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At four o'clock, Samantha waits at the parlor doors completely cleaned up for her hour with Grandmary.
Samantha works on her sampler for a half hour, then hears a low rumble that gets louder and more noisy, accompanied by angry voices and sounds of scared horses. It is days later; Samantha makes her way out of her house with a gingerbread cookie after her piano practice. When they're done, Samantha pulls Nellie to the tunnel and says that no one will see them there while eating. The two are interrupted by Eddie Ryland, who says that he sees them and that they're so ugly they'd scare a moose.
The next Tuesday after meeting Nellie, Sam is in the parlor sewing with Grandmary and the hour is almost over.
Samantha waits until she is gone before speaking, asking why Jessie is leaving and why Grandmary is letting her go. As the days pass, Samantha continues to think up fanciful reasons for Jessie's leaving: going to New Orleans to become a singer, that the President has asked her to be a spy in Europe and she will sew for kings and queens and learn their secrets, and that her brother was kidnapped and she must go to South America to rescue him. Samantha says they must find out what happened to Jessie and that if she knew where she lived, she could ask Lincoln what happened.
Two days later, Samantha goes out and tugs on the string of her end of the tin-can phone; she and Nellie put bells on either end so that they could signal. Samantha runs to Grandmary, saying they must help Nellie's family because they don't have enough food or coal. How elegant households were maintained by servants, the hard work of servants, and the proper position of servants, including how they were expected to keep to a "proper" place and not become friendly with their employer's families.
Inventions and technology such as expanding cities, automobiles, light bulbs, and electrical equipment.
Although the Fancy Dress and the Fairy Costume Accessories are associated with the book, there are no illustrations showing either outfit or accessory set, however the entire ensemble can be seen in a promotional video. Kirsten says that Lars told her the coast is full of rocks and worries they will be blown against them.
The Eagle docks in New York Harbor the next day and the health inspector says the passengers may leave.
Kirsten attempts to ask a woman holding a baby where the park by the river is, but the woman walks past as if she hadn't heard. When the train pulls up, Kirsten is more than a little scared, describing it as a black iron house on fire.
When they get to Chicago, Kirsten does not care about the hot dusty wind as she is simply glad to be free to walk and run again.
Kirsten likes the Mississippi riverboat they will be traveling on, The Redwing, as soon as she sees it (the boat resembles the red-winged blackbirds nearby).
Papa tells Kirsten she will be needed to carry things and will have to leave Sari in the trunk. Papa begins to ask the way to go at the farms they pass, and finally says that Olav's farm will be the next one. The immigration journey by boat: traveling to the port city, life on the boat, and the length of the journey. The change that immigration brought to the US and to the new immigrants as personified by Kirsten's character. The map shown in the Looking Back section shows that it is quite possible the Larsons sailed out of the port of Solvesborg.
World, meet Girl. 11-year-old Rowan Blanchard has officially been cast to play Cory and Topanga's daughter on the Disney Channel's Boy Meets World spinoff, Girl Meets World.
Although the Fancy Dress and the Fairy Costume Accessories are associated with the book, there are no illustrations showing either outfit or accessory set proper.
The network broke the news on Monday morning, announcing that production will begin this summer. A sequel series to the beloved "Boy Meets World," "Girl Meets World" will center on Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) as she navigates the world with her best friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter). Jacobs recently shared his hopes for "Girl Meets World" at the ATX Television Festival in Austin.
While we're very excited to see Busy Philipps and James Van Der Beek back together on the ABC comedy, a "Dawson's Creek" reunion is just not the same with the rest of the gang.
Where To Get Princess Charlotte's Perfect First Birthday Portrait Ensembles – and that Adorable Walker! Princess Kate Shares 4 Sweet New Photos of Princess Charlotte – Just in Time for Her First Birthday!
Her parents, Cory and Topanga, who are now happily married, will be played by the original show's stars, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel. Just added – here are even more photos of Caroline from the catalog that is about to be released.
