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My husband and I have been going through a really difficult time in our marriage recently so my family wants me to leave my husband. After fighting for such a long time, it felt great to finally agree on getting professional assistance. Even though my family wants me to get a divorce, and is putting great pressure on me, I do not feel the same way. I was caught in the middle of a terrible situation and I knew that if I did not take initiative it would eventually become disastrous. Although many times a marriage might seem as if it is failing, I learnt that this is the most important time to dedicate yourself into your marriage. My husband made a promise that he would win my love back and thankfully, he stuck to his promise. I wanted to do what my husband asked of me, but I couldn’t bear the thought of being apart any longer.
Because I saw the dedication of my wife, I knew that I had to work with her in order to accomplish anything positive for our family. Even though my in laws always tell my wife to divorce me, it has not affected our marriage until recently.
Because I knew that my in laws always tell my wife to divorce me, it has made for an uncomfortable atmosphere whenever we are together.
I wasn’t sure what my next move should be considering that my wife was not willing to see a marriage therapist.
After much consideration and research, I realized that I had nothing to lose by trying marriage therapy alone. The biggest problem in my marriage is that my in laws always tell my husband to divorce me. The most hurtful part of this whole situation was that my husband was not interested in working on our marriage anymore. As years passed, my husband started to be as cold as he was in public, behind closed doors. Every time my children ask if their father loves me, besides being so upset that they even realize any tension in the house, I also get upset because is it that obvious?
The constant feeling of sadness, and having to explain to my children that everything is fine between their father and I when in fact, I have no idea what our status is. Many people have asked the same question as I have: Should I tell my wife I cheated on her or do I keep it a secret? After being unfaithful, I was faced with the pressing question: should I tell my husband I cheated on him or not? After making such a horrible mistake, I realized that my marriage was the most special and important thing I had. Every time I ask my husband where he was or what he was doing, he would make up crazy stories.
Hearing that my wife loves me but is not love with me was the most painful experience I have ever encountered.
I was completely lost when I first found out that my wife loves me but is not in love with me anymore. Finding out that my husband loves me but is not in love with me was one of the hardest things that I have ever gone through.
When I first heard that my husband loves me but is not in love with me, I was so afraid of losing my husband.
I didn’t think that my husband would ever fall back in love with me but I knew that it was my responsibility to do whatever it takes to fix my marriage. Everything changed when I overheard one of the conversations that she was having with my friend. It took me a long time to realize that I am not happy in my marriage because I am not in love with my wife anymore. He was extremely offended and wanted me to promise not to share any information about our marriage with my family anymore. While completing Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp, we were able to come to a compromise allowing my family to have a part in our personal life while not over stepping boundaries. When my husband and I found ourselves falling out of love, we allowed for this to happen instead of trying to stay closer together. It was clear in my mind that I wanted to stay married but I didn’t know if it was fair to ask my husband to stay with me. Coming from the picture perfect family, it was hard to picture my wife and I ever being happily married after she cheated on me.
As much as I would like to believe that their opinion is not influencing my wife’s decision, I am wrong.
With that being said, I knew that the first step I needed to take was to try to win my wife’s parents over.
My wife moved out into her parent’s home and did not want to have contact with me, let alone discuss our problems. However, when I heard about Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp, I knew it would be prefect for my situation. It has caused a lot of tension in both our marriage and our relationship with my husband’s family. I always knew where I stood, and I knew that holding my husband’s hand was never an option. He would make sure to fall asleep before I even am ready for bed, and if I would dare to cuddle, he would make up some excuse or just say no.
Quality time is spent with the children, which I am okay with obviously but sometimes I want my husband to want me. My wife and I were at a point in our marriage where we were no longer communicating with one another. After contacting Mort Fertel’s office for the first time, I immediately felt confident in using their techniques to approach my situation. I didn’t want to do or say anything to make the situation worse, so I instead I kept a large distance from my husband. When I found Marriage Fitness Boot Camp, I knew that this was the perfect fix for my situation. I would like to share with you a story about what happened after I searched the internet looking for information on how to tell if your wife is having an emotional affair.
I also noticed that her phone was ringing more and more, many of the times the call was from one particular man.
Although I still loved her, I was not in love and therefore I felt that I could not stay married to my wife any longer. My name is Anne and I am writing about my recent experiences as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website. He wanted to work through our issues as well but felt that was not possible with my family’s opinion being so valuable to me.
I have voiced my opinion to my family on multiple occasions, yet they constantly try to convince me otherwise. I didn’t care that my family wants me to get a divorce, yet my husband felt the need to mention it multiple times a day.
I loved my husband and he meant the world to me but I did not know if we could fully move past this obstacle in our marriage. I didn’t want to give up on my marriage, but I didn’t see the possibility in staying together. My wife promised that it would never happen again and told me she would do anything to correct her mistakes.

