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Valentines Day is a day of celebration of love and couples in love, whether married or unmarried celebrate this day by spending quality time together.
We love sharing inspirational Bridal shoots with you lovely lot and today’s is a corker.
The theme captures the sense of longing we all feel when parted from our loved one…waiting for them to return. Right, I’m off to braid my hair, find a pink feather shrug and send a love note out into the ocean.
The design was created as an ethereal showpiece and is a little risque however it can be combined with a silk slip or lining in order to create modest coverage for the contemporary bride.
This shoot was so much fun, the dress, as its title suggests, is so pure and I wanted to shoot it against a romantic backdrop evoking feelings of yearning for a loved one. A homage to 16th Century war veterans who would send messages in bottles to their loved ones.
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Becca a girl can NEVER have enough feather capes in her life…it’s just like you can never have enough red lippies in your make-up bag!

Although I’m terrified of birds…I always think that they are going to swoop down out of the sky and attack me, so no birds of prey for me!
There may be a long distance romantic relationship between the girlfriend and the boyfriend where they may stay in faraway lands for some work or education purposes.
The wishes for him on Valentines Day are sent through text messages and gifts are also given to each other on this special day of love celebrated on 14th February.
Our bond of love has grown to be the strong and prefect relationship we have and which we celebrate so dearly on Valentine’s Day. Jenni of Sparklewren is so artistic; her designs are completely unique and can be customised to each individual bride.
In this way, the naughty communication between them carries through calls and text messages and the Valentine’s Day wishes for the girlfriend are sent along with gifts for her. I hope this day gives us the chance to relive those special moments we had across the years together. You are too special a person and the love we share on this special day love will be cherished forever.
I wish to celebrate the special day of love in a grand way spending quality time with you my beloved.

I would be there near you soon to celebrate the day of love together and cherish the affection we share. I look forward to you joining me in the celebrations next weekend and send a beautiful dress for the party.
I send gifts for a good celebration and hope you are enjoying well with friends since I am away. Let this day make our relationship stronger as we share the deep feelings from the miles that lay apart. Dear, I got profound happiness and unlimited affection for such a wonderful person like you.

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