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Spike - Vocals Jake - Guitar Fat Mike - Bass (????NOFX?????)Joey - Guitar Dave - Drums  Influences John Denver, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Billy Joel, and George Gershwin.
I'm going to be working ridiculously long hours at some uni exhibitions tomorrow and Thursday so I need to have something to look forward to when I come home.This is where you come in. Antonio Banderas, as sickeningly gorgeous as ever.All I know is that they're called Kyle and Joseph, apparently.
I would spam you with the 80 kabillion photos of him I've saved in the past three days, but I have none of them uploaded. So much so that every time I see him I want to touch him inappropriately squish his little face.But! I don't know why, but my reaction is "must molest, molest now please".There is also Sendhil Ramamurthy:And since girls are okay too (as I am more inclined)Storm Large!

Drawn together by a mutual love of 1960s and 1970s music, the Gimme Gimmes work exclusively as a cover band. Just to further bring the pretty, here he is in a compromising position with Marina Poroshina.
They have covered songs from such artists as Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, and John Denver.
I want photos of awesomely hot boys and girls, alone or together or in groups, I don't care.ssstevie did something similar the other day, and these are the people I showed her. Hell no!The talented and guh-worthy John Simm, here as Sam Tyler in Life on MarsGabe Saporta. Because this picture is awesome and features borderline inappropriate ear!fondling and arm!groping.

He's on the top of my Christmas list.Sweaty or not sweaty, I can work with either, okay?And the sugar at the bottom of the coffee mug! He's like 10 years younger than me, but he's seduced me with his eyes and his hips and his effing smile. And finally (because I will probably never be able to spam anyone without including him) Sam Troughton and his Look of Fear. Jesus, DAVID.My roommate and I do this thing, where we always have one female we would make out with given the opportunity and right now, it's Jessica Alba for me, but in the beginning, there was Charlize Theron.

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