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In my defense, this was really popular on the Kingdom Hearts wikia, so I'm starting one here too. LOL, What if Bloom starting randomly singing the Camp Fire Song Song and everyone looked at her like WTH? Love Story, Pocket Ful of Sunshine, Anything by Demi Lavato, Emily Osment, and Meghan Jette Martin.
What the Character Project Team does it revises pages, and grades the pages either good or bad.
I just left one on Andie's, but the talkboxes are scooting the pages and I miss you and Rose about sums it up. Im a well experinced editor on the Wikis and i have rebuilded wikis before, i can help you guys do this Wiki, just follow these steps and the Wiki will be running strong!

I do wish that the Fourth season would come I really want to know more about roxy and the dark circle. Pretty people are taking over the world working together with dads and computers (Inside joke at the Kingdom Hearts wikia with me and one of the admins)! Also, we are starting new pages for the Winx girl's civilian outfits, of which there are many.
I reblog all kinds of things, from Superwholock to Pokemon to Kingdom Hearts, and anything and everything in between. And i love when flora daydreams of her and helia getting married and when she says a spell and accidently uses his name. Even though i had joined a couple days of ago doesnt mean im new ( i sounded a bit harsh there sorry).

When she learns she's a fairy she doesn't believe it and she's kinda like Daphine cuz she's ALWAYS getting herself into trouble.
SHe's kinda prone to tears but believes in the Winx Club and helps them every chance she gets. I just love how you are turning my talk page into picture land, but I guess it's payback for me breaking your talk page. XD I think this place should have admins cuz I know the perfect person to help enforce the rules.

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