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I was just trying to sleep, unable to focus on anything appropriate and I was just thinking about how you should be treated. A young person does not have the emotional or mental capabilities or the experience to fight someone on this ground. I think what I'm trying to say, is value yourself, and who you are, and realize that you deserve someone who treats you correctly.
For someone who is not in a relationship, I've been dealing with a lot of emotional pain, and it's been stressing me the fuck out. I went to Gilmore Girls trivia this week with my mother and I remembered how horrible all of Rory's relationships were. One couple I'm close to both told me their problems and they spent the better part of two weeks crying and not talking to one another.
In a cute Mandy Moore is going to die at the end of A Walk To Remember way, one of them is hopelessly devoted. I’m not sure if I want to be friends with her and at this point I’m not sure if she wants me to be friends with her anymore.
Way back when in June, Sacajawea and I were supposed to run a 5k and by run a 5k, I do mean walk.
I spent a nice day out on the town (see the only instagram pictures I have with the twins) and Sacajawea said to me that we should hang out.
It was almost 11 weeks that our friendship had gone unsustained over the summer when she finally said that we should go to church. I thought our friendship was dead and if we didn't work together it would be for all intensive purposes.
They had some amateur drag before Pearl's show and that was a ratchet mess, but I loved it. He actually stood behind us for part of the show and Miss Sara Bellum pointed him out to me.
The only disappointing part of the night was that we didn't get to take a picture with Pearl.
The only thing I can imagine that's holding me back is that I don't feel like he does it on purpose. If you read last weeks Throwback Thursday article you would know that I told the parents, I was a raging homosexual. Everyone always talks about the actual coming out, but no one seems to tell you about the fall out. They have also already decreed how me and the nonexistent boyfriend will act if I bring him home. I'm just like how about we don't even sit in the same room as each other, and maybe we shouldn't breath when we're in each others presence.
When I first heard of a television show where a vigilante serial killer murdered the bad guys that the police weren’t able to catch, I admit that I was intrigued.
Then I had some more kids and sort of lost my mind and forgot about you, current love of my life for as long as you hold my interest or your show stays on the air.
But it was like The Fates, or as I like to call it, Twitter, brought us together again when I asked them casually one night if I should maybe watch your show. And I thought it was great, although I will admit to finding you more like a bumbling friend than a fuck-buddy. So, Dexter, my friend, we were platonic for months as I dated such television husbands as Vincent D’Onofrio, Anthony Bourdain and Dr.
And I was all, This is full of The Awesome, it was on sale for like a gazillion dollars off which made me moist AND high and I justified it by saying that Dave could give it to me for Christmas! Because nothing says, “I love you and like to murder and maim bad people like sprinkley holiday cupcakes! This is me, whistling “Joy to the Motherf*cking World” because we are in the presence of some HOLIDAY BITS PEOPLE! So to you, my new boyfriend, Dexter, I say this: steer clear of beef sticks and that fuck bag in Season 2 with the black hair because so help me GOD if she goes near you again I will kick her in the crotch.
I finished Dexter Season 3 and Weeds Season 4 at the same time and trust me, there is a HOLE in my life, dude.