Love those Doll Diaries sleuths – like Jenny – who find the coolest clues to American Girl scoop going!!
According to the Transatlantic Literary Agency website, Kathleen Ernst has a set of 6 books in the works for American Girl to be released in 2012.
Kathleen Ernst has authored many of the American Girl mysteries and has written other history-based stories for young adults. I was thinking since Cecile and Marie Grace were friends, they wouldn’t release another friends doll right after that. I think Caroline is going to be a redhead, as Mckenna, even though she is a GOT, is blonde and it seems that many people would like a redhead, from reading many comments.
I will ALSO say (sorry can’t stop talking here) that I think they will retire Addy next.
Julie and Ivy are spending their last day together before Julie moves across town, turning cartwheels in Julie's yard. The ideology many people held about boys being more superior than girls in the fields of athletics.
Edith Green, a Congresswomen who added a new section in the Educational Amendments of 1972 that forbid sex discrimination at any school that received money from the federal government - this section soon became Title IX.
Changes that were brought to schools due to Title IX, such as equal pay for male and female teachers, admission for female students who wished to attend law, business, and medical school, and more athletic school teams for girls. Dot Richardson, who joined a girls' fast-pitch softball team after Title IX and later on became one of the country's best softball players.
Billie Jean King's Battle of the Sexes tennis match with Bobby Riggs - a game that would later on prove that female athletes could play just as well as men. The changes in women's jobs due to Title IX, with a lot more women tackling jobs that were traditionally only for men, and with more women earning an income for the very first time.
Opinions and stigmas that women received once they divorced, as well the different opportunities in careers and school that gave more women independence. People's opinions of the government following the Watergate scandal and Vietnam War during the Nixon administration. It was included with the Samantha doll when the doll was available for purchase from 1986 until the collection's archival in 2009; then, it could be purchased separately. She thinks about how Grandmary will look at her if she sees it; she is very stern with Samantha when she is improper. She scolds Samantha on her disarray, mentioning that she is almost a lady but still getting into mischief. There are three ants on it, and Samantha thinks to tell Jessie but sees more ants coming and decides to see how many will come.
Sam says that he should be as he is handsome and brave, and that everyone would give up their secrets to him easily. She then asks about a doll she saw in Schofield's Toy Store, and after brief discussion, asks if she may have her. Samantha gets up from her seat and runs to the window, seeing her Uncle Gard and his "friend", Cornelia, and announces them.
Grandmary says she is well and remarks on the car, saying Gard has ruined the peace with "that horrible machine." Gard says that Grandmary must keep up with the times, and that he can't teach Samantha to drive without bringing it. She is distracted by Jessie coming out of the kitchen in a hurry and asks what she's holding. She has practiced every day for an hour; it feels very long to her and she can't wait to get outside afterwards. Samantha tells him to leave, and he says that's he's going to tell and starts towards the house. Grandmary, not looking up from her own lacework, tells Samantha to sit down and not ask questions of her elders.
It is a few days later that Nellie gives a practical solution of Jessie maybe having a baby. Nellie says she knows where they live—a woman who makes herbal medicines for headaches lives across the street from Jessie and Nellie was sent there once by Mrs.
Samantha loses all her nerve, wondering if they have the wrong house or if Jessie and Lincoln have moved away.
The two girls each creep into their respective houses and Samantha sneaks up the stairs and back to her room without getting caught.
Grandmary is initially shocked, then laughs and says yes—if Samantha can give up her treasure, then the family can find a way to help Nellie. It was included with the Cecile doll when purchased; with the collection's archival, it can be purchased separately.
It was included with the Kirsten doll when the doll was available for purchase; with the collection's archival, it can be purchased separately. Mama tells her to think about Uncle Olav's letter instead and asks Kirsten if she remembers him. Lars bounds down the gangplank with Peter behind him; Mama and Papa go next, with Kirsten behind them holding Sari. Back in Sweden her village was small enough to know everyone but here everyone is a stranger. Papa has said that they will join a group traveling the Mississippi in wagons, but they will first rest at a boarding house.
