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A good place to start making new friends is the spouse’s club or FRG (Family Readiness Group). If you hit it off with anyone at the event, ask for their number and maybe invite them to coffee.
Volunteering is a fabulous way to get to start making new friends, both military and civilian. Besides the above, you could volunteer at a habitat for humanity, read to kids at a library, visit people in a nursing home, you name it.
When I got here to Whidbey, I had just been in Jax for 5 months and Newport, RI for a year. What People Are Saying"I love your website and social media pages, more importantly your overall concept. Making New Friends is a Barney & Friends Episode Video that was released on August 8, 1995. BJ has more screen time in this episode video than Barney, thus making it the first and only time in which one of the little dinosaurs has bigger part than Barney. Even if you’ve already packed a brown bag full of your favorite left overs, it’s a good idea to accept these invitations regardless. If asking for digits sounds too forward, pay attention to their last names and find them on facebook.
You could also see if the group has a facebook page where you can learn about various activities. You could join a Bible study, book club, knitting club, hiking group, dog walkers, running club… you get the idea. I had spent a lot of time and energy making friends in those places.  When I first got here, I was kind of burned out on putting myself out there.

Other than the deployments I miss Navy life, and I actually miss the adventure of the moves. If you have the Personal Excellence Book Volume 2, check out 7 Ways To Instantly Meet Like Minded People, exclusive article in the book. I'm Celes and I'm here to help you achieve your highest potential and unleash your magic to the world.
You’ve landed a new job! (Maybe you even used a Loft Resume, which got your foot in the door?) There are many joys that come with a new job especially if you’ve experienced a time of unemployment.
But it will expand your horizons and get you into a setting where making new friends is possible. But I will say that if you can find a job you enjoy, even if it’s not in your field, you can meet some great people.
I will pray that you start to make some connections soon that could turn out to be great friends.
This book holds many nuggets of wisdom and advice, but here are some of the best tips summarized for your convenience: Become genuinely interested in other people. I ended up asking her to be my doula and I was so glad to have her support throughout my pregnancy and delivery. What if you’ve done it a million times and you just don’t want to make any more new friends! It’s hard to leave that closeness and familiarity you have with one group to feel uncomfortable and awkward with another group. Although there’s much that could be discussed in regards to starting a new position, one topic that shouldn’t be over looked is making friends in your new work place. More specifically, be prepared to answer every inquiry with a smile and a question in return.

There’s no worse way to start a job with a new company than to learn why the current employees are not happy with said company.
Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
Perhaps making friends comes naturally to you and you’re used to being the most liked person in the office. Even if someone brings up a sensitive subject, keep the conversation light and remember that everyone’s favorite subject is really him or herself. Even so, it’s never a bad idea to be reminded of a couple of good habits and best practices for your first day in a new environment.
Use lunches and break times to learn the names and interests of your fellow coworkers and develop a sincere interest in other people. This will help you avoid an awkward situation and will easily help you win some new office buddies.
Remember, when it comes to making new friends, it’s important to be a better listener than talker. If you don’t like befriending workmates in this way, then we suggest having a graceful answer or alternative.
Linked In or Google Plus accounts can come in handy for these types of situations and are also great ways of networking.

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