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Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. I think for introverted people there's less risk of being exposed to douches in MUDs, too, due to the basic level of literacy required. Five years on, and I can safely say that the Achaeans I've grown to know are some of my best friends both in the game, and out of it.
Being a gamer has its peaks (esp if you play IRE.) It is one of the few things anyone can get behind and enjoy the time with the other people. Most things online, games or otherwise, allow a person to open up without real fear of rejection or ridicule. I started my journey with IRE in Achaea just before the launch of Imperian, which I switched over to and have played ever since. Oddly enough those friends are far more real to me than most connections I've made in the fleshy world. I've been playing IRE for 6 years now, and the most interesting part of those six years were the people I got to meet online and eventually, offline. Being in a third world country and from a place which is not typically exposed to foreigners, talking to people from other countries was both a challenging and rewarding experience.
I first started playing Achaea when I met my first internet friend, whom lived in Canada, I in California. I am relatively new to MUDs, and one of the first few things I learned is how to separate the two lives. It is more than just the fun, more than just the abilities and organizations, those are only base factors.
Just because these characters are in Text Games, doesn't mean they do not have their place in "reality".
And unlike the outside world, you automatically have something in common with these people: you're both playing a MUD! I started playing IRE games when I was 13, which was about the time I had to change cities, schools and my family was being torn apart. This is one of the best articles I've read so far by Iron Realms and definitely the one I relate to the most. Two of my best friends met in a MUD in 1999 and are now getting married in less than two weeks time.
Many years have passed since I first started playing Achaea and this was because of a friend who dragged me from another MUD at the time that was fading away, yet I clung to that shadow. Couples can put up a short profile with basic information, such as ages, city, and interests. Initially, I decided it would be best to act particularly friendly by accepting any and all friend requests.
After my circle of friends grew to such proportions, I thought I might as well be social and chat with them. As long as no one has patented the process of systematically alienating potential friends, I’m safe.
I take no pleasure in having an account but I do try to respond in kind to people who post comments to my blog, many of whom do use MySpace. Click here now and start making new Internet friends online by creating your free profile today! Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. Apparently, nearly half of us playing addicting games find it easier to make friends online and many of us go on to forge lifelong relationships with our in-game pals. Well, the boffins say it's because we're able to express ourselves in ways that we could never do in real life. Just like chatting to neighbors at the local grocery store, MUDs breed all the fun of the grapevine.

Instead of spending that time hopelessly decimating the same monster over and over again until the little number next to 'level' goes up a point, why not try out what Iron Realms Entertainment has to offer? And if one of them does slip through the cracks, you can chop his head off, which is a kind of catharsis you can't encounter in real life. I have friends from Imperian that I've had for over half a decade, one I've even met in person when she finally moved to the states. Being stuck in a part of my country where I am definitely the odd-man-out politically and socially, the games I play online are the doors to meeting the types of people I can feel comfortable with and forge long, trusting relationships with.
Be a really old pervert called Kahless who flirts with anyone female under the age of 40 that isn't his daughter..
Through Lusternia and another IRE Mud I've met some really cool people, not in person(yet), but I've talked to them out of game and it's been a great experience. Having that simple connection alone already makes it easier to strike up a conversation than it would be with a perfect stranger.
I have been so lucky with some of the wonderful people I have met in-game and become friends with in real life. People post information about themselves and what types of activities they enjoy, and others can respond. This is the best place to make new friend, thousands of Pakistanis come here and chat live and make friends. It's great that the typical image of the lonely pale-faced gamer with only the dim flickers of a computer screen for company is disappearing, but we've always known how friendly we are, haven't we gamers? Upon joining the game, I found a rush of people eager to help me learn the ropes the moment I had stepped out the trial.
The depth of Achaea never ceases to amaze me, but the characters, and the players behind them, simply put me in a state of awe. Online if you meet someone on an OOC base from the games, you can be yourself without fear.
Even here in muds, you can always just make a new character and try again if something goes very wrong.This allows a lot of people who would otherwise have difficulty forging new relationships to reach out. I even got married to a man I found via Imperian and am close to celebrating 6 years of marriage.
But now, I can say that through text I met people and develop relationships that I now treasure offline.
Text-based worlds allow creativity and imagination to have a center stage while remaining somewhat intellectual as this creativity must be expressed solely through language. However, I am bold enough to say that over time, either a character grows more of one's traits, or vice-versa. I personally have met a lot of really great people that I never would have had a chance to know if I hadn't played Lusternia.
I was completely lost until I was introduced by a guy I had met through some forum for the "pen & paper" likes, he told me "If you like to role play you'll enjoy this." So what did I do?
In some cases it has even brought me closer to people I was friends with before in giving us something new and exciting to bond over. It doesn't matter whether you play MMORPGs or addicting games in text - we've been making buddies for decades.
So you've always wanted to grow a beard and talk like a pirate but have never been able to?
In fact, during the trial I had someone guiding me through the sections I found particularly troublesome!
And for those of us with more introverted tendencies, it gives us an outlet to be an extrovert!
I've also played Lusternia since its launch and have several people there that I've remained friends with for many years now. Having played Aetolia since just a few months after its launch, I have met many people from all over the world in the past decade.

