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The messages are actually sent by an army of writers who write one snippet of the message at a time.
Minutes before our little breakfast date, I’d crafted Areal Hott Gurl to be my ideal fake girlfriend. But what of the inevitable errors and inconsistencies in the conversation that result from having one continuous conversation with a multitude of people pretending to be one person you know? Homann says that some early beta testers can get quite attached to their invisible partners. Which prompts the question: Should Invisible Boyfriend be thinking beyond the novelty factor?
Well besides the fact that they aren't a real girlfriend or boyfriend, they're not even one person." class="">The catch? She’s just a hired hand from Invisible Boyfriend, a service that, for $25 a month will text you (up to 100 times), leave you voicemails (up to 10 times), and even send you a postcard (just once) each month.

I invite my wife, ever patient with my dating experiments, to give input to how I craft the backstory of her imaginary competition. The service offers a pregenerated bit about meeting at a bar, being super into one another, and then exchanging numbers. But he keeps an Invisible Girlfriend on the side to test the service, and feels compelled to go beyond mere quality assurance. They’re a cacophony of single-line blurbs, as vapid and oddly fulfilling as text messaging itself.
So out of respect for my lovely boyfriend, I’m not gonna give you details on that one. Look, I knew my invisible girlfriend was fake, but I began picturing what must be going on here—thousands of people typing out text messages, many pretending to be another gender, in a strange symphony of digital escorts. Louis company named Crowdsource, which manages a frontend interface to Amazon’s mechanical turk.

Homann himself claims to have generated the idea following his divorce, when his mother asked him who he'd be bringing to Thanksgiving, and he needed a scapegoat to sidestep the awkwardness of not having a date. That means Invisible Boyfriend sends your texts to a sea of micro laborers, who pick up all sorts tiny tasks during the day.
I'm presented with a collection of women to choose from of varying hair color and ethnicity. And it’s, uh, made from the material of one of my old suits, so you can always have a part of me with you, wherever you are.

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