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Well, this varies alot from person to person and some people skip breakfast altogether (although it is widely considered unhealthy to do so by most English people). According to a survey of commuting workers a more typical English breakfast nowadays is more likely to be a simple bowl of cereal, a slice of toast or bread, orange juice and a cup or two of coffee.
Cereals have become the healthy choice although many of the popular cereals on the market today are quite the opposite, full of sugar and other unhealthy elements.
Regardless, there are healthy cereals packed with whole grains which provide a good source of energy and are often had with milk. A traditional winter-time alternative to cereal is hot porridge, which is a gloopy white substance that most children positively dislike!

I always had to eat mine with chocolate, which my mother was happy to allow as even porridge with chocolate is better for a young child than no porridge at all!
Most people would say that the English breakfast was eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, baked beans and fried bread. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Dianetics and Scientology, from The Way to Happiness Epilogue Scientologists know from first hand experience that people can change their ways. Many people in Dianetics and Scientology have changed habits and become better people—and so they stick with Scientology as they want to continue to improve. There are many free Scientology Courses that can help a person learn how to turn a new page in life.

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