You can spend your time kicking rats to death, avoiding all interactions with others except for the bare minimum required. Many of my character's family members, for example, have proven to be great friends both in-game and out.
I asked for the link and started out on my first interactive, non-stop adventure in Aetolia, I found that Aetolia wasn't just right for me, I wasn't into being confined to a guild I wanted to learn my skills at my own pace and explore the world. From just casual friendships involving the occasional banter to relationships that I will treasure for the rest of my life, it is something that I am very thankful to IRE for. Upon starting Achaea I was beyond overwhelmed, ten times as large as the one I came from and so many things to do.
Membership is free. Stay up to date on the latest Friendship news and learn more about meeting new people, forming friendships, and keeping great pals in your life. It's easy to forget that what you are seeing is text scrolling down a screen as you become totally immersed in a new and friendly world with no limits. Most recently, Aetolia has been instrumental in linking me up with someone very dear to me. Apart from the really fun world everyone can spend their few(or many) hours of the day in, I am sure there are many who would agree that the various MUDs that we immerse themselves in have become a part of our lives. IRE muds aren't just great games, they are great places to connect with others, in ways that you would be unable to in person. I even met my (absolutely wonderful) boyfriend through Lusternia, and to think that I never would have met him without this game that I only started playing eight months ago, it's a little surreal! Friend were quickly made and while some faded I can honestly say I have several I met within the first week of playing, still, and we still game together and gossip, and whatever else we come up with. I would never have the balls or the energy to publicy hug, kiss, romp around or impersonate a giant tentacle.
And while graphical MMORPGs are constrained by things like hard-disk space and expensive production costs, text adventure games have been expanding without limitation. You can discuss things in a relaxed setting without being pressured and stressed by anything else. Whether someone is a politician, or a fighter, or a merchant, or any of the other endless roles one might take on in their MUD of choice, the social aspect is huge. And yet, it is what I have come to expect from the engaging and socially rich experience that is playing a MUD. I went to Imperian, and even though there was Guilds and Cities I was bound to this one was it, I played Imperian for four years, it was the people there that made me want to play, for everyday I was meeting someone new, forging in-game relationships with complete and total strangers and it was absolutely exciting! Whoever said a screen of text was -just- that, has never really been involved deeply on one of these games, for I know some of my closest friends are sitting right behind their own screen. Whether you want to hop on a ship and steer while your friend hoists the sail, battle tirelessly against waves of monsters with your best comrade-in-arms, or just kick back in a tavern and drink a brew - the chances are a text-based game will have what you and your friend are looking for.
There is no better way to meet new people or even strengthen existing friendships than to work as a team, just as you would in real life, co-operating and having fun. Despite being separated by an entire ocean, we are making it work and very quite likely will be living together within two years. You -need- to make friends, or you will go nowhere, and you probably won't have very much fun. In the end, being in character is simply being yourself, or at least a part of you that you don't show (or can't show) in daily lives.

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