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As one of the first books in this exciting new series, Meet Letty is wonderful, and sets the tone for the books about "a girl like me in a time gone by".
Meet Letty is the story of the journey to a new land, a journey of endurance with terrible conditions and widespread fatal disease. Watch out for more of Letty's story, which will continue through 2011, as well as stories of more children (a convict girl, a gold rush girl and a Federation girl) in the Our Australian Girl series. Reading beautifully written, adventure-filled fiction while learning about Australia's history? As Mama set out the food, Max announces there was a new play coming to the Yiddish theater. Max and Victor start discussing about baseball and the new player Babe Ruth, put Papa says he wanted to hear how his children were doing in school. Rebecca notices Victor had a far away look in his eyes and wondered if he was imagining life in the Russian army.
When she finished, she walked back into the store and to the back room to put on her own shoes.
As Benny dashed off, Rebecca felt dismayed that all her efforts only got her three pennies. Rebecca wiped her eyes as she says all she really wanted was for Ana and her family to come. The thousands of immigrants that arrived and settled in big cities, where they could live in neighborhoods settled by those from their own country.
New York City serving as the largest city in America at the time, with their largest group of immigrants being Jews from Russia. Mistreatment Jews faced in Russia, where there were laws to keep them in poverty and were subjected to pogroms orchestrated by Russian soldiers. The conflicts families faced with celebrating the Sabbath in America, as many felt like Saturday should be a day of rest, despite those who decided to work.
Yiddish being the language immigrants spoke, with their children learning to speak the language and the newspapers and plays that were translated in Yiddish.
The popularity of vaudeville shows during the 1910s, where there were a variety of different acts, and was also a starting point for many future movie actors. Vaudeville theaters beginning to show movies within their vacillates, and the popularity of movie serials amongst young people, such as The Perils of Pauline. The adults that didn't view acting as a respectable way to earn a living, since many actors were poorly made and were mostly out of jobs. Rising popularity of newsreels after the start of World War I, especially amongst Jews who had relatives in Russia and were earning money to help them.
The book has a glossary of the various words used in the story, which are mostly Yiddish, Russian, and Hebrew.
Yes – it doesn’t matter that much WHAT you say, as long as you project the right vibe - see our series on how to pick up girls for more on that. But, I clearly remember when I was first learning this stuff, I got incredibly frustrated with that advice.
There are some topics that girls respond better to than others, so ideally you want to have the right vibe AND an interesting conversational repertoire. And it often helps to get some specific examples of things successful guys say and do when they approach women – if for no other reason than to pick up on the underlying mindset these lines come from. Below is a list of challenges you'll run into on the approach, or before approaching, a new girl - and the solution to each of them. In this case, however, it’s ALREADY on her mind… and you need to address it fast, or she will be gone. Challenge: She’s on the phone - how many approaches have you missed out on because a girl you wanted to meet was making a call? You can also do this implicitly, by walking up to her and looking at her as if you were expecting her to hang up… most women usually do.
Girls will often deny that they were looking at you… they unconsciously know that whoever initiates a social interaction holds less power in the situation (this is why they'd rather get approached than do the approaching). Solution: Approaching her right there and then – even if you speak quietly like I suggested above – is going to create a lot of social pressure for both of you… more importantly for her.
If you really want to meet a girl in a situation like this, I suggest you wait till her stop and get off the bus or train with her. Solution: I usually skip these approaches these days – they can be done, but again the social pressure is pretty high for her.
If she’s only with other girls her own age, simply treat the whole group as if it was one girl. How about when you want to meet a girl and you do the approach - or you're just about to - but one of these problems emerges? Solution: Keep insisting… simply keep talking to her as if you expected her with absolute certainty to stop and talk to you. Problem: She throws up a time constraint in the middle of your conversation and suddenly says she has to go.
Solution: The first thing you need to ask yourself is – did you say something to make her suddenly want to leave; is this a pretense you triggered? Solution: AGREE with her, again, and then spin that into the REASON why you should hang out together.
She’s not really giving you a red light here – a red light would be if she left and ended the conversation. This is a yellow light, and as we discussed in previous articles, the way to deal with a yellow light is to REMAIN UNFAZED and continue the conversation with a very chill, relaxed vibe. And that, again, is the bottom line of all contingency planning – your vibe is much more essential to your success than the specific words you say. Sign up for our email insights series and get a copy of our popular ebook “How to Text Girls” FREE.
Felicity walks into her father's store and takes a deep breath, enjoying the smells of the various products therein. Her father hands her the package of ginger and says for her to put it in her pocket so that she won't lose it like she did the sugar. Felicity arrives at her father's store (with her hand still a little wet and inky) just as Ben steps out.
The two continue along the main street of Williamsburg; the streets aren't very busy, and Felicity notices such things as Mrs.
When they arrive, Felicity leads them past the house and to the pasture, and Penny is there. At supper, William gives away the trip to the tannery by talking about a big horse and a bad man. Father gently tells Felicity that they have no need for a troublesome horse and that she'd be useless as she couldn't be rode; Marcus has enough to do with the two horses they have and has no time for a third.
It is very late at night, with only a little bit of moonlight showing into Felicity's room. One morning after breakfast, Felicity is trying to hide her yawning as she practices sewing. Felicity notices that Ben is less shy now that he knows her secret; he whistles and even makes jokes at dinner. Nan is carrying the breakfast bread from the kitchen to the house when Felicity rides into the yard; her mouth falls open and she calls for her parents. Felicity doesn't sleep all night and, in the middle of the night, she pulls on Ben's breeches and runs to the pasture. The next Sunday, Mother points out that Ben has his breeches back from his friend and that they are nicely mended. The thirteen colonies of England in America and the reasons for colonization (and that Native people were there before the English or any other Europeans). With the change of Felicity's meet dress from the Rose Garden gown to the Traveling Gown, two scenes in Meet Felicity were photo edited to put Felicity in the dress: where she first hears about Penny in her father's store and later when she first sees her at the tannery.
