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The body of Julie Mott (left) is believed to have been stolen from her casket at immediately after her funeral at Mission Park North Funeral Chapel (right) in San Antonio, Texas (right) on August 15 last year. Lawyer Alex Katzman said the Motts were seeking nearly US$1 million in damages from Mission Park Funeral Chapels North after Julie’s body mysteriously vanished right after her funeral on August 15 last year. Police have so far focused their investigation on Julie’s ex-boyfriend, who has been described as “obsessed” with the beautiful blonde before and after her death from cystic fibrosis, though he has strenuously denied any involvement in the theft of her remains. The San Antonio funeral company is owned by longtime family friend Robert “Dick” Tips, for whom Julie’s father Tim once worked as a private pilot. Mr Tips has offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the return of Julie’s remains. A beautiful young woman called Julie Mott was bombarded with unwanted calls and text messages for weeks as she lay dying in hospital. The pest, an ex-boyfriend Julie, 25, dated for six years and hadn’t seen for two, continued his “obsessive” campaign right up until her death from cystic fibrosis — an illness she’d battled since the age of two. Julie’s service at the Mission Park North Funeral Chapel in San Antonio, Texas, was packed to capacity with family and friends. It was Julie’s wish to be cremated and after the service her embalmed body was wheeled away to a viewing suite for those who wanted to see her one last time. In the morning, employees preparing to transfer her casket to an off-site crematory discovered it empty. Staff discovered her empty casket the following morning, a Saturday, as they prepared to transfer her body to an off-site crematory. The funeral home showed no sign of a break-in and no alarms were set off, leading to initial speculation the theft of her remains was either an inside job or a story invented to hide some monumental screw up.
However, investigators indicated they believed this was no malpractice case — it was a body snatching.
Sgt Salazar added that he had never seen a case like it in his 22 years in law enforcement. Mr Tips offered reward of $US20,000 for information leading to the recovery of Julie’s remains. Later, an incident report obtained by My San Antonio newspaper would reveal police had identified a potential suspect who was reportedly texting and calling Julie “obsessively” before her death. But in October, “SP1” started posting a series of bizarre messages to a forum frequented by Julie, My Death Space.

The first post by user Heartbroken1 began by identifying himself as the “obsessed man” spoken of by police and spoke at length of his feelings for Julie and the history of their relationship. He described the funeral in detail, the snub by her family, his annoyance at a conversation between Julie’s mother and Dick Tips about flowers (he believed it was frivolous and inappropriate timing). Julie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of two and wasn’t expected to make to three but she fought her illness every step of the way, going on to live another 24 years. In late August, Julie’s parents made a direct appeal to the perpetrator, whom they and police described as “someone they believe they know”. Tim Mott said he was furious his daughter could not be laid to rest and said the person who stole her was twisted, mentally ill. Heartbroken1 acknowledged in several posts on My Death Space that police had raided his home and the home of his parents but had found nothing. Heartbroken1 started posting malicious stories about Julie’s family, alleging they had virtually cut he and Julie off when they shared an apartment for several years, even as her condition deteriorated. The stories appeared to be aimed at disproving Julie’s mother’s statement that he “could not have loved her more than she did”. He also shared a number of conversations played out on Julie’s Facebook page between her brother Jon Mott and himself, in which he claimed to have hired private investigators to find out who had taken Julie. Heartbroken1 reveals himself as the ‘obsessed man’ police believe took Julie’s body, in a forum about the case on My Death Space. When Julie’s brother Jon discovered the thread on his sister on My Death Space, he all but accused Heartbroken1 of stealing her body. Bill Wilburn, who outed himself as My Death Space user Heartbroken1, says claims police and Julie’s family that he stole her body are untrue and claims to have hired private investigators to find the real perpetrator. Bill Wilburn, posting as Heartbroken1, again denied Mott’s accusations, claiming he did not believe anyone stole Julie’s body but that she had been misplaced by the funeral home or cremated prematurely.
He refused to discuss the latest developments in this horror case with reporters but a statement from his company was released overnight. He was annoyed Julie’s dad Tim wouldn’t make eye contact with him but the feeling was replaced with a comfortable smugness when he remembered nobody in the grief-filled room loved her more than he did. The premises had no surveillance cameras, making it difficult for police to determine whether multiple individuals were involved.
The name of the man, aged in his 20s, had been blacked out before reporters viewed the document and subsequent media articles would refer to him only as “SP1”.

She’d been a fan of the site for years; it was a place in which she could use her dark sense of humour to cope with her illness without being judged. Investigators appeared to act on allusions made by Heartbroken1 in the forum to places that were special to he and Julie, searching forest trails and lookouts. He told theMy Death Space forum the lack of support from Julie’s family led him to develop a nasty Adderall and alcohol habit. From the start, he pointed the finger at funeral staff and mentioned a detail not released by police — that her casket appeared to have been “tampered” with. But Mott persisted, claiming his family had asked Mr Tips to “watch him at the funeral in case he stole something. The reason why I’m not going to ask Dick why they didn’t discover Julie’s body missing until after we picked flowers up on Sunday, is because I f****** know why. Police have confirmed several raids have been carried out on Wilburn’s home and premises belonging to his relatives but that nothing has been found. Your constant flip-flopping of ‘I’ll take the polygraph’ to ‘No, my mom doesn’t want me to take it’ is getting on everyone’s last nerves. I thought it was extremely disrespectful that when I got up to speak, you left your seat in the back of the chapel, walked up the center (sic) isle, and sat where I was seated. The sick f***** who drives by the house asking for Julie to peek out the window just so you can see her, which she never did.
I just wanted to come on here because I know this is one of Bill’s outlets and no doubt will be reading this. And now you want us to believe that you’ll take it but have a local news station do it opposed to SAID? The sick f***** who comes over in the middle of the night and finds Julie (sic) truck unlocked. I remember as we were walking out, my dad telling the funeral director to watch you because you might steal something.

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