Right away she wants to go to the wide upper deck, and she and Marta get under a rope and head up the stairs. On the third morning, however, Marta is not on the deck to meet Kirsten; her father is there alone staring at the river.
She wakes up with a start later, wondering what is wrong for a moment before remembering Marta. Kirsten does not watch the boat pull away; she never wants to see the boat again because Marta died there. It was included with the Marie-Grace doll when purchased; with the collection's archival, it can be purchased separately. Van Der Beek, Jackson and Williams have been teasing a reunion for a while now, but Holmes seemed iffy. The American Girl Caroline Abbott book covers and additional items have been added at Amazon.
Yet at the same time, it definitely allows them to explore different years rather than just stick to the old 4 pattern. I’ve been wanting a southern doll since I started my collection ten years ago!) and that she will have blond hair. I was just as Costco today and saw that they have new paper doll sets ($20) for every historical character except for Addy…just a thought. I also hope that she has light skin, blue eyes, no part like McKenna, and long curly hair like Kanani’s but red.
It was included with the Julie doll when purchased until the release of BeForever and could be purchased separately; it is now part of The Big Break.
When Julie spots a plane in the air, she and Ivy wave to it, as Julie waves at every plane she sees because her Dad is a pilot.
And every time she walks down the hall, she keeps a look out for Principal Sanchez, who was strict. Eddie Ryland, her next door neighbor, is in the hedge between their houses and was the one who startled her and calls her dumb. Samantha, with her bow drooping and stockings damaged, decides that she should go see Jessie. Samantha stands quietly, as while Jessie will lecture her she will also clean her up; as she was lecturing she has gotten the grass and dust from her hair.
She says aloud that it must be boring to be grown up, and Jessie replies that it depends on the person and that Samantha will not be bored even when she is grown. Jessie says that Samantha should keep such ideas to herself as she's made enough trouble today. Grandmary says that the doll is quite expensive at six dollars [1] and that if Samantha is to be responsible, she must learn the value of a dollar. Grandmary looks at the ceiling and complains that he's brought the automobile again and that she won't know what to say to the neighbors. Samantha excitedly asks if Gard will let her drive the car, and Gard says he'll take her for a ride right then.
Jessie announces that it's pepper for the sewing room as there are hundreds of ants up there. She takes some breaths and leaps before making her way to the tunnel—a hole worn in the lilac hedge between her house and Eddie Ryland's. Nellie looks scared and Samantha yells at him, saying that if he says anything to anyone, she'll take his new pocketknife and stuff it full of taffy.
She says that Samantha has done well these past few weeks and there is something upstairs on the bed for her.
Samantha wonders if it was a bad idea to bring the dolls as Nellie has never even owned a simple doll and Lydia is quite beautiful.

Nellie says Samantha can look in the window standing on her back, and Samantha says she's stronger so Nellie can stand on her back.
She unbuttons her shoes and takes off her stockings, hangs her dress in the wardrobe, and gets into her nightgown, thinking it sweet and warm.
She is working on her sampler, as she is very angry and does not want to speak to grownups as they take away her friends without telling her why.
She gives a smile and says that Samantha is quite a fine young lady before hugging her warmly. Her friend Marta shades her eyes to look and says she thought she would never walk on land again, shivering.
Kirsten asks to be told more about her uncle as she has heard about him often, hoping that this will distract her from the storm. She thinks that summer is quite hot in America; when the family left their Swedish farm three months ago, Kirsten had needed her heavy wool clothing, but it is much too heavy here.
At the park, Kirsten meets Marta and tells her that they are leaving that day and asks if her family is too. She tells Marta that her grandmother told her that when she is lonely, she should look at the sun as everyone sees the same sun.
Kirsten feels it good to be in a house, though this house reminds her of the barn in Sweden with its wide openness and long, open sleeping room. Kirsten asks him what is wrong and he says that Marta is sick with cholera, gripping the railing tightly.
