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I know his ex-wife was demanding and required a big rock and then she cheated on him less than a year into the marriage…I get that making another investment like that must bring up bad memories, but I also want to feel excited and secure knowing that he wants to marry me. Chivalry is a nice concept that descends from a time before women made their own money, but still. Man tells you after two great years together that you have to buy him a $5000 flatscreen TV. Ultimately, it’s about having this conversation with your boyfriend, and instead of trying to negotiate for a ring, attempting to understand and validate HIS feelings about why he’s not feeling it. Listen, Kelly, despite the role reversal, believe it or not, I’m sympathetic to your dilemma. So while it’s not “wrong” for you to want a diamond to wear that symbolizes your relationship, you have to look internally to figure out why you want it. By the way if he were writing me this letter – he tells me he’s worried that he has another golddigging wife on his hands – I would offer similar advice in reverse. I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. Maybe it would make more sense if traditionally women bought men expensive flat screen tvs as a symbol of their relationship crossing that milestone into marriage.
Also, anecdotal but I know a guy who courted many women, would quickly talk about marriage, but due to finances he couldn’t afford to buy the ring. Being barefoot and pregnant, staying home with the kids, and having sex with your husband whether you want to or not, by force if necessary, is also tradition, Karly.
I am curious… do you feel this way about all traditions, or just the ones you pick and choose to suit your own agenda?
I would love to update all of you on my escapades into non-traditional courtships, gaming and my very surprising adventure into the Domination scene, but I suppose it will have to wait for a time when it’s relevant.
What about a woman simply wanting to be with a man because she LOVES him?  Or even LIKES him?  Why the never-ending hoops to jump through in order to qualify?  Hoops that women expect of men, but not of themselves?  Hoops that no one should HAVE to expect of the one they love, yet society has taught us to expect. The point of a relationship is to, at the very least, SIMULATE the feeling of unconditional love.
Evan, I believe there is a big difference between earning someone’s love, and then maintaining the love between 2 people.
Luckily, we live in the 21st century where marriage is a personal choice and not a dictate of our families. Something is happening between me and my boyfriend’s father that will come out soon but I don’t know how to present it to him, because he may not forgive me and even end up attacking me, am really scared. Please I want you to share my story with people so I can get good advise on what to do and how to do it. I met his father at a hotel where I went to do supplies from my place of work. Since that day my life has not been the same again. The problem now is that his father wants to marry me since he is separated from my guy’s mum and he said I should forget about his son, after I told him about us.
Pls my headache is how to tell him about me and his dad and our intentions to get married without getting him too angry that he will do something bad to me? We’re talking about a man spending a percentage of his yearly salary on a shiny trinket – a token that you are equating with how much he loves you. You slowly explain to him that you DO love him, you DO value him, you ARE excited about him, you’re NOT leaving him – that’s why you want to get married.
It’s certainly not because you need proof that your boyfriend loves you; I’d guess it’s because you need external validation.
I’d tell him not to judge you for wanting a ring and attempt to understand the meaning behind your insecurity, before arriving at a fair point where you feel he’s invested in your marriage and he doesn’t have to break the bank to “prove” it to you.

