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View 4 PicturesI've never seen this strange coloration on any Ephemerella subvaria nymph in a book before, but it's similar to several other specimens I collected on the same outing, including a smaller one that I photographed. Feeling the damage to her fox bead, Mi-ho loses consciousness and falls off the scaffolding.
The director wants to call for a doctor, but as that would cause more problems than it’d solve, Dae-woong manages to persuade him against it.
When Mi-ho wakes up, her expression contains no hint of her usual sweetness — instead, she looks PISSED.
Hye-in finds her exit path blocked by Dong-joo, who wears a forbidding expression on his face.
Thoroughly scared, Hye-in hurries off the set, where Mi-ho tracks her down and prevents her escape. She reaches for a heavy prop to throw at Hye-in, which is when Dae-woong jumps in front to take the brunt of the force. He turns her around to face him but maintains his tight grasp as he tearily says that he’s sorry.
I admit to never finding Dong-joo that compelling as a character (or actor) despite the pretty, so I love that he gets so fierce here.
For instance, Dae-woong waves aside his head injury and asserts that this was all his fault. Furthermore, Mi-ho takes the blame for today, because Hye-in was reacting to finding out that the couple ring was initially meant for her.
Realizing that he has dropped Mi-ho’s ring, he tells her to wait as he returns to the set to look for it. Byung-soo sees the dried blood on his forehead and freaks out, but Dae-woong is so intent on finding the ring that he waves the head wound aside impatiently and asks for help in his search.
Dong-joo finds Mi-ho and again tries to convince her that she must leave Dae-woong at the end of the 100 days. Dae-woong reacts with some jealousy to see Dong-joo looking after Mi-ho, and the air is strained with an abundance of male ego as he confronts his rival.
Dong-joo returns that he heard a lot about Dae-woong, and says just as pointedly that he knows they’re in a contract relationship. Her despondent mood worries him, and he’s further surprised at her plan to earn her own living.
Trying to cheer her up, he offers to buy her some prime quality beef, but she turns that down, too. Stumped by Mi-ho’s new attitude, Dae-woong wonders if the injury to her bead has also broken her faith in him, and watches her working in puzzlement.
Meanwhile, Dong-joo finds Hye-in much more agreeable now that he’s struck the fear of God into her. Trying to figure out how to return their relationship to normal, Dae-woong tells Mi-ho that he didn’t share his ki with Hye-in, and that she took advantage of him. Then he storms right back in to take issue with the way she confided in Dong-joo and told him about their contract relationship. The next day, Dae-woong returns to the set to look for the ring, but he cuts the search short when he feels pangs in his chest. Hearing Dae-woong at the door, Mi-ho covers her mouth to contain her cries of pain, but one slips out anyway.
Frantic, Dae-woong goes to Dong-joo to ask for painkillers, with the excuse that it’s for the dog.
Dae-woong tends to Mi-ho through the night, and takes her hand to say that he’s sorry.
He wakes up later that morning in his own bed, in time to hear Mi-ho thanking Dong-joo for the medicine.
He’s mollified when Mi-ho thanks him, but she hastens to cut their encounter as short as possible. Back in the loft, Dae-woong sees that the pictures of meat that Mi-ho had glued to her bed are about to fall off. Such is the case this time: Min-sook is invited to the set, and Director Ban is finally ready to put on his Big Boy Pants and tell his daughter the truth. He refers to the countdown chart to see how many days are left, and is alarmed at how fast they’re zooming by. On the movie set, Hye-in approaches Mi-ho with friendliness for once, although Mi-ho notes that Hye-in is scarier when she smiles.

Mi-ho is asked to fill out a form for her employment, which poses a bit of a problem — unless she uses the name Park Sun-joo, as Dong-joo advises.
Dae-woong perks up at the sound of someone arriving at the loft, thinking Mi-ho’s home, but it turns out to be Grandpa. Mi-ho declines at first, but Dae-woong prods Grandpa into playing the Weak Old Man card to get Mi-ho to agree.
Remembering the lost ring, Dae-woong heads back to the set with a flashlight to look for it. She asks him if it’s true that Mi-ho is leaving within three months, excited at his confirmation. He also finds Mi-ho’s cell phone left behind, and a text from Dong-joo with the address of their meeting place. Dae-woong finds Dong-joo sitting alone at the table and demands to know who Park Sun-joo is. Dae-woong mulls this over and over, wondering if Mi-ho was intending to live with Dong-joo with her new name. Thinking of the building near school that was supposed to be their stand-in for the picturesque ad, Dae-woong heads there alone.
She shakes her head no, assuring him that she could have used any person to hold her bead, “But because I liked you, I needed you. That night, she explains the details of the bead transfer, although she still remains oblivious to the part where Dae-woong dies upon giving it back to her.
I also like that this drama gives the second leads additional reasons for their actions other than pure jealousy or possessiveness. Dong-joo, on the other hand, is an interesting character because he doesn’t fit into an existing archetype, which is a great thing in my book.