She kisses the doll's cheek and says she'll be back soon before Papa locks the trunks and takes them to the warehouse. However, it is the child of an original program, and there is no way that I’m not going to include everybody who wants to be included on this piece, because they’re the genesis of the piece," he told press during a Q&A with "Boy Meets World's" original cast members. However, after her divorce from Tom Cruise, it was reported that he was the one who didn't want the Capeside crew to reconnect.
My guess is Baltimore and redhead or possibly blonde, seeing as how the last 3 historicals all have brown hair. And they are having the 200th Anniversary celebration of the Star Spangled Banner there next weekend.
Also, I think Molly and Emily will be retired, since Marie Grace and Cecile were introdoced as the most recent historical dolls. I hope she looks different from my other dolls ( #23, #27, Kanani, Mckenna, #35, and Molly) Because i don’t like to get dolls that look to much like eachother. I start school August 28th (a Tuesday) which means the 1st of September would be a Saturday! Also, as a heads up, Costco had the McKenna books (as did Barnes and Noble) TWO WEEKS before she was released!! She hurries up the walkway and into the house, slowing down at the front door so that Elsa does not catch her. She inspects her clothes and, finding the torn stocking, has Samantha take off her shoes and stockings and asks if her knee hurts.
Samantha asks if Jessie knew her parents, and Jessie says that Sam knows they died two years before Jessie came to work for Grandmary so she didn't know them.
Samantha does try to be a young lady, but it's easier for her when she is being watched by Grandmary; she thinks everyone is more ladylike around her. Samantha suggests that she could earn the money by making boomerangs and selling them, having read about it in The Boys' Handy Book. But with three girls, the money they make doesn't care for them well; she mentions a lack of food and coal for heating specifically.
Eddie stops in his tracks, stares, covers his back pocket where the knife is, backs away, and runs off. Samantha sits down, but is so upset she can only fidget with her sewing and has to redo all her stitches. Samantha almost forgets that Jessie has left, and forgets to say thank you as she runs upstairs two at a time and to her bedroom. She says it's okay for Nellie to play with Lydia, and points out that her hat comes off and the dress has buttons. Samantha hugs Nellie and says that they can't go in the day because they'd be stopped, but they can go at night after everyone is asleep and meet at the tunnel. The two girls are shy before Samantha says they came alone because Samantha didn't know what happened to her and no one would say.
Nellie is nowhere to be seen, and Eddie is there playing with gum by taking it out of his mouth in long strings and stuffing it back.
Water is washing over the deck and into Kirsten's boots as she makes her way towards the hold.
Mama talks about Olav's leaving for America and his letter telling about their farm in Minnesota (a word that is strange to Kirsten). She asks Papa why she's dizzy and Papa explains that they have gotten used to the ship's movement and need to get used to being on land again. Peter is lying and watching for Lars and Papa who have purchased tickets for the rest of the journey. As they walk Kirsten is fascinated by all the things around her and asks Papa to slow down so that she can see it all. Marta asks her if she looks at the sun and thinks of her grandmother, and Kirsten says she does and prays for her. In the kitchen there are tubs to for Mama to wash their clothes in; when the laundry is done, Mama sends Kirsten and Peter out for sun. Papa tells Kirsten to stop crying, but Mama cradles her and says to let Kirsten have her tears. She goes to a trunk like the one that was left behind and gets out pants and shirts for the men, a blue cotton dress for Mama, and a matching one for Kirsten.
Like previous historical releases, the new doll looks like she will be debuting around September 1, 2012.
I hope the debut is on a weekend, because last year for Cecile and Marie-Grace, it was on a school day (weekday). I would love to go to the debut in Seattle or LA (both close to where I live) so that I could enter the drawing and throw some money around! If you got three demerits, you had to stay after school to scrub desks or wash blackboards. Sam makes her way all the way to the third floor and to the sewing room, where Jessie is working on a dress for Grandmary.
