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Comments about these pages should be directed to: Mike Hill, RSCC Learning Center Director. MLA requires that the citation include both the volume and issue number even if page numbers are included. If two or more sources are by the same author, alphabetize by second author’s last name or title of work and put 3 hyphens in place of author’s name.
The court was allowed to hear the claims even though the employee filed them late(National Railroad? The absolutist form of government that was popular in the 17th Century was gradually replaced by limited monarchies (Reill and Wilson). Even though many of her supposed predictions have come true, Mother Shipton is, most likely, a mythical person (Lewis).
During the Holocaust, Anne was forced to hide with her family in secret rooms for over two years ("Who is Anne Frank"). According to Roman Law, children of divorce would be placed with the father if the mother was found to be at fault ("Divorce"). The blogger Elementaryhistoryteacher suggests conducting Google searches on website authors to help verify information found on the Internet. Many students who plagiarize are overachievers who will not accept anything less than perfect grades (Stephens).

The Minsk Ghetto in the Soviet Union housed about 80,000 Jews between 1941 and 1943 (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 56-57). Ballard, Green and Grander agree that mock aggression is typically a positive behavior (42).
The city of Vienna compromised by agreeing to build the shrine several feet from the site of the medieval synagogue (Perlez A8).
Use this format to cite articles or excerpts from collections of literary criticism and other multi-volume anthologies. According to Olderman, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a modern fable pitting a fabulous kind of good against a fabulous kind of evil?(267). Seligman (242) argues that the language in this comic book novel is even more effective than the illustrations. When the American justice system fails his family, Bonasera asks for Don Corleone’s help (The Godfather). The gang was formed in the 1990s and has since infiltrated the Maryland prison system ("Dead Man Inc.").
It is common for the "urban poor" to barter with neighbors for good and services ("Does it Cost More?). One of the main reasons that investors lost faith in Bear Stearns was because of its "large mortgage portfolio" (Kelly).

Many librarians are glad to see that the new MLA citation standards make it "so much easier for students to correctly cite online sources" (Dempsey). Seligman (242) argues that the language in this comic book novel is even more effective then the illustrations. The image of the librarian as a "little old lady with the bun, the shawl, the wire specs, and the pencils sticking out of her hair" (Manley 650) or a "fussy old woman of either sex, myopic and repressed, brandishing or perhaps cowering behind a date stamp" (Crowell 167) is totally inconsistent with the growing development and widespread use of electronic information retrieval technologies in modern libraries.
Locke Morrisey and Donald Case have demonstrated that the stereotype of the female librarian "is strongly pronounced among students of all ages" and that their perceptions are primarily shaped by "powerful" television, film, and print images (454).
A New York Times editorial called Ralph Ellison "a writer of universal reach" ("Death" A18). Or, if you mention the author's name in your text, simply provide the page number (MLA 6.3).

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