I decided to the least I could do was make a small effort and attend the sessions with my wife. I have come to the conclusion that my wife’s choice to divorce me is mainly because of her parents’ persuasion.
I figured that because my in laws always tell my wife to divorce me, there would be no point in convincing my wife to hear me out. I am greatly offended by the comments, but most of all I am also insulted that my husband does not defend me or our marriage to his parents. However, there is one exception: my husband’s parents have not been fond of our relationship since the beginning. My husband was not fully convinced that we need to separate, but with the fighting and arguing that accompanied our situation, divorce sounded like the easier choice to him.
Our wedding day was one of the most happiest memories for me, unfortunately my husband doesn’t look back on our wedding day with the same memories as mine.
It has gotten to the point where he doesn’t even kiss me when he comes home from work.
The advice that I received was not only beneficial to my current situation, but it was useful to our marriage as a whole.
I did not intend to be unfaithful, but at the same time I didn’t take the necessary measures in order to prevent this occurrence from happening. Marriage Fitness gave me step by step instructions on how to approach my marriage and correct the mistake that I had made. Throughout our marriage, we certainly had our ups and downs but always worked through them as a team. I want to trust my husband more than anyone in the world so having him lie is just not okay for me.
However, as many couples do, we began drifting apart emotionally after being married for many years. I was secretly praying that my husband would change his mind and fall back in love with me. Unfortunately, my wife Susanna, whom I have been married to for nineteen years was getting to close and comfortable with a friend, and not only did I notice it, but my friends noticed her relationship as well. I loved that she had the ability to make you feel like you were the only person in the room that was full of hundreds of people. My wife, the one who was very loyal to me, and knew how much I was okay with her friendships because I trusted her, was the same person that was speaking in the most inappropriate way. I couldn’t bear the thought of hurting my wife and breaking her heart, yet I couldn’t allow myself to feel this unhappy anymore.
I am hoping that my story will be an inspiration for anyone that is going through a similar situation as me. I genuinely want to her everything they have to say, however lately it has negatively impacted the relationship between my husband and I.
My husband was so insulted and hurt from my family, that he even asked me to take a break from speaking with them. When my husband had an affair, we were already disregarding each other’s feelings which made it easier to want to give up on our marriage. However, I didn’t know if I would ever be able to look at my husband the same let alone be sexually intimate with him.
I knew that if I wanted to move past the infidelity and get back to being happy, it would take a lot of effort and dedication.
I wanted there to be hope for our marriage for our children’s sake, but I didn’t think I could ever get past the emotional aspect. It not only showed us that there is hope after an affair, but it taught us how to deal with our issues step by step.
It seemed that my wife and my in laws had already chosen divorce and there would be no swaying this decision. Marriage Fitness showed me how to approach my personal situation in a way that would benefit both my relationship with my wife and my in laws.
Fortunately, it has not been a big issue until now, but it has become extremely problematic within the last year. To my surprise, my husband actually agreed with my feelings and was willing to try to make our marriage work with the help of marital counseling. All of the above questions were circling in my head and I had no idea how to find the answers to any of them.
My husband and I joined the Boot Camp as well and now have the best communication with one another. I am sharing my story in hopes of inspiring any couple in a marriage that is in need of assistance.
I began Marriage Fitness’ boot camp by myself as my wife wanted to take no part in fixing our marriage.
Through all of my hurt and anguish I found a part of me that was determined to get my husband to fall in love with me again. My name is Michael and I am writing my story as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website. When my husband and I began fighting, our fights turned intense quickly where name calling and shouting were always present. It can change your marriage dynamics around to your benefit just like it saved our marriage. I didn’t think that this was a fair request, but being as though I wanted to stay in my marriage I didn’t think I had a choice.
Marriage Fitness saved our marriage and made it possible for us to approach our situation with my family. Unfortunately, as much as I loved my husband I did not see the possibility in moving past the hurt and betrayal. I was flattered that he wanted to make everything right, but that didn’t feel like an effort was enough. I know that in order to accomplish success, I would need to get an unbiased professional opinion.
My journey can show you how I found the guidance I needed to work through this hardship to be able to stay a whole family. I wish we had found out about Marriage Fitness before going through the process of traditional marriage counseling. The most difficult part of this whole situation was that my wife really valued her family’s opinion, which inevitably allowed her parents to take advantage of the mess we were in.
My wife and I are now happily married again and the influence of my in laws is no longer there. I wanted to find a happy medium where we could create a relationship with my in laws without their consistent insulting comments. My husband and I began having typical marriage problems which prompted my in laws to begin influencing my husband’s feelings towards me. I was so afraid to work on my marriage alone, but the program showed me how to win my husband back and get him to join in with me. However, I was willing to do anything in my power to find a solution the mess that I created.