The ATX Television festival played host to a "Boy Meets World" reunion on June 7, with stars Ben Savage (Cory Matthews), Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter), Matthew Lawrence (Jack Hunter), Maitland Ward (Rachel McGuire), Betsy Randle (Amy Matthews), Lily Nicksay (young Morgan Matthews), Trina McGee (Angela Moore) and creator Michael Jacobs in attendance to reminisce about the series and drop hints about the upcoming "Girl Meets World" follow-up series. During a press conference after the reunion panel, Jacobs and Savage shared more information on what fans can expect from the sequel series, which will follow Cory and Topanga's (Danielle Fishel) daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard) in her own coming-of-age story. He continued, "My feeling is that the premise of the show is about these two girls having a friendship, going off into the world we now know -- ‘Girl Meets World’ will be unique from ‘Boy Meets World’ in that way. Savage happily discussed what prompted him to return to the role of Cory Matthews, telling reporters, "The most interesting tweets we’ve gotten are like, ‘I watched “Boy Meets World” with my dad and I’m so excited to watch “Girl Meets World” with my daughter.' And I just think it’s so wonderful to see how it crossed generations. Still, he admitted that he'd heard from many original fans who are worried that the new show could "hurt the legacy of 'Boy Meets World,'" given their childhood memories of the series. As for what Cory Matthews is like 13 years later, Savage said: "We're still figuring it out.
One thing he didn't need to be cautious about was rediscovering that old rapport when he reunited with co-star Fishel. While Cory and Topanga will be figuring things out together, don't expect the same happy ending for Shawn and Angela. Both Savage and Jacobs think that TV is long overdue for another show like the original series, and hope that "Girl" will fulfill that need. Jacobs did caution viewers that the world has changed significantly since "Boy Meets World" went off the air, and so the storytelling in "Girl" has to adapt to the times accordingly. In the same holiday episode, "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays," fans will also be treated to the ultimate Boy Meets World reunion.
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The huge dream, the risk, of heading to a new land that was previously just for prisoners - heading into the wide world of danger and uncertainty. It was included with the Rebecca doll when purchased until the release of BeForever and could be purchased separately; it is now part of The Sound of Applause. Rebecca loved Friday nights, but she wished Mama would have her do something more important then setting the table. Papa gives Mama a penny bouquet of flowers, commenting they were almost as pretty as her, and he greets Moyshe. As she sat down, she straightened the lacquer pin she often wore, a keepsake she brought with her from Russia. Grandpa comments it was a long time since they've seen a play, but Sadie states they preferred movies, Sophie nodding in agreement.
Sadie and Sophie share that they were reading Hamlet and Max comments it was the very best of theater. Grandpa says that Victor needed to work on his Hebrew as his Bar Mitzvah was fast approaching. She was glad he didn't have to worry about being in the Russian army; Jewish boys were often treated more harshly in the army, and most of them never saw their families again. She thinks that if only Uncle Jacob's family could make it to New York, Ana could get better. Rebecca apologizes and tries to explain what happened, but Papa smiles at Rebecca's tilted hat, commenting she would be his stylish helper today. Papa instructs her to put them on the work bench, assuring her they would be put to good use. With the stoop empty and the cared lion's heads on each side of the door, int looked just like a stage. Sadie closes the book and announces they were going to the park as it was too loud in the apartment.
He assumes that being a working girl was more tiring than she expected, but Rebecca wasn't tired.
She then realized Uncle Jacob mentioned Ana may not survive another winter and Rebecca feared that Ana might die. Max says it was a steady job which he got paid every week for, and he got his first paycheck yesterday.
She says she had something to tell Papa and asks him not to be angry as she pulled out all of her change from her bag. She says she knew $8 wasn't enough for a ticket but if she kept selling her work, he wouldn't have to borrow so much money.
Nothing you will read here are clever lines that somebody thought up while sitting on a computer in his basement – all of the strategies you are about to read have been successfully used on real women in the real world hundreds of times. This gives her time to process the fact that somebody is talking to her, break out of her own internal dialogue, extrovert, focus her attention on you and stop.
Walk up to her and tell her that if she’s going to look at you like that, she will at least have to talk to you. Getting approached by a man in this situation might legitimately be dangerous for her, so you need to adapt your approach a bit. It sounds silly but it makes a WORLD of difference – psychologically, and in terms of responses. If you see a girl in a group like that while you travel though, you won’t ever see her again so you might as well go for it. Agree with her and talk about how you probably won’t have any time in the next couple of weeks either. She probably doesn’t want to be the topic of gossip for the next couple of days, as her friends all tease her for letting herself get picked up by some random dude at work.
This is an old technique used by successful salespeople, but it works just as well to meet girls.
Today, it seems to be quite common the girls are walking around wearing (white ;-) ) earbuds.
It was included with the Felicity doll when purchased; with the collection's archival, it can be purchased separately. Fitchett lowers her voice to a gossipy tone, saying that she knows that Jiggy Nye wants the bit because he has a new work horse. Her back itches and she can't scratch it—her left hand won't reach and her right hand is inky from practicing her writing.
Ben agrees, saying that she's a chestnut mare and a blood horse—a thoroughbred, trained the be a gentleman's mount and not a work horse.
Nan tries to shush him, but Mother, hearing, asks if Felicity has gone out to see Jiggy Nye's horse.
