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When Maria Isabel Salazar Lopez’s family moves, there are already two Marias in her new class, so the teacher decides to call her Mary Lopez. The Between the Lions (R) Book for Parents : Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Child Learn to Read by Linda K. This chapter book is about a little girl, Maria Isabel, who has to go through the usual challenges of being a new student. I like this book because it highlights the Hispanic culture which allows Latino students to feel empowered but also encourages respect and acceptance of other cultures since they are focused on as well. Currently, I am using Maria Isabel for a book club and will use it to teach literacy while integrating social studies, math, art, and issues of social justice. Various cultures are represented in the book and encourage acceptance of other’s cultures, traditions, and holidays.
The method in which Maria Isabel stands up for herself is through a courage driven, detailed essay to the teacher describing why her culture is so important and why devaluing her name and culture is like overlooking the biggest part of her.
This book can easily connect to the literacy curricular unit but not limited to the subjects that have been mentioned above. About This BookWhen Maria Lopez moves to the United States from Puerto Rico and faces her first day at school, she finds herself in a classroom with two other Marias. Alma Flor Ada, an authority on multicultural and bilingual education, is the recipient of the 2012 Virginia Hamilton Literary Award. Scholastic helps teachers save on classroom materials with our exclusive "educator-only" pricing. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Please fill out the form below and tell us why you're bringing this poster to our attention. My Name is Maria Isabel by Alma Flor Ada is an excellent short chapter book about a young girl named Maria Isabel.
My Name is Maria Isabel is an empowering book for parents, children and educators because it shows the struggles of a young girl and how she works through her fears in being able to communicate with her teacher. The book also helps emphasize the importance of your name and how it helps identify you in a variety of ways.
This compelling portrait of an experience common to many language minority children inspires discussions on self-identity and biculturalism.

But when she meets her new teacher, she is told there are already two other Marias in the class.
Her biggest problem, however, is to be called Mary Lopez by her teacher instead of the name she was born with and is supremely proud of-Maria Isabel Salazar Sanchez. I also like that the book revolves around the issue of valuing student’s names and cultures and that it helps students and teachers to realize that these are extremely important aspects of a person that should be respected and understood. Social studies ideas: studying Puerto Rican people who have made a change in society, learning about Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States.
Students will see how these small social movements can easily be done within the classroom community.
Re-named Mary by her teacher, who does not know that Maria was named after her grandmothers, Maria cannot respond to her new name.
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Throughout the book, she continues to have this internal struggle and doesn’t confide in her family or friends regarding this problem. Many children have related to this book, because indeed our name is something so important for all of us. To her, this name has so much meaning because of her grandparents and feels that it is one of the most important aspects about her.
Literacy ideas: character analysis, reading comprehension strategies, learning of literary elements, persuasive writing, text to self connections, text to text connections.
Not until she writes a paper on My Greatest Wish does she become Maria again in this story about the value of heritage and its impact on the individual self. Finally at the end of this book, she gets the opportunity to discuss her feelings with her teacher through an essay regarding her three wishes. I am amazed than now, after 37 printings, I continue to receive the same kind of enthusiastic response as when it was first published — unfortunately that suggests to me that we as a society have not yet quite embraced the respect for diversity that would make the book irrelevant. I agree that there is a lot of work to be done in the area of diversity and your book certainly helps bring awareness to this issue. Presented in realistic terms, Maria Isabel’s struggles will ring true to many children in the US.

The result is not only a happy ending, but also an affirming study of heritage and how it is integrally bound up in an individual’s sense of self. Throughout the book she struggles to find the courage to stand up for the way she feels and to be understood by her teacher.
Part of her essay states “I think my greatest wish is to be called Maria Isabel Salazar Lopez.
Simply told, this story combines the struggle of a Puerto Rican family’s efforts to improve their life with a shared sense of pride in their heritage.
The brief text, adequately extended by line drawings, reads aloud well and could certainly be used in conjunction with Gary Soto’s The Skirt (Delacorte, 1992) to illustrate the Hispanic culture that is part of the lives of many contemporary children. Cuban author Ada (The Gold Coin, 1991) captures the authentic flavor of Latino culture in this warm, yet never sentimental, story: an entire family genealogy is encapsulated in a Latino name, as well as special connections between its bearer and the relatives for whom she was named.
When that was my name, I felt proud of being named Maria like my papa’s mother, and Isabel, like my grandmother Chabela. The author’s carefully drawn characterizations avoid stereotypes, thus increasing their appeal and believability. Presented in realistic terms, Maria Isabel’s struggles will ring true to many children in the US. Maria struggles to adjust to her new classroom because of this disconnection with her teacher about her name.
An essay involving a wish list gives Maria a chance to reclaim her name, and allows her teacher to make amends.
Abetted by Thompson’s straightforward black-and-white drawings, this contemporary tale serves as a good reminder that no two names are really alike.

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