We are so thankful for the opportunity to better our relationship and stay in a healthy and happy marriage. A friend of mine actually told me that I should learn how to tell if your husband is lying.
I have so many questions that need answers but approaching my husband with accusations doesn’t seem like the right way to go about it.

Instead of expressing my feelings towards my husband, I naturally bottled everything up inside.
Although it hurt me to know that my wife loves but is not in love with me, it also gave me the motivation I was lacking to better my marriage. It was clear to both my wife and I that we were losing touch so we did talk about the concerns in our marriage. However, when I came to the realization that I still felt like I was in love with my wife but it wasn’t the same feeling we used to have, I knew that this was the best thing that happened. Marriage Fitness not only taught me how to win my wife back, but it instructed me on how to get my wife to join me in completing the boot camp. He called me every day to check in and see how I was doing, which also indicated his interest in me. I never thought that her friendships were inappropriate because she was always the same way to everyone. I mean, how could my wife ever become so close with someone that it would be considered an emotional affair. My story will show how I was able to not only fix my marriage, but also become completely happy in my marriage. Our relationship turned from two people who love each other to two people who are living together and have nothing to do with one another.
I felt that even if my family wants me to leave my husband, I will still benefit from their support rather than feeling alone.
My husband and I have tried many techniques on fixing our marriage, but always wind up in the same place, until our last attempt. Therefore, we were planning on trying talk therapy as a way to strengthen our communication to be able to begin fixing our marriage. All I wanted to do was focus on bettering my marriage and being happy with my husband while keeping a good relationship with my family. My name is Diana and I was invited to share my story as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website.
I am beyond thankful that my husband gave me a second chance to prove myself in this marriage. My name is Saul and I am sharing my story as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website.
My wife agreed with me that marriage counseling was an ineffective method of rebuilding our marriage. My name is David and I am writing about my marital journey as a guest blogger for Marriage Fitness’ website. However, I was extremely determined to win my wife back that I was not going to let this get in the way.
My name is Lauren and I am sharing my story as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website.
As many times as I tried convincing my husband to work through this hardship with me, he didn’t have the same feelings as me.
Through this program, we were able to learn how to love each other again, and to learn how to be on the same page in our marriage.
Yet, each time I tried to bring up this topic, I always wound up stopping myself as I was terrified of losing my wife.
I knew I had to take responsibility for my wrong doings but didn’t know which approach to take. Little did I realize that not expressing my feelings would cause so many little arguments that would turn into big arguments. Continue reading to see how I was able to turn my marriage around and get my wife to fall back in love with me. However, it wasn’t until my wife told me that she wasn’t in love with me anymore that I actually made an effort to work on our marriage. Even though I was crushed, knowing how much we used to be in love made me believe that we could get back to those feelings again. My name is Alice and I am sharing my story as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website. Plus, he always made sure that I was happy, making me believe that he was happy with me as well. This was the toughest situation; however the hurt in my heart only made me more determined to get my husband to fall back in love with me. I would also find myself spending a lot of time out of the house as not to confront my feelings.
Being that I was the one in the marriage, I wanted to make my own decision, but my family disagreed. Continue reading our story to see how we were able to tackle our issue and rebuild our marriage.
My husband asked me to go to therapy with him, but I did not believe that a therapist would ever be able to make my feelings disappear and that was the only thing I was wishing for.
I was so thankful that he was giving me another chance, but I didn’t think this was the most beneficial way. Even through all of my hurt, I saw my wife’s dedication to our marriage which made me second guess my original thought: is there hope after an affair. My blog can show you how I was able to fix my marriage and prevent the insulting comments from affecting my relationship with my husband.
However, my in laws always tell my husband to divorce me which swayed my husband’s decision to mend our failing marriage. Marriage Fitness made it possible for my husband and I to save our marriage and approach the issue at hand.
Our marriage is not perfect, but at least we both recognize the importance of our marriage. Continue reading my story to see how I was able to get the answers I was searching for while creating a happy and healthy marriage. My name is Kathleen and I am sharing my marriage success story as a guest blogger on the Marriage Fitness website.
My story will show you how I was able to work through my wounded emotions in order to keep my marriage and family together. I was going to do anything in my power to win my husband back and make my marriage great again. One day when I was working late at the office, I recognized that I am not in love with my wife anymore. It was very hurtful that my family wants me to leave my husband instead of helping me fix my marriage. My family’s opinion now became the biggest topic of discussion and was the cause of the majority of our fights. I knew that I would be able to atone for my wrongdoings but I didn’t know if my husband would ever be able to forgive me. My name is Katie and I am writing my story as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website.
It was extremely difficult to come to terms with my realization but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Everything seemed to be going in the right direction without telling her so I chose to wait and see how I felt in a few weeks.

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