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Harry Styles might have undergone a transformation from schoolboy to international teen heartthrob, but his childhood best friend says he's still the same.
There was outrage when it was revealed that Harry was dating Xtra Factor host Caroline, who at the time was 32 to his 17.
As well as attending school together, they were also in a band, White Eskimo, and worked Saturdays together at a local bakery. Then, in what's sure to be a revelation to get fans of a certain ilk's hearts pounding, Nick revealed that Harry rubbed a part of his anatomy against a woman's car window when he returned to his hometown for an eighteenth birthday party.
Some of the other photos shared by Nick shed light on Harry's first attempt at making it as a musician when he was in a schoolyard indie band called White Eskimo.
In one he is seen cosying up to a girl while dressed as Scooby Doo, and in another wearing a hat with an inbuilt umbrella.Harry clearly paid attention in politics classes at school after he posted a tribute to Baroness Thatcher. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. LOL thats a good observation, the geezer spends way too much time making sure his hair covers his temples. You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products. I have to agree in that Harry Styles hair and hairline will be an interesting case study to follow but I am not yet sold on Harry Styles going bald.
Lastly it looks like Harry Styles is a fan of the messy hairstyle and the hover hairstyle which uses the hair dryer a lot to give amplitude and volume of the hair so when the hair is wet as in the second picture of Harry Styles hair the difference looks huge. Altho it is true that male pattern baldness is a wild beast and you cannot predict it from how your father's hairline looks.
Nevermind I just did a quick search for Harry Styles real biological father - as posted in the pictures above- and it looks like his father has had some hairline retouches actually. Had a good laugh reading the pseudo article as it quite clear the implicit message was that there is some talk that of Harry Styles going bald already and that he uses the same hairstyle tactics that people who are losing their hair use.
Until we see our friend here Harry Styles comfortably styling his hair in a brushed up hairstyle like his band's peers, the question will still remain as to whether this kid has been unfortunate or not and is losing his hair already. You only need to see how Prince William fared with his hair, 12 years ago he had a solid mane of thick locks and at age 32 he is a Norwood IV and the poor dude knows this but can't shave his hair due to the position he holds. WOW i actually have a friend he is 22 and he has EXACTLY the same hair type and style as this guy!
What friend does is style his hair with a loose and messy fringe to hide the hairline in the forehead because he has the same like this guy Harry styles where if he pulls his hair back so you can the sides of the forehead deep back like freaking dents in the hairline!
I can under stand him tho because my friend feels like S*ht from going bald even though he looks good with cropped hair but he insists in having the hair long to hide the hairline.

Plus Harry Styles cannot sing for the life of his and is one ugly geezer if you take away his hair lol i admit i too would be chit-ing myself too if i knew male pattern balding was coming my way.
Plus Harry Styles cannot sing for the life of his and is one ugly geezer if you take away his hair lol i admit i too would be *****-ing myself too if i knew male pattern balding was coming my way.
In other words, Harry better start praying to the Hair Gods every night because he looks like he might be ending up like his dad with that bizarre hairline job he got (as well as the suspected toupee he has). Apparently she shared these pics on her Facebook and all her friends are having a fit about Harry Styles hair loss! Nick Clough has shared some photos and stories that give a glimpse of some of the antics he and 19-year old singer got up to before he found fame on the X Factor.
Nick also revealed that his boybander friend had a crush on another celebrity squeeze years before even meeting her. We'd go out on Friday, wake up, reheat the takeaway leftovers, stagger in to work on Saturday, spend all day together, then go in to Manchester to spend our wages. But despite looking confident in the snaps, Nick says Harry struggled to sing in front of an audience, and was worried that people would laugh at him or make fun of his singing.Nick adds that Harry has always been a fun-loving and popular guy, and the photos certainly illustrate this.
The only people I knew with such high hairline and receded temples at age 20 had already gone bald in their late 20s, maybe other may have seen kids that age with that hairline who haven't gone bald?
Woah, big difference on the kid's hair when wet and dry, he also has a pretty bad hairline for a kid his age but me thinks its genetic as I have seen two early 20s kids who had even worse hairlines but showed no regression.
If you look at Styles father you can see he has a high hairline with some obvious hairline receding but still keeps front section of the scalp. In reality Harry Styles doesnt have that much hair volume, without elaborate hair styling, Harry Styles hair would look much flatter.
And I say unfortunate because we are simply tracking any progress here out of interest for our hair loss community and, in the case that he was truly balding, then we can only feel sorry for him.
No teen girl wants a balding mid 20s guy no matter who good he sings or otherwise good looking he is. Hairline recession is there and it's no wonder Harry Styles hair styles are all side fringes considering that such a hairstyle is one of the best for men in the beginning stages of male pattern baldness. Also women know this and I hear women say all the time they want a man with no balding or 'entradas' My friend was a shock because all the people see him all the time with thick wavy hair that is in a nice style like Harry Styles. It also shows how can easily hide it with his wavy locks which I have a feeling is why he had that emo blowout hairstyle to begin with, as it covered his hairline. From what I have seen that's the kind of hairline of men ten years older if they are losing their hair.
One of my mates girlfriend is a huge fan of this geezer and would not believe me when I told her Harry Styles was balding.

Touchingly, he has also revealed that he still spends time with the One Direction star, and even had the chance to listen to a CD that his one time girlfriend Caroline Flack made for him when he went for a drive in his sports car. Apparently Harry was 15 when he first saw a Taylor Swift video in 2009 and immediately fancied her. But for a guy his age his temples look too receded and it doesn't seem a mature hairline considering the kid still looks 16 and doesn't look to have masculine features.
I think it's an interesting case to follow, the fact that Harry Styles always uses a messy hairstyle with long hair that hovers over his hairline to hide it gives us a hint that he is not happy with his hairline.
Styles has read this thread himself, so "hi there Harry, we're not hating on you bro, we even have a thread on Harry Styles haircuts and hairstyles, and we think you actually have some good hair thus far. I have seen kids his age with hairlines like his who were a Norwood III-vertex by their mid-20s, Harry Styles' temples are as far back as the earline already which is a sign of something worse going on.
That is why all hollywood actors do all possible to keep their hair and the only ones who manage to keep their careers with a bald head are boxed into a certain type of movie role. However, as soon as he pulls his hair back or up, you can see how the hairline tracks are receding solid and reaching ear length. Dunno maybe that's the reason for him having long hair as it hides the thinning of the hair very well. But it was only a few years ago that Harry's champagne lifestyle was more of an alcopops one. We went to one of my mate's eighteenth birthday parties and he came home especially for it. However, it's in your best intentions to monitor that hairline of yours (temples and vertex) and get your image consultants to keep an eye on your hair or any changes in hair density. In one photo shown to the paper by Nick, Harry can be seen lying in a bed surrounded by cans of cheap Carling lager and bottles of blue WKD.
You could also try the 60 seconds hair loss test to get a hint as to how your hair is doing!". No one wants to see a norwood 4 25 year old in a scenario surrounded by his group mates who all still get to keep their manes. Then he went and got with her years later!' said Nick.The boys grew up together in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire where Nick, now a trainee stockbroker, still lives.

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