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This is the first part of the interaction and there are a variety of ways to do this, but the most basic is over the shoulder. The point of this is to not spook the target and giving her a little relief that you aren’t going to follow her around like a weirdo. This is also another part of the interaction that is covered well in the video above, but the key concept is; you ask questions that are somewhat related to your personal interests, in order to find something you both have in common.
This is the part of the interaction that allows one to get the target comfortable with his touch. This is a technique that requires learning a few interesting stories that you are very familiar with.
This is good for getting the target more curious and interested in what you are saying; everyone wants to hear the good part. This is if you don’t get the Instant-date and you will just tell her that you need to go, but imply that you had a good time talking to her. I like to do this, because it shows her that I am not afraid to get physical and get’s her even more comfortable with my touch.
So there you have my basic break-down for how I like to perform my interactions when I Day-Game. Of course I am not going to share all my secrets, because I worked hard to discover them, but I think I shared enough to help those that are struggling improve a little.
I do not think that the demasculinization of men in our society is good for Pick-up in the future either. He even had to kill his own brother, following the event of his father’s death, just to take control of the tribe. Among learning what I just mentioned, I also read the details of which allowed him to become so successful in life.
At times I have gamed with people that have inspired me to expand my thinking, by allowing me to see things from a different point of view.
As for Medical Support, I would say this applies to a PUA’s personal mind-set and beliefs.
So that is where Genghis Khan took my mind earlier and I highly suggest reading about influential people, even if they are controversial.
Yes, that is exactly what I said… you think that she is going to just think you are so awesome that she randomly asks you to have sex with. If you ever expect her to get intimate with you, then she has to be comfortable making-out first. You have to get this part of outer-game developed and the only way one can do so is with practice.
He is chilled out, no ego and seems like he just loves to have a genuinely good time wherever he hobbles off to. So now I am going to cover 4 things that will pretty much get you almost every woman you pursue.
This is what separates you from the friend-zone, you need the balls to actually try to get what it is you want. You need to start thinking about all of the formal and you’ll be good to go or at least significantly better than you were. Furthermore, I have a great new book to suggest for those that are wanting to read some quality material that will make a difference. One-night stands are fun but they almost always are with someone you don’t want to have an LTR with. But if you are willing to take that chance, because you are about the fast life, then by all means. This I ask so I can see if she is here with her boyfriend or friends that I can win over if needed. The ego is a dirty little thing that we all need to get into check, otherwise we’ll drive quality people away and only attract the wrong ones. Even if you are the strongest guy in town, no one wants to know it and it is definitely not going to impress any woman you’ve just met.
Yes a woman can appreciate a guy that has his finances in check, but not if he has a shitty attitude or stresses her out everytime she is with him. Yes, this is a good start and I know some of you may have been able to pull some foreign girls bragging about how you were the captain of the lacrosse team, but don’t do it anymore. One of the biggest signs of not just a big ego, but an insecure person, is getting jealous of other’s attention. Sometimes guys even go as far as to start knocking their long-time friends while he is with an attractive girl he just met. The opposite would merely be, saying thank you when someone does something for you; whether it be taking your coat at the coat check or even just moving out of the way so you can get by. Modesty is viewing yourself as equal to the rest of the world and working together for a greater good or better world. The ego is a massive battle for most of us and even the most spiritual and giving person can have one. Nevertheless, whether we have a high appreciation of ourself does not mean we need to share it with the rest of the world; bottom line.
Well, that got me thinking and I realized that a similar strategy can be applied to Pick-up Artistry. However on the flip-side, if you game day-in and out, while holding on to what you discover works and tossing out what doesn’t, then you will strengthen or increase your market value in the dating world. Over-time, if you choose to learn these concepts and actually get better, each technique will be like whatever object of choice Christian Bale was chucking into those windows to break them. To reiterate, women tend to fall into these trances when a man is behaving in a romantic way; whether it be in a movie, in a book or in real life. Books like 50 shades of grey are great for getting a front row seat to the kinds of sexual fantasies that a lot of women think about.
