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The films come across as thoughtful and sincere and show how the vision of the founder, Soichiro Honda, still carries on in the company. What is the service this site is providing me – or to put it another way – what’s in it for me (other than a way to waste 10 minutes of my day)? This subject has been sitting in the combustion chamber for a while and I need to get it out on the nets. When email applications let line width run wild, it makes it much harder to read messages as your eye has a much farther distant to snap back to get to the beginning of the next line, increasing the likelihood of a reader losing their place. Anything from 45 to 75 characters is widely regarded as a satisfactory length of line for a single-column page set in a serifed text face in a text size. While this statement was referring to printed text, the same principles apply to line width for the web. The only application on OS X I’m aware of that allows for changes in line width is Entourage. Those previously wonderful, strategic, 76-character long line breaks now look like shit on my 320-pixel wide iPhone screen.
The concept of liquidity of content is an important one when designing for the web and other digital content that lives in different environments and is interpreted by different applications. What I suggest is that email applications (both local and web, like Gmail) impose a width on messages by default.
At the beginning of the year (2010), I started a newsletter here on SPI and used an eBook I wrote, eBooks the $mart Way, as a free gift to help generate more leads. Before I get deep into the how-to of building a newsletter, I’d first like to address what a newsletter is, and why you might want to think about offering one for your blog or online business. When you set up an email newsletter, you’re offering your audience a way to subscribe to get emails from you that contain informal news or broadcasts that you send out. By offering a subscription to your newsletter, you’re giving yourself the ability to capture email addresses, which is something that you cannot do with an RSS feed.
You can set up an opt-in form to capture email addresses on your website and only email your subscribers when you need toa€”but let me tell you why I think this is a bad idea.
Imagine signing up for my free eBook and never hearing from me again until months later, when you finally get an email from me promoting some kind of product. What’s the Difference Between RSS Email Subscription and the Newsletter Subscription?
This is actually the most common question I get about newsletters and email subscriptions, so I’m happy to address this here publicly. The RSS Email Subscription (through services such as FeedBlitz, which is something you can setup within your FeedBurner account) is a way for your readers to get your blog posts (and only your blog posts) emailed to them. Here on SPI, I used to offerA this option in a link at the upper right hand corner of the page. Yesa€”people will have to sign up twice if they want your blog content and newsletter both sent to their email. First, it’s good to know exactly what happens once someone signs up through a form on your site.
You have many options when it comes to signing up with an email marketing service, but ConvertKitA is by far the best in my opinion.
You not only have the ability to set up email automation sequences (or Courses, as ConvertKit calls them), but you can divide your list into categories according to user preferences.
After you register for your account and sign in, you’ll be taken to your control panel.
A confirmed opt-in email is an email that gets sent to people immediately after they subscribe to your newsletter.
You are given the option to turn this feature off, but it is not recommended for the reasons mentioned above. This email is usually already pre-written for you, but you can customize it a little if you wish, just to make it a little bit more personable. This is code that can be inserted into any of your emails (both in the subject line and in the body), which will automatically convert into the person’s name who you are sending an email to. And here is a link that shows us all of the variables and what each piece of code converts to. Welcome them to your newsletter, and announce that they will be shortly receiving an email from you. If you’re giving away something like an eBook, for example, you can let them know that links to their gift will be included in the next email. You can provide a way to easily contact you in case they have any issues regarding your newsletter. Advanced: This is also a great opportunity to add in an offer for either a product that you already have for sale, or an affiliate product related to your niche.
Note #2: Thank You Page #1 as shown in the diagram is setup when you create a web form that you insert onto your webpage. So for example, I have about 15 pre-written emails with killer content that are timed to be sent out every 7 days.
Your first followup message is always sent out immediately after subscribing, so it’s always good to put some kind of welcome message within this email. You can add other things if you’d like, but as far as a welcome email followup message goes, those things are pretty standard. Aweber recommends writing your emails in plain text, because plain text emails can be read by those who cannot receive html messages. After you finish writing any email, you should always send yourself a test message first so you can see exactly what your subscribers are receiving from you, and so you can re-read your emails and check for any errors too. After you save your messages, you’ll be shown a screen that lists all of the messages you have in your autoresponder series.
The web form is the form that you will place on your blog or website to collect email addresses. Many people, including myself, choose to place an opt-in form in the sidebar, mainly because it gets shown on every single page. The first three options are pages on Aweber that they’ve created for our convenience.

