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We all know the job market is tough, even for those with the best qualifications it can be hard to find a way to get your foot in the door, especially with companies that have been deemed “great to work for”. Any employer faced with a stack of CV’s to go through will be looking for something that stands out. There’s no fixed length for a personal statement, but generally they range from around 100-250 words. Remembering to include all the relevant information in a succinct way will give you much more of a chance of CV success.
The next time you see a pimple brewing, reach for a dab of tea tree oil and let it work its magic. The Body Shop do a brilliant ‘Tea Tree’ range which, when used regularly, will give you clearer skin within a week! QI host-elect Sandi Toksvig has revealed she was told she would no longer be able to work in television after coming out.
Speaking to the BBC’s Desert Island Discs, the TV host opened up about her decision to come out in 1994. It was recently announced the Toksvig would be taking over as host of QI, after Stephen Fry decided to step down. She will take the helm next year, with regular panellist Alan Davies remaining on the show. Earlier this year, the comedian also announced plans to launch her own political party, after quitting Radio 4’s News Quiz. Match your skills and interests to over 1400 job titles to generate personalised career ideas. The Job Matching Quiz will provide you with the reasons why each job is selected and allow you to explore them in more detail. Recognising the qualifications and work skills needed for that perfect job will help you plan for the future. Please note that all information previously saved in the Kudos and Adult Directions Ideas Quiz is no longer available. In times where young students and graduates are trying to crack on with their careers, there are too many job boards and job information pages on the web. And, by improving the skills of people working in the industry, we’re well placed to maintain the UK’s status as a superior visitor destination! For hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism jobs, UKSP is a good resource, but what caught our eyes were their careers and skills test tools. For those of you wondering what positions are available in the tourism, hospitality, leisure and travel industries UKSP have pulled together a very good and effective resource. The interactive Career Map illustrates the huge variety of opportunities within hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism.

Students and graduates often ask questions about what skills are required for a job, or more information on particular positions. The personality test is a quick survey-oriented quiz in which you answer questions based on your work ethic, work preferences and personal tastes. The Skills Assessment test is aimed towards people within the industry already who maybe want to know what other jobs they can apply their skill set to.
To summarise, coming across UKSP was a worthy experience, having surfed around the website and enjoyed the careers tools that can help graduates and students in finding jobs in the travel, leisure, tourism and hospitality industries.
So why not head over to UKSP and sign up to receive more information and careers insights related to those industries.
One of the main reasons that people decide to take the brave step of changing career is so that they will be happier. 2) There are legislative changes coming into my industry and Ia€™m not sure how theya€™ll affect my job.
This is great, my son is doing his A levels and still does not know what he wants to do when he finishes them. My hubby is also only a few years away from leaving the Forces so it is great for ideas for him too. Hi, I'm a 28 year old currently in a very well paid full time job but have a passion for vehicles and repairing them. You should seek independent professional advice before acting upon any information on the ACareerChange website. However, many people forget that their CV needs to be personal if they’re going to stand out to the employer more than any other applicant. They’re unlikely to ever read the entire CV, which is why having a good solid personal statement is essential. As experts in the recruitment industry, we’re going to tell you how to craft a flawless personal statement.
You don’t have to put why you’re looking to leave your current position, but you should let them know your career intentions. It’s used in a variety of skin care products and you can also find it in tiny little bottles for direct application.
One of the things that has always dismayed me is the lack of dedicated job board and careers information websites for different industries. UKSP is a pleasant surprise for those looking for jobs in the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industries. UKSP’s interactive Careers Map gives extensive information for positions and skills required to get a job in the travel, leisure, hospitality and tourism industry, too, which is a great feature for those interested in that sector.
At the end of the test, UKSP gives you a list of the jobs best suited for your personality type.

Or graduates and students who want to find out more about the skill set required in order to get a job in the travel, tourism, leisure and hospitality industries. 3) My clients, colleagues and competitors all bore me and I hope to have nothing to do with any of them as soon as possible.
If the first thing they’re reading is why they should hire you, they’re far more likely to sit up and take notice. Not only does it hydrate your skin and help clear up those spots – it gives your skin a matte finish so no need to worry about that post-lotion shine you normally get! My test showed I am best suited for a Kitchen Manager, and I must admit, the test was pretty fun to try and very useful to get more information. Are Your Family Supportive About Your Career Change?For some people that embark on a career change, their nearest and dearest are not particularly supportive or positive, which can make the change harder than it needs to be. Ask yourself the following questions and pick which answer best suits how you feel to see if your proposed career change will bring you the happiness you crave. What Do You Like About Your Current Job?Ask yourself what you do and dona€™t like about your current job to ascertain how likely it is that your career change will address the difficulties. 1) I love my current job but my colleagues drive me crazy!2) My current job is pretty good but I am sure that I could better career development opportunities elsewhere. How Did You Score?If you answered mainly 1s, you are in the very fortunate position of being able to really throw yourself into a career change.
What Do You Like About the Industry in which You Work?If you fundamentally like your job but find that the issues surrounding it are problematic, it may be that changing career is rather throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It sounds like you might just need a bit of a change rather than the massive change that is starting a whole new career.
1) I feel challenged by my job but Ia€™m frustrated that I cana€™t be promoted until my boss retires. While this may mean that youa€™re more likely to succeed because you havena€™t got to the point of actually hating your current job, you might just feel happier if you ask for a review in your current workplace. If you answered mainly 2s, you would probably feel happier if you changed career as youa€™ve not yet been ground down by a job you hate and you do have a pretty supportive family. You could certainly be happier by making a career change, but youa€™ll need to get your family onside first.
That said, they may come round to the idea if you show how unhappy you are in your current situation, or if you just go for it and prove that you can do it. Good luck!Further ReadingFind out more information and advice about making a successful career change by reading the articles in our Why Change Career?

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