other major sports. Dropped this piece on Cable Hanson blowup within the Raiders’ organization. Adrian Peterson may be the best back in the league but he’ll likely lose to some guy that gets lucky against a porous defense and racks up 150 yards one Sunday. Fantasy football in its importance ranks up there right about now as to the rankering that’s going on about healthcare reform . This may seem like small fry when you consider what’s allegedly gone on at USC and FSU.

Man oh man and people opine as to how good the education system is meant to be here ?
I wonder if Derrick Rose walked around campus his freshman year at least somewhat concerned that he was living a lie. I see the man love and wanderlust for Favre has gone up several notches within ESPN . In all honesty that has to be the single greatest moment in terms of a personal accomplishment in sports. It’s not until it gets flashed up on ESPN Classic that one tends to take note and remember the actual event. Couldn’t he have found an octagenerian female to rape or perhaps molested a young boy ?
I heard Roger Cossack a noted criminal attorney and ESPN legal analyst state that Burress’ sentence was too harsh ! Jordan was the man and set the modern standard for excellence in the game but that’s about it.

Before this is season is over we may well see Morris go gray and age just any of the sitting Presidents have done in their first term. This piece was actually published in a few different magazines so apparently it’s a crisis that affects the nation every fall.
John McCain R Az, Rep Pete King R-Ny & Rep Jesse Jackson Jr D-Ill ) are now said to be working on a Presidential pardon for Johnson after all these years. The guy condones any type of action by his players as long as it attains a win for the program.

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