A short note that a confirmation email has been sent to them that contains a link that they must click.
Advanced: This is again a great opportunity to add in an offer for either a product that you already have for sale, or an affiliate product related to your niche. After you design your web form and finish with the settings, you’ll need to grab the piece of code that you insert onto your website that will show the form to your visitors. What you include in it is up to you, but note that your list will get this email in addition to whatever emails they may be getting from you from your followups.
I know this post is lengthy, but I wanted to create a one-stop resource for any beginners out there who may be interested in starting their own newsletter and building an email list. Thanks again for your support, and if you’re interested in seeing what my own newsletter is like, please feel free to subscribe using the form below, and you’ll also get free instant access to my popular eBook, eBooks the $mart Way, as a free gift! I have one question for you that I am kicking around as I get ready to launch my own newsletter. The only downside I have experienced so far (and it could be just me), the response time once you are logged in to your account is sometimes quite slow ie. I don’t think you can use auto-responders in the free MailChimp offering though, can you? Afiliates management is much better for Aweber, for all other aspects, Mailchimp is worth a try. I just created a free MailChimp account because I didn’t feel like paying for the Aweber account just yet. The problem with the free MailChimp account is that when you decide to switch to Aweber (and you will) you will have to rebuild the whole list! 5% is actually fairly high, I believe, so 1 out of 20 would be awesome if you’re pulling that rate.
For example, I have a form on my page that specifically addresses my eBook and newsletter, which gets a 30% opt-in rate. Great post – you are such a great source of info that I wake up every morning excited about finding enough hours in the day to start implementing just a portion of what you share with all of us. You do a great job of not only explaining the benefits of taking various steps in creating an online business; but your step by step instructions and screen shots make it super simple for someone to implement the strategies discussed. Do you think it is a good idea to send out a news letter once a week helping people study for their exam until I get my ebook out, or should I just focus on finishing my ebook and nothing else? To answer your question, I think a newsletter that goes out once a week for 2 months (8 newsletters), and then maybe a few more spaced out further apart to keep people informed would be good for people studying for an exam. Instead of cutting and pasting into Aweber, it takes the RSS feed and delivers the emaiils, either partial or full feed, whichever you want. You would have to do this on a separate email list than the newsletter one, if you wanted to keep the blog posts and newsletter emails separate, correct? Everything is relative and when designing for the web and it’s up to the designer to determine the ideal type size combined with the ideal line width (this site uses a main content width of 545 pixels against a font size of 12 pixels).
In Entourage, when you switch from rich text to plain text, it automatically resets the line width to 76 characters through the use of line breaks.
If a user doesn’t like the default formatting, they should be able to adjust or remove it. Three months later, I hadA over 2,250 people signed up for the newsletter and it averaged about 30 new subscribers a day.
It is currentlyA being updated to reference ConvertKit (as opposed to Aweber) as the email marketing tool that I use and wholeheartedly recommend.
This is usually in addition to the content you already have on your blog or online business website, and totally separate from an RSS feed subscription.
There’s just something about receiving an email from somebody that makes it extremely effective at getting a point across, or making people take some kind of action.
In other words, if you have an email list, you will always have a way to communicate with your audience. However, you have to be careful if you’re going to try and use your email list to make money online. That’s why I make sure that in whatever I do online, helping and informing people come first. But, it’s important that you consistently contact your subscribers and provide them with some kind of useful information in order to keep them around. This is convenient for many people, especially those who work 9 to 5 who like to catch up with their favorite websites at work, who are unable to use a standard RSS feed reader. Now, I link to my RSS feed on the home page, but encourage people to subscribe to my newsletter in more places on my site. With it, you have the ability to email your subscribers whatever you want, whenever you want. I personally use it, andA have been really impressed with the ease of use and quality of customer service.
It will be shown at the bottom of each of your emails, as required by law (the CAN-SPAM Act). This email contains a link that is used to confirm that the person is indeed a human and is someone who is interested in joining your list. In fact, there are several different types of codes that convert into various kinds of text. The first one is always a welcome email that is sent out immediately after they click the confirmation link in the first email that they receive. However, I’ve ran split tests before and the open rate (the percentage of emails that you send out that get opened) are virtually the same. It’s based on a number of things, including some of the words you write in your email, as well as the number of links you include (and what they link to), but if you write an honest email, even if it includes a few links, you should have no problems at all.
