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You can find the source of all pics I post by clicking on the source link below the pic or by clicking on the pic itself. If you have shorter hair, you shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun and versatility that longer hair affords.
Luckily, Philip James Salon has put together an easy-to-follow infographic that breaks down the different types of hair extensions.
This is a relatively new technique where your own hair serves as a base and your hair extensions are attached with thread. Also called tape in extensions, a skin weft involves attaching extensions by sandwiching small sections of hair between two pieces of weft. This is the most inexpensive and low maintenance type of extension, but it’s also not long-lasting.
If you want to learn more about different types of extensions, including what kinds of hair they’re best for and how to maintain them, check out Philip James Salon’s handy infographic. Here is a little breakdown of different kinds of hair extensions that are out there on the market. Tape in extensions are strips of hair that are adhered together with a very thin and sticky tape. Micro-keratin extensions are tiny clumps of pre-bonded hair that you attach to tiny clumps of your own hair using a heat clamp.
Bead bonded extensions are awesome because they can add more thickness and body than the keratin bonds. 5 years ago, at the Oregon Country Fair, way before the feather hair extension craze exploded, I noticed people getting into feather earrings. I’d spent some time that year experimenting with coloring hair to look like feathers, with great results. They were kind enough to write us up a post and provide this great infographic image to break down hair extensions!
And you don’t have to wait months (or years) for your hair to grow out, either – you can opt for natural-looking hair extensions instead. A hair stylist will roll small groupings of hair into your own hair using a keratin protein bond, and the bond is hidden by leaving natural hair out along the top of the head and hairline. The nice thing about this approach is that it doesn’t require any glue or chemicals, and it lasts around 4 months.
It’s a great way to add length or volume, and it’s particularly good for lengthening thicker, shorter hair. This is not a technique that you should use for full head application; rather, it works best for adding fullness and slight length to your natural hair.

Your stylist will use your hair length and color to find the right clip-on extensions for you and can show you how to attach and trim them so that they blend with your natural hair. If you have had fine, limp, or short hair your whole life and you decide to take the dive and get some, be prepared to never want to go back to your old hair. I got sort of addicted, and finally decided that coming down from extensions is too much like coming down after a long night of partying and taking X in my teenage raver days.
Pros are that they are very hard to see, and so they blend beautifully.They can stay in your hair for up to 6 months!  Cons are that they are very expensive, take a long time to put in, and take a long time to remove.
Pros are that they are inexpensive, easy to put in, easy to take out, and not too hard on the hair. Pros are that they are more reasonably priced, pretty easy to put in and super quick and easy to remove.
I wouldn’t recommend them for adding length because they can cause shedding of the hair if they are not put in just right. As soon as those genetically modified rooster feathers hit the market, people all over the place made a mad dash to their nearest salon to get as many of those suckers attached to their heads as they could.
After the glorious, colorfull and whimsical country fair was over, I made it a goal to find a good feather source and start playing more with feathers.
Because I was braiding them in and attaching the feathers at the end of the braid instead of the clamp bead at the root, I had the freedom to experiment with all kinds of feathers, in all shapes and sizes and arrangements in a way that looked beautifull and lasted! Before you go to your local hair salon and ask for extensions, though, you need to know that there are several different kinds to choose from, and the one that’s best for you will depend on your hair type, budget, and personal preference. This is one of the more expensive techniques, but the good news is that it lasts about 4 months with little to no maintenance required. The microlinks (also known as beads or locks) can be moved closer to the scalp after 2 months, and the hair extensions can be reused, making this a cheaper option than fusion. As with microlinks, braidless sew-in extensions last about 4 months, can be moved closer to the scalp after 2, and can be reused. You can choose extensions that match your natural color, or you can opt for splashes of bright color to liven up your look for special occasions. Then I got certified in GreatLengths keratin micro-bonds which are a top of the line uber-beautiful but expensive extension system.
They can also be a bit harsh on the hair and need to be pampered so that they don’t dread up.
Cons are that they can be messy, and are kind of bulky and they limit your styling options because the track shows. When your strip mall chain chop shop starts advertising ’em, you know its time to leave the chicken pluckers behind.

I love feathers and had often marveled at the similarities between feathers and hair and how well they go together.
For example, I can have a shower in the morning and trust that my hair will have dried within 30 minutes. Clip-on extensions are recommended for occasional use, but full sets are not meant for everyday wear. Hair extensions, especially remy clip in hair extensions, can either be your best friend, or worst enemy if not properly installed and blended. I jumped off the hamster wheel, but got trained in several other extension methods so that I could do them on other people.
Unfortunately we didn’t see many people experimenting with different feathers and feather arrangements beyond the rooster feathers. Talk to your stylist or check out the company website to get the right care tips for your particular extension type.
When she is not bartending, you can find her giving a gorgeous head of Doctored Locks linkies micro-beads extensions to a local stripper in 3 hours or less. Lana comes to your house and fits the extensions in the comfort of your own living room at prices that are much cheaper than in the salon! My Nano Ring Hair Extensions Diary So delighted to be going out with long hair! It might look glorious as it swishes from side to side, but it doesn’t feel that great when it slaps me in the face and gets covered in sweat! It also takes me a good month or so to grasp the concept that I need to avoid getting my hair wet as it takes so long to dry! This is a blessing in disguise as now I am only washing my hair twice a week compared to every day.
Over-washing your hair depletes it of its natural oils and actually makes your scalp produce more, meaning your hair looks greasy twice as fast!Another pro tip for nano rings is to make sure you separate the bonds regularly to avoid matting.
They had served me well and the hair is still in very good condition, however my hair at the roots had obviously grown a few inches during the five months and the bonds were therefore no where near my scalp. Partly because I would be losing my beloved long hair but also because previous experience with glue in extensions had caused lots of my own hair to also come out. This is what you’ll see in the shower drain and on your clothes and is completely normal part of the hair growth cycle. I have been using Mane and Tail shampoo, Kiehls Conditioner and serum and taking Biotin vitamins.

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