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Most of the visitors I get to this site are women who are trying to get their ex boyfriends or husbands back.
Since I am assuming that most of the women reading this page have broken up with their boyfriends and are left wondering what went wrong, I decided to include information on a very interesting topic. As stated above, this page is all about the things that women can do in relationships that will cause men to lose interest in them.
Using my own experiences and research I jotted down everything I could think of that would cause a man to lose interest. I am not going to lie to you, I cannot date someone who is over emotional and I think a lot of men are with me on this. Now, lets assume for a minute that by some miracle I ended up dating her, the dream celebrity. I hope that drives the point home on how much of a turnoff being over emotional is to a guy. NEWSFLASH, once you are in a relationship with him you have to work even harder to keep him interested. In season 6 one of the male characters in the show is afraid that he is going to be r*ped by a female vampire. Sure enough, fast forward to episode 10 and there is the male character literally begging to sleep with the very sexy vampire. What it all boils down to is the fact that men think of themselves as conquerors and we look at women as mountains. I remember there was one time where I was so afraid of him cheating on me that I yelled at him for being in a car with his best friend and his girlfriend. Not to mention, women’s constant fears of men around other females are a giant slap in the face to men. Now, one thing I haven’t done yet is describe the different types of ways that women can control men. This kind of goes hand in hand with what I was talking about above with the fear of cheating. If a man figures out that you are just having sex with him to get your way then you better watch out because his feelings could deteriorate fast. Her boyfriend doesn’t dress sophisticated enough for her to be seen in public with him. The funniest part about high maintenance girls is that they often don’t realize they are high maintenance. Oh, and in case you were wondering I am not the only male who despises high maintenance girls. Newsflash, if you are high maintenance then the only guy you will have a lasting relationship with is one that has low self value.
In my article on how to get your ex back if he broke up with you I talked a little about a mans need to feel desired. Me losing feelings for her caused more fights, more fights caused more threats to breakup and more threats triggered an actual breakup. Throughout this site I have tried my best to explain that men and women can sometimes speak different languages.
Of course, being a tad bit overweight isn’t the only thing that can make him lose his feelings for you. Unfortunately, by then my feelings were long gone and everything she did annoyed me and made me angry. The reason I paired drama and fights together is because usually the two go together like two peas in a pod.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of.
Well, the best way is to let some time go by and make some significant changes in what you can bring to the table. At the beginning of my relationship with the ex (breakup has only happened within the week), to me, everything was awesome. I was dating a guy for 3 month and that period was really good, he seemed to be really into me and he was trying to win my attention,was very open about himself, interested in me and was imaginative in where to take and how to spend time. I wasn’t sure that this is goodbye but- finding your site I decided to apply the no contact rule. Meme details - cast your vote, add to your favorites, share on social media, participate in the discussion, or browse similar memes. So, I am assuming that most of the people who are going to read this article are out of a relationship and left wondering what went wrong.
While you do want to learn about what you may have done that could have caused him to lose interest deep down you may also want to get him back.
You see, to me an over emotional woman is a sign that this woman might freak out over any little thing. The way I see it, for you, it is all about keeping him interested in you and not giving him everything all at once. I was very uncomfortable with him around other girls and would do everything in my power to make sure he wouldn’t be around them. I guarantee you that if I was talking to you in person and you were to ask me if you were insecure (and you were) I would tell you no.
Like I said above, I have trouble delivering bad news to a woman in person because I know they are going to get really upset. In fact, I would say that a good 60% of men are just like me and will bend over backwards to please a crying woman. Personally, when I think of a high maintenance girl I think of someone who is impossible to please.