If after you receive your email you want to update or change a few things, you can always go back and click on your message to edit it. The one you see here on SPI was custom built for me by my web designers, but you can actually customize really well using the built in web form builder within Aweber. However, you can create multiple web forms for several different pages of your site, like the one I created on the page where I explain more about my eBook.

I recommend changing this text to something better that either tells your potential subscribers what they are getting, or is an actual call to action.
They each let the subscriber know that an email will be sent to them that contains a confirmation link that they must click in order to subscribe to the newsletter. It’s much easier to copy the javascript snippet because if you go back into Aweber and change your form, it will automatically update on your website. After you place the web form onto your website, you’ll then have the ability to begin growing your email list! A broadcast is a message that you send out to your subscribers that is not involved in the autoresponder series, meaning it’s not a pre-written email that gets sent out after a certain amount of time after people subscribe. Now, you should have no excuse not to get started, because everything you need is right here.
By the way, I love your newsletter and would welcome it even without the (killer) free e-book. Considering it is free for 500 subscribers and 3,000 emails per month, I think MailChimp is fantastic to try out your first email list building and newsletter. I didn’t realise there were that many options and will have to go back and make sure I get the biggest bang for my buck.
I would only add that if your list is high quality, you can begin making money immediately – even with a small list. I’ve just started truly aiming my website and business toward SMART passive income and you’re my guru here, so keep up the outstanding work! You hit them with good info up front when they are most likely to study hard and be involved.
I just wanted to provide the best information possible, and I think visual images would definitely help the beginners who aren’t sure what to look forward to. I have about 15 emails that could be used as blog posts, but I’ve reserved them especially for newsletter subscribers.
I have an email list of over 1000 people in one of my ecommerce stores, yet I’ve never sent a post out. And your ebook and newsletter are what prompted me to write my ebook (just released today) and offer it to my newsletter subscribers for free. I’m actually just taking normal screenshots with my mac (using cmd + shift + 4), and then dropping those screenshots from my desktop into Pages for Mac, and then using a picture frame that makes it look like a torn page.
Have you ever been able to compute your sales conversion rate & average basket in a period (one month for example) in your blog and in your email list? It shouldn’t be the responsibility of the user to have to adjust their email message window to the width for ideal readability. I’m speaking from experience when I say that if you can make your primary goal helping others, the money will come your way.
Again, it’s a more personal way to communicate with your readers and you can utilize that ability for marketing your own products, affiliate products or just simply driving traffic.
If you’re on my email list, you can see this address at the bottom of my emails, which is my business address. Also, it helps you make sure that the email address that they entered is valid, and not a fake one that they used just to grab a hold of whatever freebie you might have to offer. An unlimited amount of additional followup messages can be pre-written and setup to be sent out in certain time intervals that you can customize. This is why I choose to write HTML Messages instead, because I have a lot more options to dazzle up my emails. A high score will be a good indicator that your email may be blocked by some your subscribers’ email programs. It’s a one time email (although you can save it to broadcast again later) that gets sent to your list. I am trying to decide between Aweber and MailChimp right now as I’ve heard great things about both. As far as deciding between the two, I would just keep asking around to get as many opinions as possible. Personally I would recommend this if you are not sure about paying for monthly subscription yet until you have a larger list. Thank goodness you’re such a slacker or I absolutely would be overwhelmed at the prospect of even attempting to keep up with you! Your disciplined approach to (smart) passive income is very valued to me, and I thank you for pouring your heart into this business and sharing your thoughts.
As of today I have 220 people who have signed up for free practice questions that I have on my site, but I’ve been manually sending out the email.
If you have the autoresponder, you can do those emails all in one day and work on your eBook too. It is not as long as yours, but as so many real estate agents are not aware of the benefits of working with a real estate virtual assistant, that is what my topic was for the ebook. The free service from mailchimp is appealing as my list would start out small, but this thorough guide to using Aweber may have just made my decision a little easier. I try to make things the way I wish I saw them before I knew anything, and I’m definitely a visual person.
Remember where you will be placing this opt-in form on your website, as this will have an impact on the size of the form that you create.
However, since both seem to be reputable, I’d say it would be more beneficial to just go with one and start building your list now!
Not to mention just about every blog I read uses Aweber and I trust most of them… Thanks again Pat!
But, those email addresses will never change and you can always keep your audience informed of what you’re up to, even if you go completely off the radar.

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