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Monster High is a highly successful toy franchise that is somewhat similar to the Bratz doll line, as both are comprised of edgy, fashionable characters with attitude. The brand distinguishes itself with its unique, twisted universe inspired by monster movies and sci-fi horror.
This should not come as a surprise, as Monster High was created by the world’s largest toy company, Mattel, with revenues of over $6.2 billion per year. The characters of Monster High are dressed in outfits that are rather inappropriate for high school. The world of Monster High is basically a high school populated with the offspring of famous monstrous figures like Dracula and Frankenstein. Frankengirl can eletroshock herself and others – a reference to electroshock torture used in Monarch Mind Control to program slaves. Speaking of which, here’s a “Happy New Year” message from Monster High with another prominent One-Eye sign.
As if to highlight her connection to Illuminati music industry, all of the symbolism relating to Operatta (even her logo) revolves around the One-Eye sign. You’ll notice that her guitar is shaped like a coffin as well, because, apparently, death is so cool. In short, Operatta appears to be telling young girls: “If you want to be part of the music business, you have to embrace this Illuminati imagery”. As we’ve seen in previous articles on this site, Sex Kitten programming is represented in popular culture with feline prints and cat-like attributes on attractive girls. The back story regarding the Werecat sisters is quite dark and similar to the story of many actual MK Slaves. Relevant fact: Marilyn Monroe, the prototype of Kitten Programing was also declared a “Ward of the State” and lived in foster homes during her youth. The Monster High website contains numerous animated webisodes that are extremely popular (each one of them has racked up several million YouTube views). This video deals with the core of Monarch Programming: The creation of completely separate alter personas. Holt, Jackson’s “cool” alter persona has a tattoo around one eye, as if to emphasize the Illuminati Mind Control stuff underlying this story. In the end Frankengirl breaks up with Jackson and his alter until they can “settle their differences”. In the episode entitled “I Know What You Did Last Frightday“, the headmistress triggers Jackson’s alter persona using music – an actual MK technique – because she needs the creative Holt to paint a mural. Another webisode focuses on Hoodude, a voodoo doll that is having a bad day and, because he’s a voodoo doll, everyone at school is having a bad day. Hoodude is yet another character that is artificially created and that doesn’t really have a mind of his own. Voodoo magic is yet another very important aspect of Monarch Mind Control that is represented in Monster High. To solve Hoodude’s problem, the girls at school ask for the help of Scarah the mind reader.
It is interesting to note that many actual MK Slaves receive ESP (extra-sensory perception) training – which include telepathy, mind reading and remote viewing. Scarah then tells her friends that they need to literally enter Hoodude’s head to fix his self-esteem issues.
Inside Hoodude’s brain, the girls find the part of the brain relating to self-esteem and “reprogram” him to love himself. I can imagine some people reading this article and thinking: “He’s talking dolls and cartoons now? On a basic level, the characters of Monster High are obviously hypersexualized as they are dressed in outfits that can only be found in sex shops.
On secondary level, almost everything in Monster High relates in one way or another to the dark, disturbing world of Illuminati Mind Control.

The Protocols Of The Elders Of LabourBy Gilad Atzmon on May 2, 2016The following videos were not forged by a Russian Tsar. Hopefully Janet won't mind how happy the boy in the drawing looks, as ZF writes: 'I am having a tough time describing my feelings. But reading the text makes it clear that the recipient Janet might not have been too thrilled with the sketch.'I think we should break up,' it read. The force was no longer with Jessica's relationship, despite the romantic notion that: 'I want to crawl up inside you. One letter, posted to Flickr by Erin Meagan, suggested that the relationship had lost its bounce.'Dear Erin, you are like sunshine in the rain. Republican tendencies did it for Dave in this letter from Beth, who can't resist a dig at her former beau's anatomy.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. PLL's star Ashley Benson is looking for protection on her TV boyfriend, Tyler Blackburn, by sending flirty tweets! The creator of popular ABC series Pretty Little Liars claims she gets feedback from the fans on Twitter. The Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell has released a new YouTube channel on fashion, beauty and fitness! For some reason, it does not work in the recently emoticon-capable comments section on Facebook.
However, looking at Monster High’s symbolism and at the videos relating to it, we discover that it is communicating many specific messages to young children, particularly to young girls.
Like many other toy franchises, Monster High is much more than a doll line: It is a multi-platform franchise comprised of toys, DVDs, a web series, music videos, video games, books, clothing accessories, and much more.
All of the characters are either offspring of known movie monsters or some kind of undead zombies. The characters wear outfits that lean strongly to the sexy side, making one wonder what kind of message this is delivering to Monster High’s target audience: girls under the age of 10. Like the Lady Gaga and the Rihannas of this world, she is almost always emphasizing one eye. The webisode named The Nine Lives of Toralei, describes how Werecat sister Toralei is an orphan roaming the streets who gets picked up, and locked up, by “the System”. You’ll notice that she is holding her head in her hand, a way of showing that MK Handlers are also often mind controlled. Another relevant fact: The father of MK-Ultra, Josef Mengele, experimented on thousands of twins to perfect mind-control techniques.
While the main goal of these video shorts is to sell dolls, there is nevertheless a lot of symbolism in them. Frankengirl’s boyfriend, named Jackson, discovers that he has an alter personality that acts completely separately from him.
Considering the doll’s target market (girls under 10 years old), we can imagine how this trains girls to believe that, in order to be cool, they have to be very sexy, very early. The school can be likened to a MK-programming center, led by a “headmistress” whose own head pops off in a literal symbol of dissociation. The New York Times reported, the billboard, seemingly paid for by wronged wife Emily, was part of a marketing campaign by Court TV for the show Parco P.I.
We’ll look at how this toy line is used to introduce children to some aspects of the Illuminati Agenda. While Monster High’s slogan is “Be yourself, be unique, be a monster!”, this franchise also communicates deeper messages to its young audience. Eckert, is a long-time member of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs, the two most powerful elite circles shaping the world today. In short, it is all about pushing a culture of sex and death on young, impressionable children.

