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I went from feeling that God was distant to a thriving relationship with Him by soaking in His Scriptures and connecting with Him by reading the Bible. There are four gospels that tell about the birth, life and ministry of Jesus; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Hungry for spiritual growth but feel you may need a guide and more in depth teaching on the Bible? I have a spiral bound notebook that I write my favorite Scripture verses in and the lessons God showed me with that verse. There is no magic formula for reading the Bible, but God will grow you when you are intentional about seeking Him there.
He will speak to you in ways you could never imagine and you will experience the depth of His love for you! Reading the Bible can feel like such a chore, but man, when you find a verse that jumps off the page, it is amazing! wants to share the good news so that believers can know the truth of the Scriptures. Published since 1956, Our Daily Bread is distributed in more than 40 languages around the world.
At Grace to you, Pastor John MacArthur offers daily devotionals and sermons as well as daily readings. I feel closest to God when I make bible reading a priority daily and read the bible through in a year.

My goal was to read it from cover to cover and write down all the questions I had along the way.
I love the Old and New Testament equally- and remember someone telling me The OT is Christ concealed and the NT is Christ revealed. There you can find resources to help in your Christian walk, including Bible study tools and more. Find answers to your questions about what the Bible says, read the daily devotional or engage in Christian community. To help they provide answers to the basic human question of where we came from, what’s our purpose and what happens when we die? Currently there are over 1000 Bible Study Fellowship classes in 38 nations and on six continents. The daily reading plan consists of selections from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. It will easily lead you to the verse your heart needs to hear. Bible Gateway is also a fabulous reference to search for verses on your desired topic. BUT that got really tedious, so I whipped out my Through the Bible in a Year Workbook and that is helping me get through it in a more structured way.
Truth be told, scholars and theologians have read and studied the Scriptures for centuries and still there is disagreement. There’s a prayer room to share your concerns or where you can pray for the concerns of others.

There’s also a chronological version and the option to get a daily reminder via email. Starting at the Gospels will help you grasp the sacrifice of Jesus, identify with His time on earth and relate to Him in a more personal way. Bible Gateway also provides reading plans, devotionals and inspirational emails to help you in your study. Our Daily Bread is a division of RBC Ministries which seeks to lead people of all nations to personal faith and maturity in Christ.
MacArthur serves as the President of The Master’s College and Seminary, and is the featured teacher with the Grace to You media ministry. There are even plans to help you read the Bible in manageable sections, such as One Year Bible Online.
I like to read a book at a time and not in order ( although in the past I have read through in order or structured reading plans) – and vary my reading based on where God may lead…or my ADD may take me! So if you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, here are some of the best online Christian resources.

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