I think an entire post could be done on the danger of taking romantic comedies too seriously. Are you perhaps a little jaded because you haven’t found a woman who actually WANTS a ring from you? Of course no man wants to fork over a large amount of money on a piece of jewelry, but that does not mean he is against rings all together. I think if you (not you personally, anyone really) feel that you need to constantly prove your love you should re-examine where this feeling is coming from. But to me, an engagement ring is just as important as that piece or paper, or the wedding ring, or the ceremony etc. After telling you that I won’t be ready to settle down by 23, you continued to force and threaten me as the means of achieving your own selfish needs. The man has been spoiling me with cash and I have been keeping it hot for him in bed, not that am proud about it but I need money and my guy is not helping.
You’re both frugal divorcees in your mid-30’s – he, in particular, has a checkered history with golddiggers – and here you are, actually wondering out loud if his reticence to buy a ring is somehow emblematic of whether you’re “worth it”?
There is a whole wedding industrial complex around convincing men to spring for jewelry and women to spring for dresses they’ll only wear once.
But it doesn’t start until you’ve owned why you want a ring so bad and accepted he isn’t inherently wrong or selfish for not seeing eye to eye with you. No woman will love you unconditionally and no man would love any woman unconditionally, we are all earning this love one way or another.
You comments that your wife loves you, you choose to be a good partner and you both give a lot to make it work– could that not be viewed as conditional in the regard that, if one person stops putting in the effort and chooses to no longer act in a way that constitutes as a “good partner”, then there would likely be a strain on the relationship and a possible break up? Is it really something that your partner said or did, or just one’s own insecurities, baggage and anxiety?
Imagine the tradition was for the man to have a penis enlargement, as a sign of him love for her, because women are supposed to love bigger penises better. For a lot of women (and possibly some men too), it’s what the ring represents,  it the emotion it generates, the warm fuzzy feeling when you look at it or someone comments and you think of the man you’re in love with who loves you back, or the look on his face when he asked you to marry him and you said yes. You are disgusting for threatening to break up with me should I choose to marry in my mid-20’s or later. I may be working, I may be attending law school, or I may traveling the world with my start-up. You expect me to compromise, but you use all your power to reject the possibility of yourself getting married at 30. I am not the submissive girlfriend you want, and you’re not the selfish sociopath I will ever need.
Please chose between life and death and if you want to die do the foolish thing you are already planning doing. Except men should make more money, pay for all the dates, and want to spend a disproportionate amount of his money compared to what she spends. And hell, I tell men that it’s in their best interests to be chivalrous and to pick up the check during the early phases of dating. And just as it’s not wrong” for you to desire a ring in a society that places a premium on such commodities, it’s not “wrong” for a frugal divorcee to want to minimize his costs for this largely symbolic gesture when there are far better things one can invest $5000 in – like an index fund for your retirement or a 529 plan for your future baby.
Strong, successful, independent women with high-powered careers, it turns out, long to be under the complete power and control of a cruel and sadistic man.
I used to think the value of the ring had some impact on how much a man loved me, but that is not the case at all. Next time around, you do the SAME thing – be a great, warm, trusting, appreciative girlfriend instead of a fearful, angry and jaded one who is convinced a monster lurks inside every man and that somehow the way to keep a man is to be bulimic.

Is that then not conditional love, on the basis that the person doesn’t change for the worse? But being easygoing, flexible, trusting, selfless, generous and accepting are best relationship practices, no matter what. Imagine if she actually didn’t want him to have his penis enlarge, but he did it anyway… sounding a bit silly, right? If the ring is important to one person and not other, would it really hurt to get it to make the other person happy? You are disgusting for forcing me to compromise with you because you think “28 is too late for you to be married.” When I told you that I had dreams to pursue after college instead of settling down, I can’t believe you think your casual opinion overrides my goals in life, then thinking that everything is okay when you conceal your wrongdoings with a misused “I love you”. If three years of delaying our marriage is all it takes to break our relationship, then you were not worth it to begin with.
We’re both reasonably frugal and have no desire to spend a fortune on a second wedding.
And I’m left wondering: should the man have to buy an engagement ring if his girlfriend wants it, or should he tell her his budget and if she wants something beyond his means she can pay half?
By unconditional love, I would expect the person to love their partner even if that personal changes for the worse. You may be four years older than me, but that does not give you the right to tell me to compromise the age that I want to marry. All the years I’ve spent in school have built up to that time of my life, and I will definitely not waste it by settling down with a guy like you. He mentioned getting ring tattoos (not something I would do) and seemed surprised that I would want an engagement ring since I’m not that into jewelry or flash.
When it comes to money, there’s this huge honking blind spot that I honestly can’t explain. The same way you have some type of wedding (even at a court house and a restaurant etc after). The mind boggling part is that even the worst behavior that women exhibit can usually be attributed to lack of insight or cluelessness, but his nefarious, intentional manipulation and deception of women is acceptable to him and his ilk.
Maybe for some women it’s about showing off the biggest bling, but again that’s not the case for all.
Yet if I end up with someone who wants an engagement, wedding etc, and that’s important for them, I’d do it for them, even though I think weddings are a complete waste of money and a marriage certificate isn’t necessary.
I know that my goals and ambitions will only begin to blossom when I’m 23, and I am sure as hell that I won’t let someone like you rise to my number of priority. But I’ve grown up, and I am confident when I say that you are disrespecting me in every way possible.
If a man asked me to marry him but didn’t want to get me a ring I would wonder if he was 100% into the idea of marriage or just doing it because he thought he should it it seemed like the next step.
He agreed to go looking, but I felt his reluctance and I’m dreading going now or bringing it up again. After all, you’ve had a perfectly good relationship for all this time and you’re openly planning to get married and start a family.

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