I think romance novels paint a picture and outline exactly how many women want to be seduced.
Yet this is still an educating experience if you want to see first-hand what women are attracted to; as far as behavior and the actual seduction process. These are all exercises that will snap your mind into a more realistic idea for behavior that will emphasize the small differences of which make and break you in the dating world. The lack of information in the PUA Community about taking women on actual first dates (much less dating and relationships) is a bit misleading.
I know we’ll be in a bit of hot water with the ‘Same Night Lay’ companies out there, but allow me to explain. However, assuming you’re a normal guy and not an obsessive compulsive PUA Community guy with a warped perception of reality, then the most common (and emotionally healthy) outcome is a first date. Since you and a lady have exchanged information at the club (or bar, or bookstore, or cafe) and she’s now chomping at the bit to see you, it’s your job to make the first move towards a first date both memorable, interesting and romantic.
If you ask 1,000 women to describe their idea of a perfect date, you’ll get a multitude of answers. If you ask them to describe best date they’ve ever been on, you‘ll get even more; Some will say a guy took them rock climbing or some preferred a quiet date at the movies.
I can’t design the perfect date for you (I mean, I can, but I‘m not going to), but I can help you craft your own awesome date that she’ll never forget by teaching you the three rules of first dates.

First Date Rule #1 is all mental, and you have to accept it if you’re ever going to have a successful first date. For example: If we want to make sure that place will be able to accommodate us when we do arrive, we need to make the reservations. Accept 100% of the responsibility so that if she offers to do something (foot the bill, get the drinks, order the deserts), it will not only be a weight off our shoulders, it will be a pleasant surprise.
When we accept 100% of the responsibility in arranging and executing a date, we are in complete control and being DOMINANT.
Take time out to plan several places that you can bounce to in the event that one gets a bit stale. In order to make sure these places you’re choosing are date-worthy, run through our RESIST checklist by asking yourself the following questions, making sure that you can ‘resist’ planning a lame date like every other guy. Maybe it’s uber-romantic and has got soft jazz and candle light (good for strong connections), or maybe it’s less traditional and there’s rock on the juke box and kitschy, vintage colored lights (good for injecting some indie fun into a date). When you go to this new place, will you have to be constantly filling time with questions and stories about yourself, or will there be times where you can both sit back and enjoy the environment? Whether it be a museum with interesting exhibits or an amusement park with a lot of things to see and do, make sure you’re in a dynamic environment that can stimulate her senses and take a little of the load off your back. This is the other side of the ‘Entertaining’ coin: You don’t want an activity that is too complicated to enjoy. Entering into a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament might seem fun if you’re both into it, but it will be a very complicated affair .
Whether it be to increase intimacy in conversation (building deeper rapport) or pure sexual escalation (when the time is right!), make sure that your location has the option of letting you two be alone. Being on a date with someone that isn’t enjoying your company is pretty bad, but being on a date with a girl who is ready to go home with you when there’s nowhere to do it is even worse! This is a really important aspect of a date and fits in the VERY important category of “Calibration”.
Or hit-or-miss options that she might REALLY like (in which case, they would be good) or might not care about at all (like a concert or art gallery).
Hit or miss options are best saved for second or third dates, when you know the girl better.
Much like ‘Isolation’ being able to extract from a particular location is really important. Now that you’ve begun to understand the important elements, you can easily craft a great first date yourself. You only need a few good locations to make a lasting impression: Choose places you know well and control the variables of.
Enhance your strengths to Demonstrate Higher Value: If you are terrible at pool, playing pool is not a good date activity.
