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The biggest problem with falling in love with dudes from old movies is when you finally Wikipedia them and find out they died some time in the early 90s, and then you get really sad about it and watch tons of weird fan photo tribute slideshows on YouTube until you become tired and deluded enough to think that you could do a way better job at it.
I mean, I love Ryan Gosling as much as the next girl or guy, but there’s just something about the old Hollywood studio era film stars that just floats my boats.
Highlights: Any of his Doris Day collabs, but the best out of those would most definitely be Pillow Talk.
Lowlights: The fact that he lived in a time and worked in an industry where he was forced to live in the closet up until his early death to AIDS breaks my heart. Highlights: Philadelphia Story, The Shop Around the Corner, It’s A Wonderful Life, Harvey, Mr Smith Goes To Washington . Lowlights: In the somewhat underwhelming Hitchcock film Suspicion, he plays a man who is suspected of trying to kill his wife. An incredibly long and tiring week, but a week crammed with fashion and beauty means I wouldn’t miss it for the world.
Aaaaanyway, I digress…  NZ Fashion Weekend kicks off tonight with the Red Bull Opening Party, and so begins a weekend of fashion and designer garage sales, makeup seminars and designer collection shows open to the public. Sheryl May’s ‘Reign Fall’ collection reflects the spirited bond which Sheryl has with London – her second home – a place of original fashion trends, where people of all walk of life express their style.  This is the story behind May’s Reign Fall Collection. Mardle’s collection features graphic brocades, heavy wools and boucles, amongst printed chiffon and more traditional Japanese fabrications.  Lace, merino and velveteen added a dramatic twist to the collection and the fabulous copper statement jewellery topped the collection off perfectly. Oversized coats, wraps and tailored pieces made for a beautiful, feminine collection with an eclectic mix of eye-catching fabric.  A standout range proving Mardle is here to stay! Love On Line tells the story of Love Hotel’s collection.  Inspired by today’s new ideas of femininity and dating practices, whilst referencing a time of romance through the use of layering, lingerie and lots of spots. Love Hotel featured many floating chiffon pieces and printed kimono’s.  Oversized beret’s were donned by all the models, which I quite liked, however what I didn’t overly love was the blush pink negligee affair, which tragically didn’t quite wear so well on the model and left very little to the imagination (I probably wouldn’t have sent that particular piece down the runway!) Negligee-gate aside,  the collection is quite beautiful and managed to tie feminine and masculine together very well. Exquisitely styled by the uber-talented Mino of FOUREYES, Daniel K hit the runway with beautifully elegant garments in a series of liquid inspired designs, wave prints and polka dots.  Silk dresses and harem pants were cut to perfection, showcasing their fluidity and wearability.  The knitwear was an absolute standout with the ‘blue knot knit’ and red ‘wave knit top’, I wanted to jump on to the runway and grab the garments right off the models back, I loved this knitwear so much! Riverina’s collection ‘from fleece to fashion’ showcases, as you would expect from the name, a range of garments that have been handcrafted using various methods of manipulating wool. An unexpected delight!  Nara Paz showcased her collection ‘Impressions’.  She might be new to the scene, but expect to see a whole lot more of her in the coming months.  Paz’s designs were beautifully tailored, nicely stylised and quite simply – stunning!  When her models sashayed down the runway, there was almost a stunned silence from the media, as we turned and looked at each other in a knowing ‘wow, these garments are amazing! Standouts for me – a tailored satin jacket paired with an exquisite high-glamour tulle layered skirt in a grey-toned hue and full-sleeved black knit dress with leather detailing and a low ‘cut-out’ back.

The public vote for the $5000 BMW New Generation Winner was Crooked Seven.  No doubt this will do wonders for thrusting this new brand straight into the limelight!
Bringing tribal prints to the fore, alongside fabulous cover-wear in the form of kimonos, dresses, jumpsuits, shorts and shirts. Fabulously manipulated silk and knitwear featured regularly with exquisite detailing.  Beautifully crafted outerwear, harem pants, trousers and capes, bought the entire collection together seamlessly, with the standout garment of the evening being the silk bomber featuring a bird motif. Don’t be surprised when you see Salasai on international runways within the next year or two.  Salasai certainly belongs on an international platform. The Miscellaneous Musings Of A Girl Interrupted By Fashion, Beauty & Anything Pretty That Catches My Eye.
Please note you will lose your question and answer privileges if your account is in debt for more than 2 weeks.
To prevent your personal details being misused please do not put emails or phone numbers in questions. I love writing & an ammature drawer and you'll probably be seeing fanfics up every now and then, along with fanarts. It’s not until you find yourself up at three in the morning applying ‘Ken Burns effect’ to watermarked photos of Jack Lemmon on IMovie that you realise you need to get some hobbies. Also, I kind of use the excuse that they’re dead to justify why they wouldn’t go out with me.
His amazing good looks, beautiful smile and rugged charm means he rates highly on any girl’s ‘Sha-wing-o-meter’.
However, my favourite Rock Hudson movie would have to be All That Heaven Allows starring Jane Wyman and directed by the awesome Douglas Sirk.
He does that weird thing that most guys did in old movies where they would bundle the girl up in their arms and kiss them, but that would mean their chins would sort of retract into their neck creating the illusion of a billion chins.
Aside from my indifference to Marilyn Monroe (OVERRATED) I enjoyed the movie, and was very impressed with Kenneth Branagh’s portrayal of Olivier. There’s this real natural warmth and cuteness in his affection towards Joan Fontaine’s character. Not even Laurence Olivier can turn a former Nazi interrogator with a penchant for diamonds and dentistry into a heartthrob. His screwed up half British half-American accent gave him a sort of distinguished charm, even though half of the time you can hardly understand what he’s saying.

When he finally crosses to the other side, I imagine he will ascend into heaven riding a porpoise while singing ‘Me Ol’ Bamboo’.
Hats, and bags had a boho feel with tassel, crystal and fringe detailing, and models donned sparkling bindi’s, further emphasising the boho vibe has arrived. You may need to enable JavaScript in your browser's settings or turn off your ad blocker to get the most out of this page.
Other than that, this blog is mostly dedicated to babe-status voltage men and some random otaku culture.
He was a bit of a man around town back in his New York days as a struggling actor, alongside his wingman Henry Fonda. As he got a bit older, he starred in some of my favourite Hitchcock movies, including Vertigo, where he does this to Kim Novak all the time. At moments he sounded EXACTLY like Laurence, nailing that sort of ‘talking without moving your mouth’ thing he’d always do. I suppose this is a true testament to his acting abilities, considering he hated her for getting the part over his then current squeeze and future wife, Vivien Leigh. He was an early pioneer of the cleft chin, and even when he got a bit older and his skin got sort of old and leathery like a tortoise, he still had that Cary Grant swag.
Why not poison her milk and then carry it up the staircase to her in the dark and be all scary and shit.
Burkhart’s manipulation of fabric through draping, layering and tailoring is looking to be her signature style that sets her apart from the rest.
Laurence’s babeness comes from the fact that he was a darn good actor, and pretty easy on the eye at that. Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang may be the ultimate example of a DILF with his distinguished grey streak in the slight wave to his hair and his sexy leather tweed elbow patches. But I mean come on – who wouldn’t want to marry someone who can invent an incredibly convoluted device that cooks one sausage and one egg for dinner every night? Sitting front row at fashion week, watching models drift down the runway donning fabulous outfits, reporting for some of my favourite ezines, and going backstage to hang out with the uber-talented MAC Cosmetics creative team, watching the likes of Amber D and James Molloy create beauty looks that most makeup artists can only dream of”.

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