I gotta tell you that at first I thought Dexter was a bumbler, but as he has killed more and more, he has become sexier and sexier.
The goal of this post is not as ambitious as that song, nor does it feature a slew of shirtless men (although it should). I think that might be surprising way to be a heartbreaker, but not letting someone walk over you is important. You always have to value and respect other people if you want to keep them in your life, but taking care of yourself always comes above someone else. If you bring up a problem and someone consistently invalidates how you feel or rejects how you feel drop them.
The wonderful, the gorgeous, other half of my twinship friendship got hit on by a drunk gay guy. At one point they settled on being “just friends”, but they'd fucked each other one too many times to do that.
And, no matter how “mature” a high schooler may be, you should never date one if your in college.
I was convinced something good would come along that I could poor my heart into and update you about my life. I was born in the nineties, but I was not breathing and living through the office revelation that was the fax machine.
It's the director of one of my programs and she's like do you want to watch this documentary with us? I had considered throwing on my jersey with the number 69 emblazoned on it, but I decided in my final moments not to. After I got out of class I was driving three hours to meet my favorite twins to go see a drag queen. I appreciate The Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man as a literary achievement, but that doesn't mean I like him.
You really haven't lived until you've seen a drag queen lipsync to “I Will Always Love You”. Knowing me I would have looked awkward as fuck and then I would have felt obligated to put it in this blog post. I told him I was insanely jealous of this person and he responded by telling me “but he's awesome”.
But I am also very cheap, so while I have basic cable, the premium channels, my love, well, I don’t have them. The cough syrup that Daver gets carded for every time he goes to the store to buy it for me.
But then I left it on the kitchen counter because how depressing is it to hide YOUR OWN Christmas presents in your room? Except for The Pioneer Woman, but she has a cookbook and I failed Home Ec, so there’s that. I mean, I know you kill people for a living, but cake batter is one of the true joys of this earth if you don’t like it Sweet Baby Jesus will cry. We got rid of our cable this year so I am having some withdrawals right about now knowing that season 4 has started and I can’t watch. I am itching to see Season 4 and man, OH MAN, what I wouldn’t give for some Showtime.
Then I disappear from the rest of the world for three days and marathon my way through the entire season. They make me want to believe that love is possible and you just have to find the right person. But, in a true sign of love and support, she has asked off Sunday's so we can work together.
Recently, someone said to me that they dress in a way “that respects their school.” It was very clear that the implication was that I'm the whore of Babylon who doesn't respect anything. And, the last time I'd driven on the freeway for an extended period of time, I was sixteen, and almost ran off the road.
I guess they're doing their best to be open about this, but I'm still looking at them side eyed.

Being a D-list blogger is ALMOST like being a vigilante serial killer except not at all, but let’s totally gloss over that, shall we?
Also, there’s a big fat warning label which means that if you take too much of it, it pretty much rots your brain. When we are married and you go off and kill people while I stay home and, uh, blog and sit on my butt offering up the illusion of doing things, I will occasionally do stuff that is so corny that it’s almost cute. Except for cook, and photoblog and really write anything of any value or, well, I could devote a blog to my many shortcomings, but that’s kind of depressing.
I have to wait until next September for it to come out on dvd – which is just horrible. And, the only redeeming quality about Logan besides his Pillsbury dough boy face was his extremely rich pocket book. It was actually so funny, because I was walking back from the zoo when I pass this line of cars.
Then, I threw on this cute eighties, Shannen Dohertyesque jacket on over it, put on my tightest skinny jeans, and my four and a half inch leopard print wedges (because why not) and sashayed out to school.
And, I'm actually regretting the fact that I didn't buy this cute black crop top and this floral printed top. During this process I casually ran into this really cute guy, who most certainly objectified me. I was suddenly whistling “Joy to the World” out of my butthole and it sounded like a choir of fucking angels! Then I will pepper it with swear words and gross imagery and it will almost make up for the fact that I did something normal. Dexter, I am sure that you would want to see me beat things because you like to murder people. The older individual will take advantage of the younger person no matter if they intend to do it or not. Or I reveal how much of a cold bitch I am and decry the need for any human attention like a good sociopath. He had on a tight pair of jeans and a crop top with “I Woke Up Like This” blazoned across it. At one point she threatened to throw her drink at this queen who was lip syncing to “Let It Go”.
They have also started to shift away from blaming themselves for my gayness to blaming pop culture.
The depression after I finish the season and know I have another year’s wait ahead of me is enough to make me devour a whole batch of Holiday Bits Cupcakes! They know how to hurt you better than anyone and they can be closer to you then a family member that’s known you your whole life. We got sushi, crab wontons, some not quite amazing beef skewer things, and this hella fancy french fries with like goat cheese on them or something. I started buying music Freshmen year of High School and that consisted of Sheryl Crow and Hilary Duff. Here are five fool-proof ways to kick someone out of your life without having to watch them turn into an emotional wreck. Enough time that I'd grown a few wrinkles and had to start lathering on the sunscreen before I turned into a Louis Vuitton bag. I got home and my parents asked me how the concert was and until that moment I had totally forgot that I told them I was seeing Walk The Moon instead of a drag queen at a gay bar. I shamelessly asked five people to help until my favorite English major was like I got you boo. Her final one was a mash up of Lily Allen's “Fuck You”, Big Sean's “I Don't Fuck With You”, and Cee Lo Green's “Fuck You”.

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