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Complex did some digging and found out exactly who  Lil Wayne‘s flavor of the month is after photos surfaced of him hanging out on the beach with a  mysterious young lady. Read the latest ‘Teen Mom’ news on Sulia and get Twitter updates here or LIKE us on Facebook!
Ming Lee savvily posted a pic herself with Ross, showing him hugged up with her from behind with one arm and stuck his tongue out, all while she’s looking at something on her cell phone. Andrew Stone’s Celebrity Big Brother housemates may have been surprised to hear him insisting he’s straight, but when we talk to his girlfriend, Anna Fox, she assures us he’s definitely one for the ladies. The 22-year-old Russian belly dancer has been dating Celebrity Big Brother star Andrew Stone for two years on and off, after first meeting him at one of his classes.She says she was attracted to him because of his sexy dance moves.Here, she tells new! Meet the incredible and talented cast of Nickelodeon’s exciting new series, How to Rock!
Click through and find out whose dad is a super famous hip hop artist, who loves eating pop tarts and which cast member has a giant crush on Selena Gomez. Cymphonique MillerCymphonique is an LA native who's already known for her swaggalicious songs (i.e. The MTV mama recently revealed on her personal Facebook page that she is upset that Adam let Aubree spend time with his new girlfriend, and didn’t even tell her. She is the owner and CEO of her own boutique called Snob Life that includes a clothing line and hair salon.

Each cast member is super talented and incredible – get to know more about their character and their favorite hobbies. Although her profile lists it as Suede, as the tweet above mentions, that’s just where she works—or, worked. Hopefully, these two can learn to have better communication about what their daughter is doing and who she’s with in the future. Ming has had some work done to sharpen up her titillating figure, but, if true, who hasn’t?
Aside from being a world renowned model and a singing and dancing sensation, Max writes his own music and plays the piano and ukulele. This Oklahoma cutie has made appearances on True Jackson, VP, Land of the Lost, and Pair of Kings. We confirmed that and placed a location on Suede Restaurant & Lounge in her city Scottsdale. In eastern Europe, he’d just be like any other guy because the men there are quite camp.Would it bother you if he was bisexual?It would, but I’m 100 per cent sure he’s not. This pretty gal loves snacking on pop tarts, decorating her room, eating Greek food, watching Father of the Bride II and hanging out with her family! He even earned a Young Artist Award nomination in 2007 for his guest-starring role on My Name is Earl!

Pisses me off!” Chelsea wrote, seemingly referring to a photo she saw of Adam, Aubree, and his new girlfriend. I wouldn’t pose as someone’s girlfriend!How long after you started dating were you officially an item?Maybe two months. She really likes him.How often do you and Andrew see each other?We don’t live together, so usually a couple of nights a week. I never ask him to say I’m his girlfriend in public because I’m cool with it.Is it an exclusive relationship or do you see other people?No, no, it’s exclusive.
We do a lot of dance classes together and we go to the gym a lot together.Does he have a side to him we haven’t seen on TV?There are many sides to Andrew that we have not seen. He may come across on TV like he is so into himself but, in reality, he’s really loving and sensitive to other people.What’s the most romantic thing he’s done for you?He’s taken me on holiday.
We’re really good friends as well, so even if we break up, we’ll stay friends.Does it annoy you when he talks about himself in the third person?Not really because it’s his job to see things from many different angles.
When I’m with him, he’s the Andrew we all know and love.Why do you think he was the first to be evicted?Andrew is a big character but he wasn’t in there long enough for the public to get to know and understand him.

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