Always have something to talk about: Whether its writing interesting things down or practicing your improv and bantering skills, ALWAYS assume that you will be in control of the conversation for the first 30 minutes to an hour. Get it on your terms, but be sensitive to her: When making the date, be sure to be in control, but also know that things may arise that you didn’t expect. Like anything, practice makes perfect, so be sure to refine and tweak each individual element, rule, and guideline every time you date so the next is always better than the last! Seriously, check out what our students had to say and then BUY THE FIRST DATE FORMULA FOR ONLY $7! I got the impression from the article that the man should pay for the first date.  Must the man really pay for the date?  Can he just pay for himself?  How much should a man spend on a first date? The reason I suggest over the shoulder is because it is the least threatening way to approach and will allow you to get some rapport built without alarming her. However, if you are trying to meet a woman sooner than later, then I would avoid the women that aren’t willing to qualify themselves to you. This is basically a subtle story that tells the girl something about you that implies you aren’t a loser and a man of value.
The idea is to tell the stories up until the most interesting part, then switch to another story and repeat the process. If she seems like she enjoyed talking with you, then now is the time to ask for her number to hang out later.
I’m hoping to check out the same high-grade blog posts from you in the future as well. Now we are free to do cold approach all we want, but I couldn’t imagine life without that privilege. With an iron-clad will he raised an army of 20,000 men and dominated the enemy into submission; thus taking back the tribe.
I took note of 3 things that intrigued me and I think can be applied to achieving success in life, even today. He was able to mold his way of living and conquering into whatever was necessary to at the stay at the top of the totem pole.
Not just that, I am even given motivation when hearing of other’s personal achievements. I think having a purpose that one is passionate about would be the best way to get this vessel under control. Even when he had the whole tribe against him, where most people would give up and run off, he chose not to let it discourage him. If you want a super-model, then you need to start on the journey to become the man that a super-model will date. If you are one of the guys that deals with this a lot, hence is one of your sticking-points, then today is your lucky day… you are about to get the cold, hard truth on why this keeps happening. Well, just because it worked a couple of times when you were young doesn’t mean it will work now 15 years later. This means starting with a little playful hand-holding and escalating to kissing in a charismatic fashion. Reading about seduction theory or psychology books is great, there are definitely a lot of intriguing concepts out there, but figuring out what fits your own developing personality is only solved by putting in the work. Look for the positives in life and if you have to, watch a funny movie; laughter is the best medicine. Undoubtedly, if you can get this part of your game figured out then you’ll drastically increase your win-to-lose ratio. This is another book covering mainly outer-game strategies and it’s definitely something that will bring a new sense of awareness to your game. Behavior can do this because the way women choose a life-long mate… well the way quality women choose a mate is not entirely superficial. This will show her independence and that you are someone that will not faulter and whom she can lean on when she may need a boost inspiration herself.
Not really a big deal if she is with friends, but there is always the chance of getting cock-blocked; which will lengthen the process. You should be asking them these questions in between playful banter and only if she is receptive to your advances or eager to engage you in conversation. They care about whether you are fun or not, whether you are a good person, whether you will stand up for them if someone disrespects them, whether you are genuine… All of these things are what matter most. It’s not cool and if you have a guy like this in your social circle then I suggest cutting him loose.

It’s being a team player and naturally, anyone can see why this is an attractive trait. I think I remember that he had a business that insured broken windows; something along those lines.
If you are inexperienced and have no idea how to make yourself look and behave more attractive en route to between your target’s sheets, then you will undoubtedly shit yourself and destroy that demand.
All these terms are full techniques and field-tested knowledge used for improving your outer-game. You are in a small-town, where you are the only window insurance company that exists, and this is back before surveillance equipment was commonly used. I was analyzing how the love scene made me feel and realized that it had the opposite effect on me as it did on my girl. To better understand how to recreate these scenarios, as well as understand women better; I decided to list 3 exercises that will help you get a better understanding for women.
It can actually get pretty demented and twisted, but still many of these girls I date ask me to email them a copy of that book series; which must mean something.
