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If you grew up in Northern Ireland, chances are you say a few things the rest of the world just don't get. From laughing when someone 'falls on their hoop' to telling a pal he is 'doing your head in' - it's quite clear that sometimes we speak a different language.
But how well do you know these Northern Irish sayings and can you tell your 'bout ye' from your 'alright mucker'? To prove you are a pro at Northern Irish phrases, take our quiz and prove you know the lingo.
Wall Street lore is filled with proverbs that purport to be sound rules for investing your money.
Having the stomach to buy undervalued equities in the scariest of downturns has long worked wonders for contrarian investors, from John D.
Investing in bonds is certainly a good way of diversifying your portfolio to mitigate risk.
A Super Bowl win for an original American Football League team foreshadows a decline in the stock market for the year, and a win for an original National Football League team means the market will be up.
This oft-cited "Super Bowl Indicator" has worked about 80% of the time through history, but, when it hasn't worked, the results have been disastrous.
The so-called "January effect" once was a remarkably reliable barometer of market performance, most likely because of stockholders' tendency to sell stocks for losses at the end of December and then buy them back in January, especially early in January. If you're a retail investor and you’re lucky enough to get in on an initial public offering (IPO), hold on to your wallet. The logic here is that you should keep most of your money in stocks and the rest in bonds and cash when you’re younger and can weather the ups and downs of the stock market -- and don’t need the income from bonds.
A typical split means you get two $50 shares for the single $100 share you used to own, and key value measures such as the stock's price-earnings ratio and dividend yield remain the same.

The price of the precious metal is notoriously volatile and does not reliably keep up with inflation. For example, though a Giants victory in 2008 foretold a market rise for the year, the team's huge upset over the Patriots came with a 34% loss for the Dow. But as with all inefficiencies in the market that are widely publicized, investors have learned about it and adjusted their trading to diminish the effect. You need only look back to March 5, 2009, when negative market sentiment, as measured by the American Association of Individual Investors, hit the highest level ever recorded. The "sell in May" adage advises investors to unload their stocks to dodge potentially losing months and buy again after Halloween (hence this phenomenon alternatively being called the "Halloween indicator"). As you reach middle age, you should have less of your money in stocks and more in bonds to help solidify your next egg. The Federal Reserve has pushed interest rates to historic lows while the economy has been on the mend.
But in reality companies that split their shares tend to beat the market for nearly three years following the split. The addition decreases the portfolio's overall volatility because the movements of the two types of investments aren't closely linked and can offset each other.
It's a commodity, so it doesn't pay interest or dividends, and it lags the returns of stocks and bonds over long periods.
Plus, with more people investing through tax-sheltered retirement plans, fewer folks are selling for a tax loss at the end of the year.
Four days later, Standard & Poor's 500-stock index bottomed after declining 55% in 18 months and embarked on a recovery that has lifted the benchmark 190% through June 2014. But such moves can trigger transaction fees and taxes, and the bigger risk is that you’ll miss a summer rally.

When you retire, you should still keep some stocks for growth so that you keep up with inflation and your nest egg doesn’t disappear before you do.
That's because splits typically happen when company executives are confident about the stock’s future -- they perceive the share price as too high for the average investor, and they think it’s only going to get higher. But gold's price often rises during times of crisis when stocks drop or meander -- witness the nearly 600% increase in the price of gold over the 10-year period ending September 5, 2011, when a buy-and-hold investment in stocks in the S&P generated a total cumulative return of just 25.9% -- mostly from dividends. Beware as well the also-suspect "January Indicator," which suggests that the market's full-year results will fall in line with its January performance. For example, if you had bought stocks on November 1 in 2008 and sold April 30, 2009, you’d have experienced the Dow's 12% loss for that period. But remember to consider more than just your age; think about your investing experience or how comfortable you are with risk, for example. The trick is to learn to look at your portfolio's ups and downs as a whole -- and not panic and sell a single investment when it drops. The metal can provide ballast to offset losses in equities, so if you find gold alluring and comforting, by all means own a little. And if you had stayed out of the market through October, you'd have missed out on the index's 19% gain. Plus, when it comes to issuers of corporate, foreign and municipal bonds, there’s the risk (the poorer the economy the greater the risk) that they’ll default on their debts. An alternative approach: Stay invested, but come May, tilt your portfolio to defensive issues such as health care stocks or consumer goods companies.

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