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C: Well, it would be spacious and located next to a park, because a nice view is important to me. C: I think TV is a great waste of time, so I would only have one small TV in the kitchen to watch the news in the morning. This really is a dream of a dolls house as it is very well made and designed plus is accessible from all angles being 180 degrees playable. The top story of the house is a star gazing landing where Barbie and maybe Ken can look up at the stars when they are feeling romantic.
A couple of years ago I discovered my dream home, it’s from Lockwood, an NZ based company specialised in wood based homes with some extraordinary designs, and build to last in even the harshest of climates.

I’d also want a large living room and kitchen connected to each other so that there would be one large open space for people to spend time with each other. I would have a few vases on the mantel piece and some pictures of my family on the walls, but other than that, most things would be kept in closets.
The house itself has about ten different rooms that are all hooked up to computers so you can get things done in each room though a remote control.
You would have to hire one or two people to clean all the roomsin the house, plus a few people to take care of the gardens, and probably an au pair of two to take care of the children.
I love to imagine what it’d be like to live in another time in history and living in a house decorated like it would have been 200 years ago would be a great way to feed my imagination even more!

The house has three stories in all, while there are seven rooms meaning girls have a wealth of areas to arrange Barbie and her accessories in. The house even has a lift to the second floor, Mattel seem to have thought of everything for Barbie’s convenience.
The first floor has a dining room, kitchen and living room, while the second floor has a bathroom, bedroom and Barbie’s very own dressing room.

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