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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This Group is for people who are young of heart, want to learn, connect, inspire and make new friends. Do you have any suggestions for restaurants or places that have good prices and food for our Meetups? Positioning your business on social media is no different than having these type of friendships.
While your content marketing goals should include nurturing the first three “friend” groups, your long-term business growth must focus on the fourth group – the future “friendships” you have not yet made. So here are 4 rules of friendship that can guide your content marketing and help you find future customers. Part of choosing friends wisely is hanging out in the right places, so you meet the kind of people you will be compatible with.
You must understand each social channel, so that you can choose only those that will bring results.
You have to make introductions, slowly get to know one another, have time for lots of interactions, and then the trust comes. When it does, you have to continue to nurture that relationship so that your audience does not forget about you – they should see value in your “friendship,” they should see you often, and they should enjoy your “company” so much that they share your value with other friends.
And along the way, important others will begin to see you as a “leader”, and want to associate with you too. Because of the time involved, it is better to have a few close friends (channels) than numerous acquaintances. If you only select two platforms and do them well, you will see far better ROI than if you pick 5-6.
No matter how busy you are during a day, you have to check in on that piece of content often.
How you package your content is pretty important – not just for Sally and Joe but for the platform you are using. First, create that amazing piece of content – it has to be wonderfully educational, entertaining or inspiring if you want Sally or Joe to read it, like it, and share it or take some action as a result of reading it. Use Instagram to post an image and some great teaser or quote and place the link in your caption. Locate groups that are already “into” your niche, join them and promote your content through them.
Keep promotion more about nurturing long-term relationships with Joe and Sally – that’s really what social media is all about.

This part of social media marketing deserves its own place among the 4 most important rules for friendship, because it has become such a “force”. Photos can provide amazement, inspiration, entertainment – use them often and the more personal the better. The more visuals you can use in creative ways, the more your followers will return for more and the more they will share. Friendships, whether in real life, or as a part of a social media marketing campaign don’t just happen by throwing yourself out there for others to find. Look at Sally and Joe as friends, as people whose friendships you want to nurture and sustain for a long time. In the 1940s, Girl Scouts helped the war effort by picking milkweed pods that were used in making life jackets. From meeting openers and flag ceremonies to investitures, rededication and bridging, find out about what makes Girl Scouting special.
From small parties and parades to huge service unit events, your troop will enjoy the social side of the Girl Scout experience. Get great tips and ideas from other leaders or submit your own and get $40 in store credit for your troop! Most groups are aimed at people 20-30 years old--I don't mind them, but want to feel home with people closer to my age and interests.
Some are long-term and some are just beginning, but they are what make us connect as human beings.
Use the research that has already been done for you and save yourself a lot of time and false starts.
This is how you discover what questions people have and what conversations they are having, and you have to join in – always. This doesn’t mean that you publish a piece of content that your college English professor would love. You can take the same content, and package it differently for each platform you use – in fact, you must do it. Give viewers a tour of your place of business, featuring your office pet and your team members. You can use any number of search tools for hashtags, such as, and Instagram has its own search tool now, called Mulpix. The statistics are pretty clear – just on Facebook alone, photos will get 53% more “likes” and “shares.” And of course many platforms are almost entirely visual. They require careful consideration, introductions, first dates, and gradual building of trust and common interests.

When you approach social media marketing with this principle in mind, you will be successful. A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about Facebook Personal Branding and I agreed with all you pointed out. From free printables to complete kits, you’ll find plenty to keep your Girl Scouts busy with creative fun.
I am looking forward to doing many activities that are available in the Washington DC area. It means that you use good grammar and spelling and adapt your style and vocabulary to Sally or Joe. And if you have any concerns about getting too sophisticated, pull out a copy of The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway and read it.
Check out toms Shoes or Headbands of Hope to see how a business can grow through support of a cause. Check out how Pottery Barn finds its followers through hashtags and then features their posts. Get involved in conversations and promote your content – carefully and diplomatically, of course. With regard to the chapter about choosing our friends wisely, I would add that it is also quite important to be chosen by the right people: in order to do so, we should compile very carefully the information section on our profiles. You can market it under several different very catchy titles on Twitter several times a day. And to make it easy on yourself, automate that publishing through Buffer or some other automated tool. If you are not certain if you have developed a detailed enough persona, there are plenty of templates out there you can use. You need to find a good balance between being the expert all the time (can make you a bit “stiff”) and recognizing others for their contributions (nice to feature your customers). You also need to be diplomatic and at times “referee” heated discussions without offending anyone. Basically I am wondering if any troop leaders have ever asked a girl to leave their troop due to behavior?

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