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Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. So, if you are currently pondering on why you should travel, we will be giving you 10 big reasons to make you pack your suitcase and get your plane tickets this instant. While others are thinking that travel will only make them feel relaxed and would give them a great dose of fun, they are wrong. Exposing yourself to a new environment and doing a different routine will help you to open your mind. If you travel with your family and friends, you will be able to establish better relationships with them.
While at home, you are occupied doing so many tasks that you no longer have time for yourself.
Well, if you think travelling is merely spending money and taking a break from the regular things you do, you are definitely wrong!
Osmiva is a site created for avid travelers who wishes to see the world and experience its beauty and uniqueness. We sometimes feel the need to meet somebody new, snap out from our routine and find new friends to hang out with. It might sound hard to do at first, but there are plenty of people out there just like you, and if you search in the right place, you might be surprised of who you might find to share the same hobbies with. Whether it’s dancing, painting or origami, search for a class of something you would really like to improve or start doing. A party that didn’t sound too attractive to you at first might end up to be another good place to scout for new friends. Meet thousands of players worldwide and meet new friends in a safe, exciting virtual world! Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products.
Well, that would surely entail some expenses but after your trip you will surely realize that it is all worth it! Yes, you can have fun while you are in your own place but there is more joy when you are in a different environment and when you see so many new beautiful things around you.
Some may have lost a loved one, some may have broken relationships, some could have experienced a sad plight in business, some could have a serious illness and many others. Positive things you learn from challenging and enjoyable activities could make good memories that you can treasure for a lifetime. Doing fun things together to create new experiences will surely make good memories together.

But when you travel, you could have an open mind and you will be able to see that you can do more than what you think you can. One of his goal in life is to travel around the world and eventually become a self proclaimed Travel Guru. Go jogging and race other joggers, or tag-along a group who’s playing basketball in the park. If you are a dog lover then this might be the best way to make a friend for life that will help you make new friends as well. You will also have time to rest and sleep for longer hours since you would wake up not because of the alarm clock but because of your body clock. You will have new insights; new view of life and you will even have an expanded perspective about yourself and the people around you. When you leave your home because you feel a thorn inside your heart, it is a good way to slowly remove that thorn.
And we know that travel lovers out there would be grinning right know since you already have 10 big reasons why you take trips once in a while!
Whether it’s independent one-player sports or team sports, you either find competition to make friends with, or team mates to get to know better. Have a better health state when you get back home and be totally invigorated to go back to your daily activities again.
With ample time to free your mind from all the work and regular activities you do in your place, you could recharge and be totally invigorated when you get back home. The mere sight of the environment would make you learn a lot about the place you have been. Pain is something that does not merely occur in the heart but it resides more in the brain. Some even create their own scrapbooks or blogs to show their experiences and to take a glimpse of those fun memories every now and then. Also, you will be able to see an entirely bigger picture of living with people in different lifestyles. Meeting new people while travelling can also help you gain self-esteem and you will see that you are better than other people in some aspects. But when you travel, you will do a different routine, change habits, meet new people, set a different mood and achieve challenging activities that you don’t usually do. Travel is a good chance to disconnect from your regular life and to create a distance from family and friends which can also make you realize how valuable these people are. This will keep your mind busy and eventually, you will forget about all the pain you went through.

For almost any bar, night club, or restaurant you are likely to find at least 50 different reviews.
But, the real genius in Yelp is the fact it managed to bring relationships that only existed online into the real world and result in many new friendships. Once a month they throw a great party for their members and drinks are free at their events. Whatever your hobby is, there is probably a meetup group for it and you can find other like minded people.
Some groups are not active, but many are and can be a great way to grow your social network. The best way to find out which groups are actually active is to look at the frequency of events and check the attendance at each of the events.3. One of my classmates joined a beach volleyball league for 80 dollars for the entire summer and as a result has made a ton of new friends.
If you have attended undergrad and graduate school at two different colleges, then you’ve got a huge amount of possible events at your disposable.
One of my friends volunteers as a mentor in his Armenian community, and as a result he has met alot of other mentors and made some new friends. Take a class: Community colleges and other places have many classes that are inexpensive and offer a great way to interact with other people. When I lived in San Francisco, I took a standup comedy class and I took an improv acting class. While you might not form the greatest bonds in the world talking to strangers, it gets you really comfortable with being social. The guy who started Digital LA had a day job but, by starting this organization has probably met several hundred, if not several thousand new people in Los Angeles.9. But, one of the things I have been thinking about doing is inviting all the people I’ve met over the summer to the same bar on the same night. Online Dating Sites: If you are looking to meet someone in a romantic capacity, online dating sites can be a great way to open up your options.

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