Felicity protests that she'd take care of Penny and do it all herself, catching Ben's attention. Felicity slips out of bed, gets dressed in everything but her shoes, and sneaks downstairs (skipping the creaking step) and outside shaking nervously the whole time. She becomes more alert when she hears Mother ask Ben if he put his breeches in the mending pile as asked. One morning Penny is standing quietly by the fence waiting and Felicity unties the rope and slowly climbs on Penny's back without her moving. Jiggy has never brushed Penny and Felicity, worried someone would notice her care, has not done much more than pull out burrs.
The gates is chained and locked shut, and Felicity climbs over the gate to see Penny isn't tethered.
Ben agrees and when Mother asks him to keep an eye on them Ben says he will—but they will be available for his friend if they are needed again, and he and Felicity share a smile. However, it is the child of an original program, and there is no way that I’m not going to include everybody who wants to be included on this piece, because they’re the genesis of the piece.
I think the writers and the show have done a wonderful job of staying true to who we are as people. Fans were touched when Cory (Ben Savage) passed on some heartfelt words of wisdom about taking on the world to his baby brother, Joshua, in the final few minutes of the series. Betsey Randle and William Russ are set to reprise their roles as Amy and Allen Matthews, while Rider Strong will once again grace our TV screen as the perfectly-haired Shawn Hunter. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Mama, who was cooking in the kitchen with Bubbie, tells Rebecca they needed an extra plate tonight and Rebecca asks who was coming. Bubbie tells papa there was no more Moyshe, only Max, and Mayx says any name was okay as long as they didn't call him late to dinner. The picture was from a Russian folk tale titled Clever Karina,[1] and Rebecca loved the picture of the leaping hare.
Grandpa asks why they would want to see people moving in pictures when they could see real people on stage.
Bubbie shakes her head at Papa and comments it was a shame he was working on Shabbos, but Papa explains that most people went shopping on Saturday. She thinks how they could both be like her sister as Ana was exactly Rebecca's age, and they could be twins. She admired the look and imagined she was on a movie poster when Mama tells Rebecca she was going to make Papa late.
Te two begin to walk quickly, Papa explaining they weren't going to take the trolley in order to save money. She was lost in her play acting when she saw Leo Berg, a pesky boy in her class at school, coming towards the store with his mother besides him.
As she put the shoes on the workbench, she noticed many other worn children shoes among the tools.
She thought about how much money it would cost to get her own candlesticks, about $2, and how much money she had saved, 52 cents. Rebecca tells her brother to get out of the way so she could put on her show, but Benny asks to join in. She realized she had to give Papa the money before it was too late, but how could she admit what she had done? Sophie suggests that she and Sadie had oodles of needlework they could sell and Sadie nods in agreement. You will have to go direct in this case, as you simply won’t have enough time to mess around with anything else. Then offer that maybe you might make an exception and take 20 minutes to grab a quick coffee with her, but you’re not sure yet. Her father gives her a bit of rock candy and she sucks on it as she waits for him to measure the root for her.
Her father laughs that she gave it to a horse, and that she's give a horse anything as she does love them. After Ben delivers the oats, he says that he can find his way to the tannery and back home from here, but Felicity keeps walking with him, declaring that Jiggy has a new horse she intends to see.
Merriman demands to know where they have been and Felicity says they stopped at the tannery and saw a beautiful horse. Mother sighs and tells Felicity she is headstrong and impatient, pointing out the many things she gives no patience to such as sewing and writing.
Once she is outside she puts on her shoes, gathers her petticoats, and runs all the way out to the edge of town.
Penny starts out trotting with Felicity holding on to her mane and sitting stiffly, but relaxes into a canter and Felicity leans in closer.
On Sunday, Mother asks Ben if has found his breeches yet as they are fine India cotton and it is not his way to be careless.
Felicity nods and they are quiet for a bit before Felicity says that all the things she did were a waste and were for nothing. Ben says this is best, and Felicity says she hopes Penny doesn't think she's been abandoned.
And, in case you missed it, check out the video below for a sneak peek at GMW's opening credits—complete with Boy Meets World's signature paper airplane!
The twins stood before the candlesticks and everyone watched as they lit them and recited the prayer together. Sophie states that movies were smooth, and that they were going to see a show tomorrow with their friends. Rebecca thinks that although she couldn't light the candles or see a movie, she could help at Papa's store. Max starts to look embarrassed as he explains he could barely pay the rent for his room with the money he had.
Rebecca wondered why Papa didn't want her savings when he was saving only 5 cents by not taking the trolley, but she tried not to think about the ticket money. She notices Rebecca and comments she didn't know that anyone still learned how to crochet since so few ladies made trousseau.

Rebecca asked what he was going to use the shoes for, but a customer enters before he can answer.
She then thought about Ana and wondered if she should give up her savings towards the tickets. They had sold better than expected, and now she had more than enough to buy her candlesticks. Rossi cleaned the building in exchange for his rent, but he often acted as if he owned the building. He mentions he wouldn't need to borrow anymore money and hoped this would help buy the tickets.
Rebecca's face brightened as she suggested they could use the display case near the cash register to display the linens. Father says that Felicity is wearing a lovely hat and asks her if she's come to buy a feather for it or any other trims. She expects Ben to tell her to go, but he says nothing and she is glad for a moment he is so quiet Felicity and Ben see Jiggy Nye with Penny.
William says "horse" and Felicity says that the horse is named Penny because of her color and independence. Jiggy calls Felicity a sly, red-headed chit and says he told her to stay away from his horse. She continues that a willful girl and a willful horse are too much for one family and to put the horse out of her head, asking if Felicity hears her. She arrives at the pasture out of breath and stands on the lowest rung of the fence, searching in the darkness for Penny.