Sam says it's okay; she's more worried about making sure she doesn't have to explain it to Grandmary. Samantha thinks Cornelia is pretty, but not right for her uncle; she thinks someone more like Alice Roosevelt would be better, as she is in several papers and doing exciting things.
They greet each other formally and Samantha squirms, worried Grandmary will know she's been up to trouble. They are wearing long coats; Cornelia has a hat tied down with a scarf and Gard has large goggles. Samantha is shocked with disbelief; she is good at imagining fanciful things, but not hunger and cold.
Nellie cradles Lydia as Samantha tells her what happened the day before with Jessie and how no one will tell her why. Grandmary turns off the gas lamps before bed, and Nellie can use that as a gauge to know that Samantha can come meet her. The two girls head down the gas-lit streets; while on familiar streets they think of the journey as exciting, but once they cross the railroad tracks, the streets become dark and narrow with dark, narrow houses.
Nellie peeks in the window and says that Jessie and Lincoln are inside along with a cradle.
Tucking her doll Sari into her shawl Kirsten walks over to a tall coil of rope, hitches up her skirt, and climbs in. Kirsten, at Mama's request, goes on to say that Olav met Inger, who was also from Sweden; Inger was a widow with two girls, Anna and Lisbeth. Mama smiles and leans to whisper to Papa that she often worried that they would not make it. Kirsten stands still for a moment and looks back at the Eagle; when they boarded the ship no one knew what to expect, but they have all made it safely to America.
They get to the bread shop and Papa buys several rolls, giving one to Kirsten and one to Peter. Papa and Lars stand near the door; Kirsten, Mama, and Peter are on a bench near the windows with trunks and bundles piled in front of them.
It is morning and the boat has anchored at a beach; the gangplank is down and some sailors are carrying a wooden box on their shoulders. Mama touches her cheek and tells her to cheer up as Papa and the boys will soon be back with a wagon, making it a short trip to the rest of the farm. If (probably when) it gets a greenlight to series, the show will likely appear in the network's 2013-14 schedule. Sam asks if Gardner will marry Cornelia and Jessie tells her that it is none of her business and that children shouldn't ask those questions.
She touches the locket pinned to the front of her dress that has a picture of her mother and father inside, then asks Jessie about New Orleans. Samantha replies quietly that Cornelia says that women should be able to earn money and not have to depend on men; Grandmary cuts off Samantha again by saying that Cornelia has quite a few notions she should keep to herself. They make their way up the walk, beating the dust off their coats, and in a few moments Hawkins announces their presence. They go into the hall to get Samantha into the coat and then she and Gard head down the walk, Samantha with the too-big coat on.
She then smiles and says they should come see her treasure; she reaches into the cradle and picks up a bundle, introducing him as Nathaniel.
Samantha frets that Nellie will have to work in a factory again and get sick and asks what she'll do without her.
Kirsten knows that she can't stay on deck as it is dangerous in a storm, but she does not enjoy having to stay in the room they are in. Kirsten wonders about what is next (more hopeful than scared) and follows her parents to the park near the dock.
Kirsten wants to go exploring, but Mama will not let her as she feels Swedish children can get easily lost. She panics that she might not find her papa, or the park with her mama, and what would happen to her in the city.
Marta asks Kirsten if they are taking a boat; Kirsten says they are taking a train and asks what a train looks like. Marta's father says she doubled up with pain during the night and she aches and moans now; the captain has made her go to the sick bay.
Kirsten follows Lisbeth and Anna up to the loft and Anna gives a part of a worn quilt to dry off with. Hunter, writes her name on the blackboard, a boy says that she had forgotten the "r" in Mrs. Samantha has not gotten very far—the whole thing should read "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" when it is done, but Samantha is only up to ACTIONS SP. Samantha goes back to her work, saying with a sigh that she would name the doll Lydia after her own mother. She asks why Grandmary wouldn't tell her about a baby, and Nellie says that grownups don't like talking about babies coming. Grandmary asks how she knows and Samantha says that she and Nellie went to her house to see, expecting punishment. Twenty Swedish families are in the same room and have been for the past two months, sharing bunks lining the walls with their things stored in trunks. Kirsten watches the New Yorkers walking by; the women and girls have flowered dresses with ruffles and the men have tight trousers and white jackets.
