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Answer: You are more than likely over eager in your bringing up of your business in most cases.
So in your effort to make new friends online and get leads for MLM, break the 3 bad habits mentioned above and you are on your way to success! PS: You can get updates like this and others by entering your name and email in the top right box of my site. I am a total believer in build relationships first, then only present the opportunity WHEN there is a need.
And for me I don’t have a list so where do I find the folk to e mail practising your three don’t do points? Traditionally, such shows have only garnered interest among members of their target audience. Sure enough, here come the ponies with big-eyed character designs, bright colors, cute little songs and the ever-present purple and pink.
So why, exactly, has a show for girls attracted so much positive, even fanatical attention from so many male viewers around the world? I didn't create this show for little girls, I created it for little girls and their parents--including male parents. It's a major victory on all fronts, all thanks to the genius and vision of Lauren Faust and the extraordinary talent of her production team. But getting back to the show itself, in the simplest of terms, the reason it has such broad appeal is because it was intended to. Bugs Bunny, The Simpsons or The Smurfs than a flowery, frilly, intellectually vacant half-hour of butterflies and bon-bons. In response, Lauren Faust created what is effectively a unique new world and populated it with the products of her own imagination. The result is Equestria, a magical land filled with mythical beasts, enchanted forests and (surprise!) ponies. Even now, the Great Ponification, as foretold by the sacred stigmata of the legendary Prophetess Pinkius Piecus of Olden Pony Times, is upon us.
Together, we shall vanquish the Neighsayers and herald the glorious Thousand Year Reign of Celestia, Queen of All Humanity and Ponydom. If you have seen it and don't like it, you're not alone and there's certainly nothing wrong with that.
Finally, if you haven't seen it, please know that I'm really not out to say you absolutely have to watch it. But if you think you can overcome lingering doubts and give My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a look, then by all means, go for it. I wouldn't recommend any brony fan boy be loud and proud simply to avoid any suspicion they may be potential predators. As uncomfortable as this subject may be, I'm glad you brought it up, because I think it really needs to be addressed head-on. Children need to be protected from anyone who would do them harm, and when it comes to that, it's better to be safe than sorry.

That said, it is also possible to carry the concept too far, to the point that it becomes a problem in itself. Just look at the statistics regarding fatherless households, for example, and the problem with such thinking becomes tragically obvious. It is also important to point out that excessive or obsessive concerns about sexual predators may itself be a warning sign.
Likewise, an interest in cute things doesn't necessarily equate to an unhealthy interest in children. So does that mean I think all adults should be playing with toys and hanging out at the local playground?
However, that doesn't mean adults can't also appreciate cuteness and enjoy things that might otherwise be considered "childish". Anyone who sees that as abnormal or problematic may want to take a good, long look in the mirror and ask themselves honestly why that is so. I used to work in IT and I like some anime, especially those with a strong female protagonist.
I know my mother was mortified one time when she took her grand children to the store and they were screaming for Fiddle Faddle. I'd watch TV if it could be set to pick up the 50's and early 60's programming even if it was black and white. But shows like this one do contribute to movement in the right direction (at least, I think so) and may well help speed up the process. In any case, I think your observations are quite apt, illustrate the issue well and I am very grateful for your willingness to share them. And on that note, since you last read it, I've actually added even more to the potentially record-breaking-in-length opening post. Applebloom talks herself into going with Twilight Sparkle to deliver a package to the magician in the forest.
Next up, in this classic promotional trailer, we see how throughout history, ponies have taken leadership roles. The ginormous eyes are definitely one of the first things most people notice about the new ponies, and they are huge. That's a bold claim, and puts a "pony show" in the company of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Pepe Le Pew, Tom and Jerry, Wile E. The "Derpy Phenomenon" took place while the first season of Friendship is Magic was still in production.
Thus we have a sterling example of a fictional character who was, in effect, spawned by the group consciousness of the Internet. Whether a cute little pony with crossed eyes or a self-aware AI god, the creative potential is there. As a network marketer that has promoted, hmm, let me think, 50 different products, I know the feeling of your friends and family avoiding you. One of the benefits that we have for working for ourselves is that we choose to work with who we want, unlike in a job setting, where you are forced to get along with everybody.

Faust could have taken the easy road and cranked out your run-of-the-mill girl's cartoon, cashed a nice, fat paycheck and moved on.
Faust chose to sail some potentially stormy seas but, with a steady hand on the helm, has managed to rack up some truly remarkable achievements. However, many of the traditional elements, including several character names, were unavailable due to complex licensing issues. The ponies always move along at a good clip, and in the span of a half-hour episode, cover a lot of ground. Sadly, until then there may be perception problems for those adults into children's cartoons.
However, there are 3 habits I see when people try to make new friends online that really need to be dropped if you are ever going to grow your business with leads for mlm that you met online.
When trying to make new friends online or use the Internet to get leads for MLM, go after people you would actually like to be around and would be a great addition to your friend base. How about stop treating them like a hunk of meat (even if they are treating you like that) and also stop being addicted to your outcome of them signing up.  How about wish them luck and thank them for telling you about it but you are focused on your business? If you are treating people like human beings, they get comfortable with you and may bring up the fact they need financial help or what benefit your mlm helps with. Facebook is not a marketplace, people are not there to buy stuff, at least that’s not their primary motivation to be in Facebook (in most cases at least) Pyramid scheme ?
Most people that get into network marketing try to sponsor those they feel they are better than, why not choose to go after people that may actually help you and your business. However, if you treat them like a person, like how you would like to be treated, you may just make a friend that you end up creating good memories with or they could possibly come into your business later on in life. Remember, it is the mind that we have to work on much more than any technical button to succeed and a friend that pulls you up and makes you a better person may be much more valuable than just a signup. This answer shocks them as they are used to most new network marketers are too much of wieners to have the confidence in their opportunity to answer in this manner. On the other hand, the more targeted the friending policy is, the less this objection should come. We could ALL use more friends and as I am not saying to bake them a pie each week but I am saying treat them like you would like to be treated. Every organization, government and company you have ever heard of is a pyramid, just look at the organizational chart. This means that there should be no getting upset with the person or yourself if that person does not jump into your business.

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