Ben says he doesn't know, and Mother fusses that he should look as breeches don't just disappear. They move quickly around the pasture, and the speed of the ride makes Felicity's eyes water. Penny is still for her as Felicity grooms her, and Felicity compliments her as she does so, receiving a nuzzle from Penny in response. William behind him starts crying out "Lissie's horse!" and Mother asks Felicity what she is doing and where she got the horse.
Felicity climbs on her back and they ride around the pasture, Penny picking up speed and Felicity holding on tight.
Ben says that Penny knows she loves her because she let her go free and gave her what she needed most—independence. If they’re learning in that generation, Ben continues to learn, so does Danielle -- together, they have always been better than separately.
What kids know, what I personally believe enters very little into how the world works, because I look around and I’m astonished every day at what comes out of the four big screens: the television screen, the telephone screen, the movie screen and the computer screen," he said. Seriously just look at how adorable this conversation is!)And now, it's time to catch up with the youngest member of the Matthews family in Disney's highly anticipated new series Girl Meets World. Get ready for giggle-worthy hijinks, squee-worthy Cory and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) moments and more.
The dolls used to belong to Mama when she grew up in Russia, but now they belonged to Rebecca. Mama explains it was her cousin Moyshe and Rebecca nearly dropped the plates as she exclaims "The actor?" She overheard her parents talking about him, but she never met him before.
Max murmurs it was a beautiful sight and the adults nod in agreement, making Rebecca jealous. She tells all the kids they were lucky to be in school as back in Russia, they never had the chance. Max smiles and draped Mama's shawl around Rebecca's head, making her truly feel like Karina. He tells Papa that somehow he had to send them tickets right away and Papa irritably explains he's been saving up for them for a long time. Rebecca wondered if the twins were right when they said no one made linens for their wedding chests anymore. An Italian woman with a boy Benny's age enters and explains her son's shoes were too small. She wondered if the neighbors were laughing at her, but it hardly mattered as she couldn't earn much money singing on the stoop. Rebecca was happy with the news at first, but then she realized her trousseau trunk was nearly empty now.
He complains that kids were always drawing chalk marks on the sidewalk as the glowered at Rebecca. Mama asks if Max felt like tea and he jokes that he didn't feel like tea while pinching his arm. Felicity pushes the hat to hang down her back, saying that her father knows she doesn't like the old straw hat she's wearing, and only wears it because her mother insists on it. She daydreams about where some items came from, such as the tulip bulbs from Holland, tea from China, and cotton from India. Father pats Felicity's pocket and says not to give the ginger to a horse as it's meant for a cake with supper, and then tells her to hurry along to help bake the cake.
Mother laughs and says that Felicity thinks her stays are always too tight, but that they might be too tight so offers her to come over to have them loosened some.
Felicity doesn't mind, instead focusing on being outdoors and small signs of the cooler fall weather approaching. Ben hands over the harness and bit, saying that Jiggy Nye didn't buy the items and he can't control his horse. Her mother tell her that she certainly cannot as it's storming and she would be soaked through. William drags a stick through the mud and drop stones in puddles, while Nan takes tiny ladylike steps around the puddles; Felicity is forced to wait on them.
Felicity says she loves Penny and asks if she is ready, then climbs on her back—she is wearing her coral necklace for luck and her favorite gown.
Penny runs round the pasture and then towards the broken part of the fence, and Felicity sees the fence is now fixed.
So which lucky actor has been tapped to join one of the coolest families in TV history?The Glades' Uriah Shelton will appear in the series' upcoming holiday episode as teenage "Uncle Joshua," Cory's laid back and effortlessly cool little bro. She lines them up on the parlor windowsill and gathers the attention of her imaginary audience. He usually acted in Vaudeville shows across the country, but sometimes he was out of work and needed to borrow money from Papa. When Bubbie asked him what he was putting on the clean floor, he looked around nervously and says it was lion powder.
Papa took the tin charity box from the kitchen shelf and put his loose change in it, just as he always did every Friday night.
Rebecca looked at her food and felt ashamed, thinking she couldn't be buying candlesticks when her cousin was starving. She proudly tells him she was helping with her Father's store, but Leo sniffs that Rebecca was nothing but a street sweeper. Despite Leo's fuss, Papa kept a smile on his face and mentions he had a special pair of shoes he'd been saving. He tells Rebecca her heart tells her the right thing to do, but assumes she already knew that. He pinches Rebecca's cheek and says she felt more like a rosy peach than tea, but Rebecca couldn't smile. Max refuses to take it back, saying it was payment for all the money Papa loaned to him before. She states that if people paid to have doilies, she had a trunk full of ones she didn't us. She thinks her father's store is the finest in the colonies and that the king himself couldn't have a better store. Felicity asks if she must go home; she finds baking less interesting than working in the store. Fitchett in and Father greets her, saying he has not seen her since the start of the summer. Fitchett goes on about Jiggy Nye, saying that he probably worked his last horse to death and that he is cold-hearted and not to be trusted and that Ben should get payment. Felicity is supposed to be leading Ben along but his strides are longer than hers and she must trot to keep up; she finally lifts her petticoats and takes longer strides. Nan points out a fine hat in the milliner's window and asks to go look at it and Felicity tells her no as they don't have time to waste.
