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While it would be nice if relationship endings were easy, cut-and-dried propositions, they rarely are. Before you go running back into your ex’s arms, take some time to consider why he might suddenly be announcing his undying love.
If you still maintain even an inkling of emotional attachment to your ex, his profession of love may leave you wanting to jump right back into your relationship.
If your lovelorn ex is not someone you are interested in dating again, you may be tempted to make yourself scarce and hope that his emotions fizzle. If you want to know if your ex still loves you, it’s probably because you’ve found it difficult to move on after the break up and you’re hoping there’s still a chance of getting back together.
With this being the case, the good news is that your ex may still love you and it is possible that you may get back together, but the fact remains that your relationship broke up for a reason. If you want your ex to love you again, you need to start by making her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you. When you first got together with your ex, she must have fallen in love with you for a reason. A woman falls in love with a guy because of who he is and because of the way he makes her feel as the man he is. All women are instinctively attracted to men with masculine qualities that make a woman feel like a real woman.
If your ex actively begins to get back in contact with you after a long silence or after saying she didn’t want any more contact with you at the time of the break-up, it could be a sign that she still has feelings for you. It might be that she tries to get in contact directly through Facebook or by phoning or texting you, or she may try to get back in contact indirectly by accidently on purpose bumping into some of your friends and casually asking after you.
Sometimes an ex might go so far as to deliberately go to all of the places she knows you go to in an attempt to bump into you or to deliberately just happen to be passing by your work at a time she knows you’d normally be heading out to get some lunch, but all of the above means of trying to regain contact are a fairly good indicator that she’s still interested in you and is open to the idea of getting back together.
However, it could also just be her way of checking up on you to see how you’ve been feeling since the break-up. Sometimes a woman may be finding it harder than she thought to move on and her motivation for wanting to get in contact with you is nothing more than wanting to make herself feel better by reassuring herself that you have not moved on either. With this in mind, it’s important not to fall into the following traps when trying to figure out if an ex still has feelings for you and if she might want you back. The thinking behind this approach is that her jealous reaction will let you know that she still loves you, and it will give you a good indication that she’s open to the idea of getting back together with you, right?
Well, if you genuinely do have lots of other women showing an interest in you, then yes, there’s a good chance that you’ll get a genuinely jealous reaction from your ex. If you’ve learned from the mistakes you made in your relationship and you’ve taken action to make improvements to yourself and to become a better man as a result, then other women are going to be interested in you and your ex is going to see you in a different light.
Of course, the trap many guys fall into is faking the whole thing and only pretending to have lots of other women showing an interest in them.
Unless you can show her that you’ve made changes for the better and you now have the qualities she’s looking for, she’s not going to feel the sexual attraction needed to want to get back together with you.
One of the biggest traps guys fall into when they’re feeling insecure about themselves after a break up is the one set by the advertising industry.

TV ads, billboards, and magazine ads all send out the message that making yourself sexually attractive to women is all about creating the right “look” by wearing certain clothes, styling your hair a certain way, having all the latest gadgets, and even driving a certain type of car. Multi-million dollar marketing campaigns pretty much brainwash a guy who is feeling unsure of himself and uncertain of how women feel about him into believing that buying in to whatever they’re selling is guaranteed to have all women fall madly in love with him, his ex-girlfriend included. Most women are not attracted to a guy because of how he looks on the outside, they’re attracted to who he is on the inside; they’re looking for the inner qualities that mark him out as a man who has what it takes to make a woman feel like a woman.
If you fall into the trap of thinking that changing your outer appearance will change the way your ex sees you and feels about you, you’re missing the point.
Your ex became your ex for a reason, and that reason led to her falling out of love with you. Figuring out whether she still loves you or not comes down to figuring out what changes you need to make to be the man she fell in love with, and then learning from your mistakes to make sure you become a better man and a man she will never fall out of love with again. View customer success stories, browse our products or watch this mind-blowing video about success with women by Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man). In the present world all are talking about the work pressure, tension etc., which all can be avoided if we are able to understand the root cause. Women are driven more by emotions after a break up, even if they were the ones who decided the relationship wasn’t working anymore.
You can easily tell whether your ex girlfriend’s professing her love to you is based in a romantic place or not. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is needed to get setup? Donations fund Self Esteem Workshops for teens, supply books to schools for the continual support of character education across America, and are tax deductable.
It is often quite difficult for parties in a loving relationship to end their union and sever their emotional connection. As many as 50 percent of men admit to still harboring feelings for a past partner; only 27 percent of women say that they still feel a romantic link to an ex-beau.
Before you do this, take time to think about the circumstances that separated you in the first place.
While this is certainly the easiest thing to do as it prevents you from really having to deal with the situation, it is not effective. All Rights Reserved.Reproduction of any portion of this website only at the express permission of Mom, Inc. Don't Miss Out!Sign up for our ModernMom weekly newsletter full of recipes, tips, and must have info for moms! Getting her back hinges on whether or not you’ve fixed the problems that led to your relationship ending in the first place. Only when she experiences that will she then truly reconnect with her feelings of love for you. Assuming it was then her decision to end your relationship, something must have changed to cause her to fall out of love with you, so what changed?
In other words, you have so much confidence and belief in yourself and you have such a masculine way of thinking, feeling, behaving and taking action in life and around her that it makes her feel girly and feminine in your presence.

Rather than learning from the experience and taking steps to figure out what mistakes they made, they sit at home feeling sorry for themselves and then try to create the illusion of having moved on. If she then finds that you’re still exactly the same guy you were when she broke up with you, she has no reason to feel any differently about you than the way she did then – you’re still the guy she fell out of love with. We've already helped 1,000s of guys to achieve amazing success with women and we would love to help you too. What could be more perfect than hearing your ex tell you that she still is crazy about you? We often still feel a strong emotional attachment to our ex boyfriend long after the split.
If she is actively trying to get you to reconsider the break up, she’s definitely still in love. If you find yourself in the unenviable position of receiving a profession of love from someone you consider an ex, you may struggle with how to respond. It is likely that these prior problems will rear up again; reentry into the relationship without reconsidering those previous problems is masochistic at best.
But then we are taken away by the materialistic point of view and simply putting the blame on others. That means she’ll be calling you often with a desire to discuss what went wrong between you two and what you both can do now to remedy the issues that tore you apart. To ensure that your response is both productive and appropriate, you must carefully consider your future plans as well as your past with the lovelorn ex. Instead of being caught off guard when this call occurs, prepare in advance for this potentially uncomfortable situation. Be as logical and critical as possible when considering the motivation behind his emotions to ensure that you don’t get burned twice by the same tricky guy.
Drawing out the issue and trying to avoid taking a real stance will only make it more difficult for both of you in the long run. You wished for this moment and now you’re already fast at work planning all the wonderful things you two are going to do together as soon as you get back together again. A woman who is still in love with her ex boyfriend, in the truest sense of the word, is going to hold on for dear life and won’t let him slip away. Like I always say in my workshops, It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it because you’re worth it! If a woman says she still loves her ex boyfriend she often is speaking of a friendship type love.
The fact that your ex girlfriend still loves you doesn’t mean a lot in the big picture. If you place too much hope in her words, you may actually end up even more heartbroken than you already are.

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