She sees women holding baskets of fruit and the berries remind her of the cloudberries her grandmother gathered in Sweden.
Kirsten realizes the woman is gone and explains that she drew the boat and the lady led her back.
Marta describes it as loud with a lot of smoke and says that her family might be scared of them. Peter complains if they're there yet and Mama tells him to hush as they haven't even moved. Kirsten asks if they could pay more to go up there and Papa says they only have a little money left. Kirsten asks to see her and Marta's father takes her wrist telling her not to go as she will get sick; her mother is there with her and that is all that can be done. Kirsten asks him where Marta is, and he says that Marta died last night and the sailors are burying her; her soul is in heaven.
Tracy comes in and tells her that she has to start bringing her stuff down in the front room. Jessie's husband Lincoln is a porter and brings home tales of the city as well as postcards for Samantha and occasionally candy. The girl is surprised and says that she is—calling Samantha "miss"—without stopping her work. She's paid a dollar a week [2] and, while it is not as much as in the factory, it has better conditions.
Samantha agrees, saying that he one time she asked Grandmary she was told it wasn't a proper topic.
She asks if Nellie knows the way, and Nellie shakily replies that she thinks so and it's not far.
Lincoln comes out to find a tangle of girls with frightened faces and laughs aloud before getting the girls inside.

The air is sour--even more so when someone is seasick--and dark with only one oil lantern attached to the ceiling. Kirsten has rather tattered clothes; the only fine thing she has is the amber heart necklace her grandmother gave her before leaving. Papa says that Kirsten is very smart--and next time she should be smart enough to stay near. Marta runs through the clothes drying and the two girls embrace, whirling and glad to see each other.
Mama looks at the two trunks and says everything they own is in the trunks and how will they manage. The rain stops by afternoon; the sky is blue and birds and flying around the flowered fields. The taller girl, Lisbeth, takes the bundle from her and says that they have watched for her every day. Eddie is about to say another thing, but Samantha cuts him off and says that if he doesn't leave right now, she will take his beetle collection from behind the shed, put it in the church offering plate on Sunday, and tell his mother he did it. She offers that if Samantha does her daily tasks well such as piano practice, she might earn the doll. In the factory she worked every day but Sunday until dark in poor conditions that have ruined her health. Hawkins is working on a meat pie; she asks why Samantha is rushing so, saying she looks like thunder.
Sam asks why Jessie lives in such a drab area, and Nellie says it's the colored part of town. Eddie says that their driver is taking her back to the city because she's sick and his mother doesn't think she's strong enough to work properly; Nellie is in their kitchen waiting.
Samantha, not feeling respectful, replies that Grandmary was wrong to not tell her why Jessie left. The ship is still being shaken up by the storm, and Kirsten holds Sari to her and thinks about them almost being to America, imagining the farm they will be on and hoping it will be like the one she left behind.
Lars says they won't be able to leave before they are examined by the health inspector; he explains the purpose of the health inspector, who will not let anyone who is sick stay in America. She wishes aloud that they had such pretty dresses and that only the people from the ship are dressed like them. She ends up on a street with butchers and tries to head back, but ends up turning onto another street with houses and no shops. She feels that she will always be a Swedish girl away from home and wonders how America will ever be her home, then follows her parents to meet with the agent. The train starts moving with lurches and screeching, and Peter hides his face in Mama's lap. They stop to eat lunch and Papa says that Olav wrote the truth; the soil here is good and life will be better. Samantha eagerly promises to practice the piano an hour a day, make her sampler beautiful, help Mrs.