Jiggy says that the horse isn't her business; she's vicious, she knocked the fence down trying to get out the pasture, and so she was tied up. Nye called the horse a nag, that anyone who take her if they can ride her, and that he'd skin the children alive if they came back. She's sure Penny can't jump it, but Penny leaps over it smoothly and Felicity falls off just as she's halfway over and into the pasture. To compete on a playground in an elementary school, what they need to know, what they feel they need to know has to be addressed, it has to be written to. Rebecca always wondered what an actor was like offstage, so she made sure the table was set as perfectly as possible. When the box filled up, he would take it to the Synagogue and donate the money to help new immigrants. He lightly touches Bubbie's pin as he comments he had fond memories of Russia regardless, like his mother telling him the story of Clever Karina. Max asks Papa if he heard from his brother Jacob in Russia, commenting how Russia was starting to draft boys as young as twelve for the war.
Papa scolds her for not looking out for wagons or automobiles, but Rebecca only grins and asks if she could unlock the front door. Angry at Leo, she tells him sweeping the sidewalk was very important and if he knew how to work hard, he wouldn't have to wear the dunce cap at school. He then hesitates, saying the shoes weren't just for ordinary boys, and Leo asks what was so special about them.
Papa took off the little boy's shoes and Rebecca notices the soles were worn all the way through. But Rebecca really did want to be a performer, and she didn't see anything wrong with putting on a show to earn money. The lad would offer some money to change her mind and Rebecca would murmur she couldn't since Papa might be angry. He adds it would also pay for all the dinners he would join in now that he lived in the city as he winked at Mama.
Mother says that Felicity's stays would stop pinching if she sat up straight and that if she moved more gracefully she would not be uncomfortable in them.
Her mother points out—with tiredness in her voice—that the apron Felicity has recently worked on has been done poorly; Mother will need to rip out the hem again. Mother tells Nan to hush and that she shouldn't repeat those things before turning to Felicity with a serious look. Felicity leaves a small apple for her near the stake and runs all the way home before sunrise.
No one knows though, and Felicity keeps going out to see Penny every morning and keeps her secret. They continue to jump over higher and higher things and Felicity does not fall off any more as she learns that Penny tenses her neck just before jumping. As the sun rises, Felicity rides down the main street and the few awake stare at her—the Merriman girl is astride a lovely horse riding through town. Father says that she's not wrong, as it's never wrong to earn something that is loved—only wrong not to try.
She had the Mama doll tell the Rebecca doll that since she was so grown up, she could light the candles tonight. Bubbie calls out Sadie's and Sophie's names as she pulled out the hallah bread from the oven.
Sadie says there weren't any lions around and Moyshe announces that's how well the powder works. Grandpa adds some change to the box, saying how they should always help those less fortunate. Then as the whole family gave thanks for their food, Rebecca spoke loudly as to show that she didn't make mistakes. Rebecca argues that they always left her out, and Sadie reminds her that they were in high school.
He tells the children they needed more money than their pennies, and they were better off keeping them.
Rebecca adds up the numbers in her head and is shocked that Papa would need $175.[2] She wonders how he would ever get the money. She notices the twins arguing in the parlor about how many embroidered napkins they needed for the wedding chests.
The woman comments that one would think her son would have plenty of shoes since his father worked in a shoe factory.
Victor was out playing stick ball, Mama had gone out and as Rebecca put away the candlesticks, she decides she didn't' want to stay inside. She begun to sing her favorite song 'Take Me out to the ball Game', but no passersby stopped.
As Rebecca put away her savings into the trunk, she looked at all the linens and doilies she was supposed to save until she was grown up.
That would usually get the lady to pay a little bit more while whispering it would be their secret.
Rebecca thought about how much courage Ana would need to escape Russia and if she wanted to help her, she would have to show some courage, too. She replies quietly that she wanted to buy candlesticks so she could light the candles on Shabbos as well. Grandpa pats Bubbie's arm, mentioned she didn't need a trousseau if she was already married. Father says that sometimes Felicity forgets and sometimes she is impatient; despite this, he likes her nose.
After fixing Felicity's cap, she asks to see her paper so she can see her handwriting practice.
Ben questions her and Felicity repeats herself, stating that gowns and petticoats are bothersome since she is forever stepping on the hems and tripping unless she takes small ladylike steps. While there is frantic anger in the horse's eyes, there is spirit, not viciousness—much like the burrs and mud hide a fine coat.
She says that there should be twenty stitches to the inch and in a straight line, and that Nan sews much more carefully at her young age. She then calls to Penny and says she has something for her before tossing a sugar lump close to Penny's nose. Felicity, frightened but angry, tells Jiggy that he's scaring Penny and has no right to treat her badly. She tells Felicity that she's not to go back to the tannery as it's not a place for children. When Felicity comes to breakfast, Mother points out that her petticoats are wet and muddy and that Felicity's stockings are probably wet right up to her garters, then asks what she was doing.
This keeps her happy all through the day, and Penny becomes more and more friendly towards her. One morning Penny jumps over the broken fence and they ride further than ever into the woods. Merriman tells him to dust off his old wool ones for church, and Felicity smiles at Ben; he is a true friend. Father asks if this is the horse from the tannery, what Felicity is doing with it, if Jiggy Nye even knows she has it, and why she has it. Felicity clings on, saying that he said that anyone could keep her who could ride her, and Jiggy denies it. Felicity put work behind her hope, and Father can only be proud of her for Penny jumps the fence.
Then the two dolls representing her older sisters squawk that Rebecca wasn't old enough and Rebecca has them push the Rebecca doll around. Benny heaved a sigh of relief and the twins shake their heads, but Rebecca bursts out laughing. When he held the box out to Max, he had already stepped out to the parlor and started tickling Benny. Papa declares that Rebecca would have time for movies when she was older as he believed these new moving pictures aren't meant for children.
Rebecca could hardly breathe after hearing the compliment along with her family's clapping.
