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GORDON-LEAVITT AND ZOOEY DESCHANEL MEET-CUTE AT WORK: IN THE ELEVATOR, DISCOVERING THEY BOTH LIKE THE SMITHSRom-com with a twist is really conventional -- but still sweet(500) Days of Summer is a romantic comedy with a new approach. Anonymousso I'm meeting my fav band for like the 5th time and were on a first name basis.
AnonymousI am meeting Taylor Caniff today ?? I have no idea what to dodo a hugging picture!! What is original is not the indie mannerisms of this Sundance hit -- the references to groups like The Smiths, the meet-cute at a greeting card company, the tendentious voice-over, or the jumbled chronology, but the fact that the couple doesn't live happily ever after. And can you take selfies too?i have no idea what their rules are on selfies, but i think that’s a cute pose! Also how much time do you think each person gets with them if they are at the back of the line?

And I have no idea what to do for our picture, I don't wanna look dorky, and I love sammy Soooo much! It's made clear right off the bat that the wooing of Summer (Zooey Deschanel) by Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) led to disappointment for Tom. With its downbeat story arc and only mildly hopeful finale, Days defeats genre expectations.
But it still works within a highly conventional framework.And so you'd better like the stars. Indeed they seem a cute and well-matched couple, the reedy, deep-voiced Gordon-Levitt, with his buttoned-down appearance and mobile face, and the winsome, wide-eyed Deschanel. But then why does Summer engage with Tom in experimental shower sex and humorously play house with him at Ikea? The twist is that Summer is converted to a belief in these things by finding a man, but that man is not Tom.

Snapshots of previous lovers aside, Summer has no background, her job is undefined, and we don't get to know her friends. The cute but recessive Deschanel doesn't emerge as a clearcut personality.Despite the twist of the negative ending, the more you think about (500) Days of Summer the more conventional it seems. Cuteness and charm and heartbreak, if you don't intrude on them too much, go a long way, and even the convoluted time-scheme can't obliterate them.

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