JAVABEANS I think you can rejoice now because you get to recap such an awesome episode (GF used to recap most of the fun stuff). Guy Ritchie spends time at the beach with family in NapoliThe pair didn't look to be missing the cold British weather as they threw on their swimsuits to enjoy a dip in the sea.Guy, who divorced superstar Madonna in 2008, wore blue and white striped trunks and a yellow polo shirt for his day out. While 31-year-old Jacqui looked relaxed in a plain grey T-shirt, navy lace skirt and blue sandals. She's foregone the usual cover up fayre opting for a sweet lace skirt and tee ensemble. Lace is still an important story fashion wise so if you haven't picked out a lacy number yet, now is the time.
Worn like Jacqui you can create a smart casual look for the beach - add a cute T-shirt or vest and a pair of metallic sandals and you'll be ready for lunch as well as for stripping off to your bikini and running into the waves.
The word can also refer to the fishing flies which imitate these creatures, in which case it is used as a blanket term for flies imitating any underwater stage of an invertebrate (except for crayfish and leeches).
I was a little nervous that the drama might start to falter, what with the stresses of the live shoot and last week’s disappointing Monday episode. Thankfully she lands on the safety mat below, but the injury is more about her bead than the fall. The commotion grabs his attention, and his eyes widen to see Mi-ho lying unconscious on the mat. Her eyes are ringed with blue, the sign that her gumiho nature is slipping out of her control. Seeing that Dae-woong’s bleeding from when she shoved him, she worries that she hurt him. Mi-ho has realized her nature, and now feels burdened with guilt over how she must have scared him all this while with her forwardness.
She acted like a girlfriend, since this is the way a real human might react if she thought her boyfriend had cheated. He explains that because Mi-ho’s feelings have been hurt, he has to start with healing that.
Her response shocks him, because she tells him that he doesn’t have to, nor does he have to wear his ring. She pleads to be left alone and offers to stay away from Mi-ho and to quit the movie in exchange. Yet her easy agreement doesn’t make him any happier, and he storms out in frustration. Dae-woong is obviously dying to ask her to stay, but he hasn’t let his brain catch up to his heart yet and is taking out his frustration on her.

He wonders if it’s the bead acting up, which means Mi-ho might be in trouble, and rushes home. That spurs Dae-woong into action, and he kicks the door in, rushing to where she lies on the ground clutching her heart. Dong-joo plays along although he understands what’s really going on, then gives Dae-woong the advice that being with her will be more helpful than the medicine. When she wakes up in the morning, he’s still holding her hand, asleep at the bedside. He offers to accompany her to the film set, but she leaves so quickly so that he can’t. So when Sun-nyeo approaches, he starts to make the introductions… at which point Min-sook lets out a small, but audible, fart. This gives him an idea, because Mi-ho is less likely to turn Grandpa down, so he suggests that he call Mi-ho for a meal out. When she arrives, however, Grandpa’s gone (supposedly he got too hungry and left early). Getting out the red pen, she re-marks the days to bring them back to the previous count, then adds another to represent today.
He sees the camcorder ad and shows it to Mi-ho, reminding her that they’d wanted to travel to a place like that. He’s unsuccessful, and Byung-soo finds him hunched on the set in the morning, having spent the night there.
Inside, he sees the passport and papers bearing the name of Park Sun-joo, and starts putting the pieces together.
Carrying the documents, Dae-woong heads directly there — but passes Mi-ho on her way out. This gives Mi-ho the assurance to confide in him, and she says, “Because you like me, now I can tell you. I am a big fan of reversals and twists, and it makes the buildup preceding it that much more satisfying when we finally change up the rules a bit.
The British film director takes a photo of his family on the beachAccording to recent photos, it appears as if the director is keen to evoke the 60s setting with his leading man dressed in a smart suit and carrying a retro briefcase. But this episode was chock full of emotional developments, which have been building steadily to this point, and I always love when latent conflict bubbles over to the surface. What’s compelling and moving and complicated about this moment is that both are feeling guilty for their part in hurting the other, and it imbues the scene with added tension. It’s doubly meaningful that he frames her behavior as human, to diminish the distance between them and frame this incident as something they can overcome. But Dong-joo answers that she has to do something for him, and instructs her to keep acting as she has been. Dae-woong presses her to reschedule, but she tells him, “I have to leave after 100 days. Part of why I loved him regardless was because I knew this point would come, and that makes it so much more enjoyable to see him grow a pair, tell his noona to screw off, and declare his feelings openly. It’s taking everything in me to not IM my daughter (at college) so we can talk about it. Us too, so why not make a change with your beach style like Guy Ritchie's girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley? Bennett and while it would more usually be seen worn with smart heels and perhaps a blouse, Jacqui has taken hers to the beach and we have to say we're loving the look. He wants her to continue to interfere with the couple, in order to help Mi-ho get over Dae-woong. When he starts singing his song again, he amends the words to “My friend Mi-ho is a heartless gumiho. This best friend might be acting out of concern, but I’m sure we all know the girl who takes this a step too far and starts acting out of her own motivations rather than genuine care for her friend, right?
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