He reads the letter, which explained how Jacob lost his job due to being a Jew, and how his life was becoming more dangerous. Bubbie says they needed to make various items like napkins and pillow cases so they would have enough for when they start on their families. As she heard Sadie and Sophie recite their lines, Rebecca is reminded of her performance of the fairy tale with Max. She knew she wouldn't be able to use all the linens in her entire life, but they give her another idea. They would make the exchange and when Papa came back from the back room, the lady would put her finger to her lips and Rebecca would smile in return. Papa says that he hasn't heard anymore news about Ana and while he has been saving money, they sill needed a great deal more.
Rebecca thought he was a grouch and wonders why he was so annoyed about chalk on a sidewalk that he didn't even own.
She begins to tell Papa when Max mentions he didn't just come around to sponge a dinner from them. Felicity thinks that Ben, being quiet and shy, is easy to forget; since his arrival a month ago, her father has not needed Felicity's help.
She doesn't dislike him because of his drinking but because he kills cows and horses and turns the hides into leather.
She feels she can't get anywhere in them and that in breeches she could do more things such as straddle horses, leap fences, and run. Felicity runs to the pasture gate and sees Jiggy Nye trying to back a horse into the shafts of a work cart. Jiggy flails and screams at Felicity that she's spooked the horse, calling her a bothersome chit of a girl. Nan asks where she got the sugar and Felicity tells her to hush, not turning away from Penny.
Nan says that he was going to hit the horse and Father mutters that Jiggy Nye is a villain of the worse sort.
Felicity takes an apple to Penny every day and one morning after a few weeks Penny takes the apple from her hand.
When they get back into the pasture, Felicity hurriedly ties Penny to the stake and runs back home quickly, as the sky is turning pink.
Felicity explains she wanted the family to see her and that she was never vicious, only mistreated; Felicity has earned her trust after a long time.
The doll representing Papa said that Rebecca knew the Hebrew blessings perfectly, and she was old enough to light the candles. Bubbie instructs them to check if the hallah is done and Sophie complains that the loaves were hot. He smiles and winks at Rebecca as he states that if one can make an audience laugh, they would love the show. Max states he was auditioning for a movie studio that week and jokes that maybe he should bring Rebecca along. He was afraid to let his sons out of the house in fear they would be snatched up by the soldiers and forced into the army Food was scarce and with Ana sick from hunger, she may not survive another winter in Russia.
She counts 27 cents and wonders if she should give it all to Papa, but she then remembers Papa telling them they should keep their allowance as pennies wouldn't help.
Sadie grumbles that nobody made a trousseau and they didn't need a trunk full of handmade linens to get married. She begins to dust the shoes while singing Take Me Out to the Ball Gamewhen Papa jokes if the ball game was over, Rebecca could sweep the sidewalk.

Rebecca was angry at Leo but she didn't want Papa to lose a customer, so she put her anger into sweeping. The twins look up from their book and Sadie laughs that Rebecca wasn't ready for the stage, but the hat suited her. Papa assures her he would send Uncle Jacob the tickets as soon as possible, but Rebecca felt uncertain. He explains he saw in a newsreel that fewer ships were leaving Europe due to the war and there was no time to spare if they wanted to help Uncle Jacob and his family. Max then asks if it was true there were people in the family who never saw a moving picture. Felicity sighs, knowing that she should go home to do work; there is mending waiting for her there. She says she has grown tall and pretty with hair as bright as marigolds, and that she will surely have lads flocking around her. Mother points out that the lettering was fine until the letter H, and the rest of the letters are sloppy and followed by horse sketches. Ben does not answer but shifts his sack of oats to the other shoulder and Felicity can now see his face. The horse is panickedly rearing up and fighting Jiggy while he is pulling on a rope around her neck.
Felicity repeats herself, saying that she is going to the call the horse that as she is the color of a penny.
Mother pats her hands and hands back the apron, telling her she will have to be slower with her hands. When they leave and head towards the tannery, Nan says that she wants to go home and won't go any further.
She is about the tell Nan not to say anything when they get back home when Jiggy Nye's voice startles her.
Her mother says that she's probably digging around the pumpkins she planted and that they aren't going to grow any faster, then tells her to sit down and eat. She Ben catches Felicity with his breeches changes back into her own clothes and is rolling up the breeches to hide them when she hears someone behind her—Ben. Mother asks how long she's been going to her and Felicity says about five weeks, every morning; this causes Mother to sink onto the stairs. Felicity waits, sitting on the ground, to make sure Penny isn't coming back; Penny's freedom is all that matters to her. Before Rebecca could make her brother dolls talk, Mama called Rebecca over to set the table. Sadie isn't as timid, rapping her fingers against the crust to hear a hollow sound, indicating the bread was done.
Rebecca never thought that Mama's cousin would be this exciting and notes that he even looks interesting. Victor turns to Benny and asks if he wanted to catch baseballs for him tomorrow and Benny wiggles with excitement. Bubbie rolls her eyes and says not to give her crazy ideas while Grandpa bursts out that acting was a no-good life for a young lady. Rebecca notices her nesting dolls strewn over the trunk and she puts each doll back inside, leaving out the Beckie doll. Bubbie goes into the kitchen and gives Rebecca her calico bag she used for her crocheting, commenting she forgot it from last time.
Papa gives her a stained canvas apron and worn weather boots to protect Rebecca's outfit, much to her displeasure.
As Rebecca crocheted, she noticed the boy look at her and she winks at him, sending him into giggles.
Berg gave her and wondered if she should bring more doilies with her next week in case she came back.
Rebecca puts on Mama's straw hat and a black wool scarf as she announced she was going outside. If Papa would let her work in the sore for a few more Saturdays, she would earn all the money she needed. Rebecca told herself that she wasn't offering to sell her work, and she didn't even bargain.
