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033402After weeks, months, and years of slaving over a blank page, you finally completed the one book to rule them all. Before you can properly persuade potential patrons to purchase your book, you must thoroughly understand who your readers are. It’s not necessary to get to know the nitty gritty about specific individuals who you want to buy your book.
The best way to determine and understand your target market is to create a profile of your ideal reader. The more traits you can brainstorm and uncover about your ideal customer, the easier it will be to use the following psychological tactics to get them to purchase your book. Knowing your target audience will help you determine what emotions are driving their purchases.
For example, a person may say he or she wants to lose weight for health reasons, but what the individual really wants is to feel desirable or to stop being teased by others because of excess weight. As noted before, people buy with their emotions first, but they justify their decisions by rationalizing the purchase.
As much as people talk about individuality, humans are social animals and take cues from the people in their social circles more often than they probably would admit. While you want the book reviews to be positive, don’t sweat it if you get the occasional negative review.
Another psychosocial trick you can use is to align your book with something positive the person is already aware of. Book marketing is challenging, but with some ingenuity and persistence, you can drive books sales to achieve the level of success you desire. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Devi TaylorDevi Taylor is a content creator who loves producing high-quality articles and blog posts on a variety of subjects including Internet marketing, blogging, business development, and many others. I think when you’re selling your book, you may think you know exactly who you want your readers to be, but your audience can wind up being something entirely different.
That is true that might not be best idea for author because some people could read the book then return it for their money back. Aside from being able to move objects with your mind and having a retractable sword made out of freaking light (how cool is that??), the best thing about being a Jedi has got to be the mind trick. With nothing more than confidence, an activist adept at the Jedi mind trick can make a security guard look the other way, or convince thousands of people, including a BBC news anchor, that he is a Dow Chemical Company spokesperson, or that it’s perfectly normal to wear a climbing helmet in the middle of a convention center and start climbing the scaffolding.

Samantha Corbin is actions director for The Other 98% and national coordinator of the US Uncut network, as well as a non-violent direct action trainer with The Ruckus Society and a founding member of the New York Action Network. Super-charge your organizing with hands-on trainings from our dynamic corps of Beautiful Trouble trainers. 3 questions your friends will always get wrongI have picked these 3 funny brain teasers because I am sure that no-one would get them right when asked spontaneously. Before you can bathe in the accolades of having written such a masterpiece, you must first get people to buy it. Using psychological techniques requires knowing what motivates your readers, their goals and fears, their likes and dislikes, and other factors that influence their buying decisions. For example, if you’re selling a book about losing weight, your target market are those people who want to shed a few pounds and are looking for a way to achieve that goal.
If that were the case, luxury homes and vehicles probably would not exist, since it’s more logical to purchase a reliable affordable vehicle with good gas mileage than it is to lay down $200,000 for a Lamborghini.
The trick then is to design your sales copy and book blurb to hit those pain or pleasure points and position your book as something that can help them fulfill their unspoken needs. If you position your book as a tool to help them achieve these emotional objectives, the person is more likely to give your book a chance.
A person may fall in love with your book, but if the individual can’t justify spending money on it, then he or she is not going to buy it.
When someone is uncertain about a matter, most of the time, the person looks to his or her peers for clues about what to do.
The reader doesn’t know anything about your book, so the person will naturally seek out the opinions of others to get a sense of whether or not to make the purchase and act according to the type of feedback provided. Not only can a bad review make your other reviews seem more legit, negative feedback can stoke a sort of perverse curiosity in the reader.
For instance, if you write fiction, you could associate your book with another writer the person may already read (e.g.
As a consumer I respect when companies offer the money back guarantee and buy knowing that if it is not for me I can return it. People face many types of problems in starting an exercise schedule and keeping it continued. The ability to persuade with a calm voice and a finger wave, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” could prove indispensable in any number of beautiful trouble-making situations.

It springs from an innate authority, an irrational confidence that mystically bends the world to your will. The ability to transgress, trespass, or otherwise do what you shouldn’t with complete self-assurance, especially if challenged, carries its own power.
The Jedi mind trick wears off quickly, and tends to leave the unsuspecting dupe it was used on angry and embarrassed. Did you know that you can jump into our experimental visualization interface right from this point? Purchase a gift copy of the book and we'll donate it to a deserving revolutionary on a tight budget.
Whether you have signed on with a commercial publisher or decided to go the self-publishing route, marketing your book to potential buyers is an essential part of the publishing process. I know with my shop on Etsy, when writing the product descriptions, I like to try and tap into the customer’s emotions. Some people feel lazy in moving the body while some just can’t endure the sweat and strain.
Though this may not work on your bill collector (“I’m not the deadbeat you’re looking for”), it may work in convincing the mainstream media to cover your event or the police to leave you alone.
This taps into the psychological foundation already laid by other writers and marketers and makes it easier for you to sell the reader on your work by associating it with something the person already enjoys or has positive feelings about.
For me I think is really important to know your audience because you are not going to do marketing for a kid if the product if for an adult and vice versa. You might even pass unchallenged through the front gate of a nuclear power plant, or take charge of a closed-door meeting to which you weren’t invited. We constantly interact with, and respond to, coded indicators of status and authority, making assumptions based on attitude, manner, dress, accent, friendliness, sexiness, and other cues.
By understanding and playing on these indicators we can also co-opt the authority attached to them.
To avoid unnecessary backlash, tell the truth as much as possible and let other people fill in their own assumptions.

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