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As you grow up and continue to meet new people or move new places, many close friendships from the past tend to fade away or come to an extreme halt.  Well, that’s never really been the case for me.
Truthfully, you never know what people will end up being the ones you call your best friend. About Pics and Words with Friends - New Photo Quiz GameTry to solve the puzzle of 4 images and 1 word - now, what is that word?
From easy to insane, you're going to truly test your skills while playing this amazing game! Pics & Words is totally free to play, while you can always get some in-apps for extra tips! Apps Similar to Pics and Words with Friends - New Photo Quiz GameWord Search PartyWord Search Party is a polished and fun word puzzle game which lets you challenge your friends or find opponents online using Game Center.
It's the first ever competitive multi-player word search game, and the best looking and most playable word puzzle on the App Store! In my time at university I've had some very bad, and some very good experiences with other girls. When I went to university I was obviously nervous after the whole school experience, but I'd got chatting to a girl from my course about five months before we came to university, and so by the time I arrived we already knew each other quite well. As a result, my time at school and university has consisted of me putting up with a lot of crap from people that drain me. You should only give yourself and your time and effort into friendships that actually make you feel good.
People's negative actions can have such a bad impact upon you mental and physically, and you may not realise until you cleanse your life of such negativity. These 'little things' frequently plague friendships and people take it for numerous reasons.

The fact of the matter is, if I surround myself with radiators, I've more chance of becoming one myself and at the end of the day, isn't that is what is important - being a good person? Adele11 September 2012 at 07:15I agree with you Hannah not to surround yourself with negativity as it can drag you down.
Find words to solve more than 300 addictive word puzzles with unique and challenging twists! As a result most of the people I made friends with were also her friends, and as a consequence when we fell out over something quite bemusing (I still am confused about it to this day) a lot of 'friends' made their choice and chose sides. As I'm quite a sensitive person I tend to take fall-outs quite personally, and feel that if I have given much of my time and effort into that friendship, when it breaks down it is my fault.
This might sound obvious, but a lot of people put up with friends that are overbearing, or that treat them like a doormat, or people that actually do nothing for them and expect a boatload back. Now, I just dedicate my time to those people that genuinely want to give it back, those people that when they ask how I am aren't waiting for me to finish so they can dump their dramas on me. I always beat myself up if I feel like I've come accross badly, or if someone has not liked me when I meet them, but the world is made up of billions of people and the chances of them all liking each other are minute. The woman writing the article discussed how many women (and sometimes men) have a habit of trying to make friendships work with people that emotionally drain them.
The article I read was written by a woman in her thirties, and she claimed that through her life she had learn a lot of lesson when it came to friendship. It doesn't even have to be a big thing - if you're constantly the one that is trying to contact people and arrange stuff, or they always let you down at the last minute for example. I have a few from school that I still see, and even smaller handful from university and then the select few girls that I've met through blogging. I went to an all girls school since year 3 (eek!) so know full well how 2 faced and bitchy girls tend to be.

I'd been that person throughout school that was kind of friends with a lot of groups of people, but not so close to any group that I'd do everything with them.
Although falling out with my friend from university really devastated me at the time, I'm much happier now that I don't have a lot of negative feelings about being the only one that made the effort. Admitting that you don't have many friends is something of a taboo, but I'd much rather have a few friends that make me feel one hundred percent positive when I'm with them, than a bucket load that drain me. I think that as you get older you learn that some friendships are worth it & some are not! I have never had a huge amount of friends myself as I would rather have a handful of genuine friends than 100 friends who bitch about you the moment you leave the room! I also beat myself up if I feel like I've said something wrong or said something that someone may take in a different way to that which I meant it and my boyfriend is always telling me not to worry, but this is easier said than done! I was in a big group of girls at secondary school & I think I only speak to one of them now!
The experience has definitely left me feeling nervous and uncomfortable around big groups of girls. I have a handful of lovely, close friends now and I take that any day over a large group of friends who aren't genuine. You're definitely better off with those few special people than a group of people that make you feel bad.

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