Plus 50 shades of grey is commonly bought by many men as well, so there is no shame in reading it. By the small amount of instruction and education the community and pick up artist forums offers, one tends to think that Same Night Sex is the majority of outcomes from cold-approach pickup. From a cold-approach, you can get a number, you can get a makeout, you can get a makeout and a number, a Same Night Lay, or even the infamous double cold approach threesome made infamous by Johnny Wolf! You’ve taken an ABCs Bootcamp or attended and pre-ordered Gareth Jones’ iGame: From Text To Sex program, so you already know how to get a girl’s number and get a date lined up (right?), so we’re going to skip that part and get right to discussing the rules and guidelines that make a date good so that you can set one up yourself. I went out with a girl that said I took her on the best date of her life, and all we did was drink 2 Diet Cokes at the bar across the street and then make out on her couch for an hour before hopping in bed. If you want to make sure you don’t spend an hour getting lost, either have GPS or printed directions. So many dinner dates fail because the woman feels trapped while guys struggle to talk about all the things she wants to hear. You need to incorporate a few different locations (or activities) so that you can achieve different things on the date, not just talking and eating. Don’t go to the places you go with your buddies when you need a cheap drink, make the effort to choose a place that is aesthetically pleasing and will help you create the story of a romantic first date. Either way, make sure there is an ambience that is different from her standard trip out of the house, so you can build the connection and create a movie-like experience. Adrenaline is also a great addition to a date, so be sure to choose at least one location that gets her blood flowing, like bumper cars or rock climbing. Playing a game of ping-pong is a fun activity that is both competitive and simple, therefore, making a great date activity. The two of you will be doing so many other things that you won’t have time to build a connection.
Is your date location somewhere you think your girl (or ANY girl) would want to go to, and is it even appropriate for a date, at all? Whether it be to move to your next date location to jumpstart a fading night or to head back to your bedroom for the final element, does this place offer a quick opt-out so that you can move onwards and upwards? Start by arranging a time and place to meet, discussing travel details and then choose your locations! Instead, head over to miniature golf, where you can teach her a thing or two, and look impressive while doing it (sorta). Even if a woman is attracted to you, sometimes they’re waiting for you to give them something to go on. If she keeps talking about how much she’d like to see a particular movie that neither of you have seen, head on over to the theaters to see when it’s playing, even if it’s not on the agenda or the ideal situation.
We distilled the absolute BEST first date techniques and achieved a mind boggling 90% success rate with EVER SINGLE FIRST DATE we had with beautiful girls. There are many routines online that are useful; I personally would suggest routines by PUA Neil Strauss. It is getting a bit scary how so many out there are eager to take away our freedom of speech. Who knows… they might introduce you to someone willing to drop a million bucks into your business or business idea. It’s almost as though men will start staying home, not working, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children in later years.
Many of you might not know this, Khan’s father was a chief of a small tribe, but was poisoned while Khan was a young teenager. This is very similar to how I’ve developed and have continued to develop my personal means of getting the women and things I want. He took what he thought was rightfully his and there was nothing anyone could say or do about it. As soon as I’m able to convince them to change that out-look, then their lives start changing. Even if she does say no, if she is being playful and receptive to having conversation, then that is an indication that she is still attracted to you.
Undoubtedly, we do have the urge to dip in something risky and exciting to spicen things up there and again; hence my choice of bringing up the topic. When identifying a potential one-night stand, one should seek out the most receptive women above all else. What Christian Bale’s character does is create that demand by breaking all of those windows. These activities will also give you examples of what women are truly looking for on a date. Not only do you get to see Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise act their corniest, but you get to see exactly what kind of corny crap women want you to do. If we want to make sure we get to a location in a timely manner, we need to be in control of the mode of transportation, whether it be to drive or to research the transportation effectively. At best, you have a great conversation and at worst, you both awkwardly pick at your food and wish you were somewhere else. On top of that, you will sacrifice most all of the other elements of a good date location, as well!
So have a few conversation topics ready and obviously, avoid the first date conversation killers: religion, politics, and death. If the movie turns out to have a bad (depressing) twist, that’s the end of your fun time, and kills any chances of getting with that girl again.
When you go to the cafe you can see what she likes and have a couple of options on hold for afterwards, depending on whether things go well or not.
Take a mental note and add them to your mental checklist whenever you advance upon a new target. Your outer-game is looked at as a tool for creating that demand; outer-game is how you behave or look when seducing a target.

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