She was sent to work for the Rylands because the air is better, the hours are shorter, and Nellie is fed well but does not see her family much. Samantha jumps out her chair in shock and asks why; Grandmary silences Samantha with a look, then thanks Jessie for her service, says she has been a great help, and that she will be missed.
Samantha says that Jessie is going off to be an actress while Nellie takes off Lydia's hat and looks at it. Hawkins that the Rylands are sending Nellie away and her family doesn't have enough food, and that they have to give the family something. Mama says that their clothes are clean and dry, and there is no need for shame; furthermore, she couldn't milk cows in such things. She is doubled up and struggling to breathe, moaning and trembling when her mother tries to wipe her forehead.
Samantha goes on, saying that Jessie will become famous and come back and introduce her and Nellie to actors and actresses (and no one else in the town). When pressed why by Nellie, Nellie replies that it's just the way grownups do things before saying they've made it.
Samantha wants to punch him in the nose, but knows she can't--not even if she was a boy would she do it because not even a grown-up would do it. Kirsten takes out some bread and breaks it in two; the two girls share with their dolls before sharing with each other. Papa explains that Mama has only been seasick, and that is common; the health inspector is looking for more serious illnesses such as cholera that are fatal.
Peter makes a face at the idea of fancy clothes and then notices Papa and Lars on the way back. Realizing what has happened Kirsten clutches Sari and runs, pushing past women shopping and calling for her father.
The woman sits next to her and smiles; Kirsten decides that she understands thank you, but doesn't know how she will tell her about her parents and how to get back.
Kirsten reminds her that her family is going to Minnesota too and so they should meet again--or she hopes so. She asks what's wrong and Mama says that she's worried; as they were boarding, the sailors were burying a person who died of cholera. Kirsten whispers her name and tries to step forward, but Marta's mother tells her to stay back and go to her family as it's dangerous. Lisbeth sets her doll down on a bed and says to come up to the loft; the three girls climb up the tree and sit on a branch.
Tracy likes it there, and Mom says that her favorite part of living there is that they lived right above her new shop, Gladrags. She almost says she won't tease Eddie, but cuts herself off before promising something she might not do. Samantha is again shocked, and then gets the idea that the two can meet every day, and Samantha will teach her everything. Nellie says she doesn't think that's true, because when her baby sister was born a midwife came over and she and her other sister had to go out with her uncle; when they returned the baby was there and there was no stork. A grown up would also not grab Eddie's gum and shove it into his hair either, but Sam does exactly that because she is only nine and that's only half grown. Kirsten asks Marta what she wants to do first in America and Marta says she wants to pick an apple, as there as apples everywhere.
Mama says that she prayed there were no more storms so she could feel better, as she has been ill since boarding. Lars says no one has cholera, and Papa assures Peter there will be nothing to worry about and they will be in New York to continue the journey to Minnesota. Lars has cherries and Papa scoops out more fruit for Kirsten and Peter before he and Mama share the rest.
Kirsten can't believe her luck, and feels America is becoming more like home--with good food, a bed to sleep in, and friends.
Anna says this is where they look out for boys; there hasn't been any before, but with Lars and Peter there are now. The name had come from a Rod Stewart song (Handbags and Gladrags) and was Tracy's idea. Nellie says that she can't and when Samantha asks if the Rylands won't let her, she says that she's got her job to do, calling Samantha "miss" again.
Jessie thanks Grandmary, then stops by Samantha and tells her to be very good and she'll miss her. Samantha asks what a midwife is; Nellie explains it's a woman who comes when babies are born. She then runs to the Ryland's kitchen, leaving Eddie howling and trying to get gum out of his hair.
She leaves the basket at her feet and puts Lydia in her arms, telling Nellie to take her to be her friend. Grandmary says Jessie must care for the baby, and Samantha says she can bring Nathaniel because he won't bother anyone. Mama remarks at the size of the cherries and Lars says everything in America is big, including New York.