Even more disturbing, the back story and symbolism associated with many of the characters strongly refer to dark concepts, such as Monarch Mind Control (if you don’t know what that is, read this article).
Hoodude did not work at bettering himself or at accepting his flaws, some mind reader entered his brain to reprogram him. Yes, on a superficial level, talking about dolls and cartoons may not come off as “serious” analysis.
Then, there’s this whole death-worship thing going on, with coffin-shaped lockers and coffin-shaped cellphones and coffin-shaped guitars and skulls everywhere.
All of the students are either artificial creations or zombies who do not have a mind of their own (funny how the line’s theme song ends with the words “Don’t you want to be a Monster too?” Concepts associated with trauma-based mind control such as alter-personas, duality, dissociation, kitten programming and even electroshock torture are represented in Monster High. In fact, a closer look at the stories in Monster High reveals that it is perfectly in sync with the Illuminati’s Agenda as it promotes themes such as hypersexualization, superficiality, a culture of death and even Monarch Mind Control.
As you might know, company representatives who attend these elite meetings are there because their brands can help push the elite’s long-term Agenda. Indeed, most Monster High characters are either artificially created or a product of some kind of experiment and many of them do not really have a mind of their own.
Also, notice her “logo” at the top right: fractured and stitched up skull – representing a fragmented mind.
However, we must remember that, for the powers that be, there is nothing more serious than capturing the minds of children at a young age in order to mold them for the future. Mix these two very visible aspects together and you’ve got the sex-and-death mass media cocktail that is constantly pushed to all audiences, but particularly young people.
As if that wasn’t enough, the whole Monster High franchise is laced with the Illuminati symbolism I’ve described time and time again on this site, proving that, not only is this symbolism not accidental, but that this Agenda is being promoted everywhere … even to young children who just want to play with dolls.
Sorry, ZF.'And then there was the personals ad that got incredibly personal, telling Kevin Maxey that the 'game is over as of Dec 9' and instructing Kevin to never call again. As seen in previous articles on this site, these themes are abundant in mass media and, the fact that they are present in a doll line for kids further proves that there’s a continuous effort to expose impressionable minds to a specific set of symbols and values.
Powerful, world-reaching companies such as Mattel do not simply sell products, they sell a culture associated with them. The screws are of different color because they are of different polarity, negative and positive. Furthermore, the characters in Monster High evolve in a context that is completely obsessed with superficiality, appearances and materialism – all values that are actively promoted to today’s youth.
Considering how children get attached and even obsessed with their dolls and the universe that surrounds them, what better way to reach young minds and to teach them the values of a New World Order future?
When one adds this fact to the symbolism and persona associated with each character, one starts to realize that Monster High is about a bunch of MK slaves. When Monster High fans grow out of their doll-playing phase, they will most likely start watching music videos and TV shows that promote the exact same set of values.
To further emphasize the concept of duality, her eyes are different colors, her hair is striped black and white and her bio page states that her favorite color is “black and white stripes”.
Sadly, they will question none of it because they have been exposed to this Agenda since their tender youth.
Heinz Ketchup, Kellogs cereal, etc.) and propaganda messages simply another product to market.
Go to the chat window and type in profileid and it should appear like some of the examples in the picture below.

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