Those of you who are devout readers of this blog come back every day hoping that I will write a new post. The more time you are in a relationship with someone the higher the chances are that the man will lose interest.
I have found that when women talk you have to pay attention because they drop very subtle hints that are meant to test you and understand what you are thinking.
While that may be shallow of me (pretty bad I know.) I think it is important for you to understand how I think because this is how almost every other guy out there thinks. Letting yourself go during the course of a relationship is a surefire way to cause him to lose any romantic feelings he felt towards you.
I hope it makes you so angry that you go out and lose the weight you need to lose to turn into the beauty that we all know you are.
I have had multiple friends of mine (that were men) complain that their girlfriends don’t dress up for them anymore.
Truth is, the most dramatic situations I have ever encountered have all occurred AFTER high school. In every relationship there will be a hint of drama here, some fights there and every once in a while you will have a monster argument. It actually upsets me to the point where I can’t even work, eat or do any physical activity. So, if you are known to have a lot of drama in your life then it is entirely possible that your ex boyfriend lost his feelings for you because of that.
Sure, every once in a while a couple will fight over dumb things like if they left the lights on when the left but it is usually the MONSTER FIGHTS that are caused by drama. I felt that something wasn’t right and I asked him was he losing feelings for me and he said yes. I’ve exhibited a fair amount of this behaviour and I can really see where my ex is coming from now!! I understand being able to resist physical urges in order to make sure you you actually get along and have more than just a physical connection ( 3 months?
If someone genuinely likes you and has a connection with you , I feel like the order of these kings shouldn’t matter. But recently he became reserved and said that our relationship became sluggish( in a way it is true because we are students and writing our theses). One thing I have learned about women through my interactions with them is that women can be quite emotional.
To put that in perspective, there are certain posts on this website that aren’t even close to being that length. Now, I am about to lose some serious man points here but one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows to watch is True Blood. Unfortunately, some women fail to realize this and manipulate their way into controlling their boyfriends into doing what they want. What if every time that you even interacted with a member of the male gender your boyfriend were to step in and yell at you for it?
However, every time you feel the need to control a man because he is talking to another woman it just proves that deep down you don’t trust your man.
Now, while the girl may be manipulating the man by using sex the man isn’t exactly complaining about it. I am a pretty lenient guy but if I have to spend money on a girl constantly to make her love me then she isn’t going to have me for very long. So, in case you are oblivious to who I am, my name is Chris Seiter and I am THE man behind this site. One of the things that can cause a man to lose interest is the fact that he doesn’t feel admired by you anymore. However, as the relationship wears on Sally doesn’t tell Billy those nice things anymore.
I debated on whether to mention this as a cardinal sin or not (because technically it isn’t a cardinal sin) however, after a lot of thought I decided to include it because I want you to know everything about why a male can potentially lose his feelings for you.
While you have absolutely no control over this it is important to understand that it exists. You see, we were out at a restaurant and I was asking him how his relationship was going with his girlfriend of two years. This is an undeniable fact and the only way to keep him interested is to do what my buddies girlfriend does, keep things interesting. The two of you got a little too comfortable together, well comfortable enough for you but not for him. I am thinking back to the time that my now ex girlfriends parents called me over to their house and yelled at me on their lawn. I noticed a story about a friend that said his relationship was getting boring after about two years.
If your super naggy and overwhelming take a step back, if your never around text or call a little more. I was always happy, full of raw attraction for him, and saw how this huge potential for the 2 of us. I try and go over why all these things happened the way they did, maybe I was too highly strung, maybe I failed to understand him enough and then let things go, maybe when we first started dating I held back too much. They were dating for 5 years, he wanted to marry her but she cheated on him, he was absolutely devastated. He said after me he tried to date another girl but told me not to worry about her, they broke up.He actually offered to date again. Our relationship started off well, we spoke to each other constantly, saw each other when we could.

EBF Pro is a special 100 page guide that I wrote detailing everything I know about getting an ex boyfriend back.
I will admit that I have talked to some men that have broken down in front of me but that is actually quite rare. When I get comments like that I start to see why a boyfriend may have broken up with that person.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? For some reason women think that, that fact is changed when they are in a relationship with their men. While I will admit that those are some pretty extreme examples it can be extremely annoying for a guy to have a girl control his life.
However, I have had a girlfriend that tried to control me because she was uncomfortable with other girls around me. I think I would be more upset about the fact that the only reason you wanted to sleep with me was because you wanted to get your way. Your boyfriend may have lost his feelings for you simply because the two of you have been dating for a long time. To this day I have no clue what I did to my girlfriend to cause them to do that but it happened and the drama affected me for the entire next week. Out of no where he doesn’t seem interested anymore, no sex, no joking around anymore, barely says I love you anymore.
He promoted his nature to be sweet considerate caring and a philanthropist who valued honesty loyalty and authenticity as code values. Multiple women have already implemented the teachings in the guide and actually gotten their exes back. This means that every single day I have to think about writing posts, moderating comments, answering emails, talking to people on Facebook and in some cases calming very emotional women down.
While at first it is kind of flattering to have an actual member of the female species care about you that much eventually it hits a point where their fears about you cheating become very annoying. However, I am lucky that the internet and websites exist because I can kind of tell you exactly how it is. It wasn’t because I made you feel a certain way or that you really loved who I was as a man but because you wanted to manipulate me. At the time I began to lose my feelings for her because I felt that she didn’t admire me anymore.
While I agree that can be a picky thing to complain about it, it can also kind of have that domino effect that ultimately leads to a breakup. Not only did it make me not like her parents anymore but it made me lose feelings for her instantly. When we got back to our country, he started avoiding me, telling me he needed space and it just made me so needy and insecure (which in turn led to jealousy). The first part of our relationship was so wonderful, we both said we felt inside like each other could be the one. He ignored my messages, he only saw me when convenient and never seemed as invested as I was. So, if you want the exact steps to getting a boyfriend back laid out in front of your eyes I recommend visiting the page below to learn more about it. Now, some may think that being too emotional is a disadvantage, however, I see it as an advantage in a weird sort of way.
She thought that the reason her boyfriend broke up with her was because she was too controlling and she was absolutely right. Now, I didn’t lose my feelings to the point where I broke up with her but it was a contributing factor.
I remember forcing myself to try to like her on dates after the drama blowup with her parents happened. I can see what i’ve done wrong now and I so badly want to win him back and show him that i’m still the same girl he fell in love with! However, in spite of all my experience it is important to remember that I am a male and because of that I am very different than you.
Now he goes to college about 2 hours away in a week and there will be more exciting things and I’m scared that I will be to boring to be with any longer. In that small sliver of time he lied to me about what he was really up to and met up with a girl he had met on Tinder in the area the year before.
We got into a huge fight Friday and he has since said that he has lost all feelings for me because the fights have been breaking him down.
We talked about our communication and decided that perhaps we needed to put a touch more effort into keeping in contact. We’ve only been dating for four months, but I already feel way more for him than any other relationship. It is the simple fact that the person commenting is over emotional and that just really annoys me at times. He said he still cares about me and wants to eventually go back to being friends and doesn’t want to lose me in his life. He managed to talk me back in, by telling me it was a personal test of sorts and he knew more than ever he wanted me and his heart was feeling so open and loving for me which hadn’t happened in other relationships in a long time.

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