Papa snaps that he was doing the best he could and Max adds he really did to come to help as he pulled out his wallet.
She shares that she was impatient once, and she thought she would never get old enough to light the candles. She asks Felicity if she is ready for that and if she is working on her sampler to show her sewing skills. Merriman tells her not to worry about the horse as it is most likely strong and healthy and Mr. She says that Felicity must learn to finish what she starts and if she thought as much about her writing as she did on horses, she'd have a fine hand.
Felicity goes on about how it is tiresome to be a girl and that she is told the same things over and over such as not talking too loud, walking too fast, fidgeting, and being impatient. She asks Ben if it is a good name and he agrees, saying that she is also independent minded as well. Felicity says they can't let this happen and they have to help her, suggesting they buy the horse. Felicity thinks to herself that she needs breeches to run in and wonders where to get them. Father says that no one is trying to steal the horse and that Felicity misunderstood as a child and apologizes for her.
Mama tells Moyshe to come in and close the door, but he states his name was now Max Shepard as an American actor needed an American name.
Rebecca thinks how the twins had each other and Victor and Benny were best friends while she was always left out, even on Friday nights.
As she goes back to bed, she asks the doll if she was selfish for wanting the candlesticks.
Berg asks to see the shoes, stating she was willing to pay any price for them if it meant Leo would finally get some shoes. Berg took a closer look at her doily and says one couldn't buy such a fine doily for love or money. Papa returned with a polished pair of shoes as he says he fixed them up so they hardly look like the same pair. Before she could run off, Benny asks to come along and Papa orders her to take him with her.
A few people had paused to watch and as Rebecca ended the song, she noticed a man putting a penny into the cap. In a few weeks, she would be able to light the candles with her sister and everyone, including Bubbie, would be proud of her.
She discovered that people would offer more money if she simply said the item wasn't for sale. While Rebecca still wanted to light the candles, the thought of buying candlesticks had lost it's glow.
He explains that the audition he mentioned last time worked out, and now he was Max the movie star. Max explains this was his last weekend working as an usher at the Strand matinee and if they came over tomorrow, he could get the family in for free. He asks Rebecca if she was interested in arranging the display case and Rebecca exclaims she knew she could.
She would rather stay at the store, but as her father has already turned back to his work, she resigns herself to going home. Felicity can tell from her father's face that Penny is in danger, and makes up her mind to go back to the tannery and see Penny as soon as possible. Mother says she must be slow and steady, as things are done faster when done right and that haste makes waste. He shakes his fist as Penny runs to the far end of the pasture, calling her a worthless nag and that he'd give her to anyone who could ride her. Mother says they can't as they have two horses already—Old Bess for Father and Blossom to pull carts. She finds her answer in the mending pile, where Ben has left a pair of thin black cotton breeches.
Ben asks what she has in a cold voice and comes forward, discovering they are his best Sunday breeches. Father says that Penny is fine and gentle, but that she's not Felicity's to ride and she needs to take her back to the tannery and apologize to Jiggy Nye, and not ride her again unless he allows it. Bubbie grumbles that Americans were always changing their name, but Max shifts his attention to Rebecca.
Rebecca asks if she could light the candles, adding she knew the prayer by heart, but Sadie states that it was for the women in the family. She recalls how her friend Rose got her own candlesticks and could lit the candles besides her mother every Sabbath. Rebecca's shoulder's slumped, wondering why her Papa didn't think she should become an actress despite Max saying she had the talent. Bubbie says that crocheting was considered work on Shabbos, but Rebecca adds she was already working at the store.
Recalling Max's advice about making the audience laugh, she started to sprinkle the sidewalk with imaginary powder. Recalling Papa's words about Mitzvah and following her heart, she realizes she had to think of Ana and give Papa her money so he could buy the ship tickets sooner. Max stood up and said in a stage voice that in true Russian tradition, the youngest daughter solved the family's riddle. He kisses Felicity on the forehead and tells her to run alone home lest her mother worry where she and the ginger have gotten to. Felicity asks if she can accompany Ben on his delivery and her mother allows it as it is no use keeping Felicity indoors when her mind is already outside. Felicity repeats her and she and Mother smile at each other as Felicity is told this at least once every day. Felicity gets an idea and tells Nan that there are lots of flowers and she can pick them to make her hat like the one she saw. He then turns to Felicity tells her to take her and the brats out of here and that he'll skin them alive if he sees them again before storming off. Felicity says that Bess is so slow that it's faster to walk and Mother tells her that it wouldn't do Felicity any harm to go slower in everything she does. He only wears them to church sometimes and so Felicity thinks they won't be missed if she borrows them. One morning Felicity offers the apple but before she takes it, she pauses and whinnies worriedly. He takes them from Felicity, noticing they are covered in mud and wet, and then says they smell like horse. Felicity says that she wants to keep her and that Jiggy said that whoever could ride her could have her. Father says the only crime is the way he's treating Penny, that he doesn't deserve the horse, and offers to buy her.
He comments how she grew into a young lady since the last time he saw her and Rebecca beams. Sadie says Rebecca should take the pattern book, but Rebecca says she already knew the patterns by heart. Rebecca looked at the shoes and remarked they didn't look like the same pair, but Papa's stern look silenced her. She begins to put the coins away with the rest of her savings when Benny complains he wanted some money too. Rebecca was about to make her offer when she realized Papa would ask where she got the money. Bubbie and Grandpa exchanged nervous glances, but Max assure them it was just a Charlie Chaplin comedy appropriate for the whole family.
Papa comments that this was what the secret deals in the store was about and Rebecca blinked in astonishment.