Kirsten hurries along looking in shop windows for cheese and milk, thinking that her brother and father are at the milk shop waiting on her.
Kirsten wants to be brave and have heart like Mama, but she sinks down on the steps of a brown house and starts crying in Sari's skirt.
She then gets the idea that she can make a picture and traces out the shape of the Eagle before tugging on the woman's apron and pointing to it. Kirsten gets dizzy and closes her eyes; even though she can't see, she can feel how fast they are moving. Olav says to come see the barn, and Inger says that they will not as they will have supper first as the Larsons are tired and hungry and have come halfway around the world to get here. The rule is to get low and be quiet when a boy is seen; Lisbeth asks if Kirsten will keep this and other rules.
Mom asks Julie what she thinks she will like best about being here, and Julie says that she likes the dining table, pointing to the boxes they are eating on. Samantha gives her name, says she doesn't have to be called "miss", and sets her cookie down before offering to help so they can play. Samantha tells Nellie about her life and family; Nellie is amused about hearing about Gard's automobile. Her uncle said the midwife brought the baby in her black bag but Nellie looked in the bag and decided there was no room for a baby in there with the doctor's things. There is a crash, and Mama puts an arm around Kirsten and warns her not to fall off their bunk. Kirsten climbs around pigs rooting in the gutter and dodges in front of a buggy and across the street down the rows of shops. She cries aloud that she wonders what will happen and if the family will leave for Minnesota without her.
Mama doesn't smile, saying that cholera kills strong like weak and that they should pray they make it safely. Mama says she has looked everywhere and that nothing can be done for Marta with cholera; she warns Kirsten to take care of herself and stay with her parents. Tracy and Mom laugh, and then Mom explains that the real dining table isn't put back together yet because she couldn't find the screwdriver. Nellie is embarrassed; since she can't stop Samantha, Nellie helps her finish quickly so no one will see her working. Hawkins tells her not to fret, getting an onion to peel, and says that there are things that Samantha does not understand and that Samantha should think that Grandmary knows best.
Aunt Inger hugs him again and tells Mama and Papa they can get settled in the cabin after supper; tomorrow, the men can look at the barn while the women talk. Tracy asks Mom if she couldn't find the hairbrush, either, and asks if Mom has looked in a mirror lately.
Samantha is more upset, feeling that she can't know if Grandmary or anyone knows best because she doesn't know anything. Papa assures her that the agent he chose is good; he is from Sweden, speaks English, and was able to help them exchange their money as well as get the tickets. When Kirsten catches his eyes he gives her a sad smile, as he is as uncomfortable being trapped inside as she is.
He pulls out a chair for her and gives her a polishing cloth so she can work as she speaks.
Papa says the agent will guide them to the Mississippi River and they only have a few more weeks travel left. Kirsten considers going back to the park, but realizes that she has no idea which way that is or which way they had come. Sam begins to polish a silver bowl and says that Jessie is gone; she is not surprised that Hawkins says that he knows. Hawkins smiles with an understanding look in his eyes, but then says that Jessie is fine and that it might not be easy, especially when young, but she should just trust what is going on. Grandmary becomes upset, starting to fuss at Samantha that she will never grow into a proper young lady and that she is trying to teach her the values of things.
Mama hands Kirsten the milk jug, warning her to stay with her father as she doesn't speak English. Grandmary stops in the middle of her fussing, then nods and says that Samantha's sense of value is just fine.
Then Mom and Julie clear up the table, and Tracy pretends to play tennis against one of the walls. She asks Mom and Julie if they knew that when people didn't have rackets, they played tennis with their hands.
Then, when Julie is in bed and Mom comes to tuck her in, Julie says that she doesn't know how she will start a new school.
When Mom figured out what the girl was saying, they had a laugh and eventually became best friends. Julie says she didn't know this, and she asks if the stickers on Mom's old footlocker are real, and if she saw the Eiffel Tower in person. Mom says yes, and tells Julie that she knows that starting over is scary and it is scary for her, too.

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