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Last week Pinger launched a brand new version of its Textfree app in the Google Play Store. Users can also make calls to anyone in the US and Canada sometimes for free and sometimes on the cheap. A few months ago, Pinger upgraded its app with GIF chat, Freestyle Text and JukeVox. GIF chat allows users to send private video messages only the receiver can view. It’s unclear if Textfree will become available on additional mobile platforms any time soon. Pinger will issue users a phone number in order for their friends and family to identify and contact them with.
In fact, they could be on those dastardly landlines many of us have ditched and you can still call them and vice versa. The downside to Pinger is that MMS is only properly supported between two Pinger users, but perhaps that can be changed in future updates. The more feasible route for someone who doesn’t mind the risks of unreliable data connectivity is to get a 4G hotspot broadcaster and an unlocked phone. This is a perfect solution for people like me who don’t use their phones to place or even receive calls often. But even if you don’t bite on the ability to cut down on your phone bill you can still use Pinger as an alternative phone number.
Pinger users receive a free, local phone number they can then use to text or place calls to any phone number, giving them a second, fully-functional phone line. The company has an established community of over eight million active users on the Android and iOS platforms.

Textfree users on Android can seamlessly transition to the new voice features by simply downloading the “Pinger” app from the Google Play Store, allowing them to maintain their current Textfree phone number with these added services.
Pinger, together with millions of users, is building the planet’s first free, global communications network. We’ve written about Pinger before, which is a solid VoIP app, and want our readers to know about this upgrade. Users get 10 free minutes to start and can earn minutes to use for additional free outbound calls. For true free calling and texting you still need a source of data, but as long as you can provide that you won’t have to deal with the excessive costs which come with the need of texting limits and voice minutes. From there, the Pinger app is used to connect you with friends and family even if they don’t have a Pinger account. The full service works between the United States and Canada, though we understand there are 35 more countries where free text messages can be exchanged. Pinger also gives you a voicemail inbox in case you want to allow your friends and family to leave you messages should you become unreachable. For starters, the need for data connectivity is going to be something of concern for people — not every inch of the planet can get high speed data, or just data to begin with. A lot of plans start at $30 for a minimal amount of data, but can get as pricey as $100+ if you start needing double digit bandwidth.
Myself and many others prefer to communicate without using voice, and should the rare desire or need to place a call present itself then costs are sure to be minimal. Think of it as Google Voice in that regard, a service I know many people use to help separate their lives.

The company’s existing Android phone app, Textfree, is one of the top free apps in the Google Play store. Our mission is to ensure everyone can freely text and talk with the people they care about most. You can also make your GIFs self destruct after a certain number of views or allow them to loop forever.
Pinger provides just that and its Android application has finally been added to the Google Play Store. All incoming calls are free, and users can earn free outbound minutes by watching videos and downloading apps.
It is consistently ranked in the top 130 free applications out of the more than 400,000 apps that are currently available in the store.
Pinger simplifies network complexity with an intuitive, picture-based interface that brings together different types of communication in one place, from any device. At Pinger, we strive to make the costly completely free—and the complex surprisingly simple.
First-time Pinger users get 20 free outgoing minutes, and users have the option of earning more minutes or buying them.
The new Pinger app combines free calling and an ingenious new interface with the free texting capabilities of Textfree.

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