Bubbie approached Rebecca and put her pin onto her dress, asking her to keep it to remember she was their own Clever Karina. Fitchett is surprised, saying that her two daughters had finished their samplers by her age. Felicity thanks her mother and flies out the door; her mother calls for her to take her hat but Felicity is already halfway to the well. The two walk in silence for a moment before Felicity asks him if he is happy here in Williamsburg. The horse looks poorly taken care of, but Felicity can see that the horse is beautiful underneath this. The next morning Felicity sneaks out again before dawn and stops by the stable, where she has hidden the breeches under an old bucket.
Jiggy says he will never sell to the Merrimans, that the horse will always be his, that he'll treat it how he wants, and then demands Felicity be taken off Penny or he'll rip her off.
Visitors usually fussed over Sadie and Sophie first because they were twins, leaving Rebecca to feel left out. Mama firmly says the twins would light the candles as they were fourteen, and Max jokes they should get a matchmaker if they weren't married yet. When the woman asked the cost, Papa explains she didn't need to pay for a small fix-up job. An elderly man comments to Papa that he had a fine helper and maybe one day the store would be called 'Rubin and Daughter'.
He nudges Rebecca as he mentions there was also a Perils of Pauline episode, but Rebecca didn't feel happy.
She asks if he was angry and Papa shrugs that if his daughter was a successful American business woman, what could a father do but sit back and watch? She goes on that he must miss his friends and family in Yorktown, and that she would never let those she love leave her because she would be too lonely and miserable. She pulls them over her shift and ties them on with a rope; Ben is tall and skinny, so the breeches go down to her ankles.
Ben speaks up saying that Jiggy Nye is starving and beating the horse, and Father says this is true but it's still his horse.
Felicity begs for her father not to let him take Penny, and Father says that the horse isn't hers and she has to let Jiggy take her. Ben says that Penny will go vicious again with Jiggy Nye and that he'll beat her and starve her; Felicity finishes by saying he'll kill her. Max turned to Benny and comments that he wasn't even born the last time he was over, yet he was old enough to grow buttons. Rebecca pokes the dolls on the windowsill and mutters how she never gets to light the candles, but Bubbie instructs her to help serve the soup.
She could preform besides the twins, and then everyone would see she was old enough to preform the ceremony and go to the movies.
She gives him a grateful smile and the two leave the store, the boy hopping down the street.
Mama laughs, saying that Rebecca wouldn't have to worry as he would never marry her without a trousseau. Ben turns to leave but Felicity backs away watching the horse run back and forth inside the fence. She thinks Penny has done good and that she shouldn't let Jiggy Nye scare her since Felicity won't be scared either. She runs to the tannery, thinking that her legs are much freer and for once she can run as fast as she wants. Felicity explains that she has been going to see Penny at the tannery, and gushes about how fine she is to ride—much to Ben's surprise. As Rebecca raced down the stairs, she wondered that if she was old enough to prepare for her wedding chest, why wasn't she old enough to light the candles or go to the movies? She gives him two more coins, deciding this was better than having Bubbie come in to settle it.
Fitchett says that she is high spirited and that she will find patience when she decides, most likely when a fellow she fancies comes along. Ben shakes his head, saying that he's not sure if Felicity is brave or foolish as he is afraid the horse would throw anyone.
Berg calls Rebecca a sweet child as she puts the doily in her bag, adding she would love to display it in her home. She doesn't move as Jiggy leaves a bucket of water and says that he won't give Penny any oats until she lets him ride and she can starve to death.
Jiggy ropes Penny's neck tight, then yells at Felicity that if he sees her near the horse again he'll kill it. Benny started to laugh, but he went along with the routine and said the only lions were toe carved ones, getting a chuckle from the audience. The case was filled with some shoe repair items and Rebecca think show it would be prettier to display and sell the doilies there. Merriman says that she's more interested in horses and would rather go riding than to a ball, asking Felicity if this is true.
Ben asks how long she has been going out, and Felicity says since the rain stopped—a month. He then pretended to whisper that sneaking out to play baseball was a lot more fun that studying Hebrew, making Victor grin. Rebecca delivers the punchline and the audience laugh, Benny holding his hat to collect the change.
At first she stays outside the pasture, but progresses to sitting on the top rail close (but not too close) to where Penny is tied up. Ben is quiet for a while, then says that Felicity can't keep doing this as Jiggy will find her and the horse belongs to him. As the days get colder, she starts being able to spend more time with Penny before sunrise. Felicity says that she heard him say that he'd give Penny to whomever could ride her, so she'll have her. Ben, realizing what Felicity is saying says that if she lets her loose she won't see her again and that letting her go is stealing, punishable by hanging. Fitchett is reminded that she has come to have oats delivered and asks if Marcus can deliver them. Felicity—who won't sit still to sew—sits silently next to Penny without moving many mornings, and considers it peaceful as she observes Penny. Ben says that Felicity sets her heart on things too much as Jiggy Nye will not let her keep the horse—but he also thought no one would be able to ride her.
Penny follows at rope's length for a week, but then follows closer and even starts pushing at her playfully. Felicity asserts that she will get Penny away from Jiggy Nye, and Ben said it must be soon; Felicity says she can't rush things, and asks Ben if he wants his breeches back. Merriman says that he can have Ben do it as he is going to deliver a bit and harness to Jiggy Nye as well.
She also lets Felicity stroke her neck and nose, and Felicity whispers to Penny that she loves her and won't rush her into anything. Ben says not the way they smell, and that Felicity can keep them as long as she likes and he will keep her secret.
Felicity starts to think that Penny is looking forward to their mornings together and that Felicity is kind and patient and won't hurt her.
Not wanting Papa to see the money and possibly tell her to return it she put it in her bag.

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