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Do you want to transform “coldest” woman into “Passion-Addict” woman by pushing few hot buttons? If you answer yes, to this question then continue reading this post because in this post you discover three ‘magical’ texts that will transform any woman into “passion-addict” and able you to fill her heart with lots of emotions in your favor.
The 3 ‘magical’ that I am going to reveal will work only on one condition and that is you should have contact number of your girlfriend and she also know how to send text message.
And one more important thing I want to mention is that if you don’t put these texting thing into action then don’t complaint about why you can’t able to get out of friendzone because it does not matter how much you learn about texting if you don’t put into action, you will not obtain any result. It means creating a ‘separate’ world in which only you and your girlfriend talk with each other and all other life’s busyness kept aside. So, if you previously complaint that your girlfriend never text you back then after sending Curiosity text your problem will disappear. But, in compliment text you have to make your girlfriend realize that she is the most beautiful woman in this world. Or, if you know some features of your girlfriend that she is proud of, you can also give compliment about it. Truly speaking women are hungry for great compliment and they feel out of the world when great compliment comes from her boyfriend mouth. In the first step you send curiosity text to make her desperate about what are you thinking about and in second “Compliment Text” you gave her great compliment that surely bring smile to her.
Nature designed man and women completely different and their way of thinking is different as well.
Women can’t stop themselves from imagining about next date once they receive great compliment from her boyfriend. By sending these three powerful texts you can transform any ‘coldest’ woman into ‘passionate’ babe because every woman’s brain works in the same direction.
Hi, I am Doug, I created this site to share my honest opinion regarding Bobby's Key Lock Sequence. Read my review on left hand side and download FREE "7 Deadly Texting Mistakes" Ebook at the end of my review. In this post I am going to give you three ‘magical’ texts that will able to process your relationship with that special girl.
I known in this technology world it is very hard to find anyone that don’t know texting thing.
It is better to get out from your comfort zone and try something different to see how these magical texting works.
It is tool that will create separate world for you and your girlfriend in which you both come close to each other and take your relationship to the next level. When you start sending Curiosity text the separate world start taking place in which your girlfriend thinks about you and only you. Notice there is nothing flirty in this message and its look quite simple but wait, it is powerful magnetic text like the one that explain by Bobby in Magnetic Messaging (read review at homepage). Once you receive this message don’t reply back quickly instead take enough time to make her desperate for your message.
New boring ideas start building in her mind and she really wants to know what you are thinking about.
Some girls want to increase few inches in their height, while others want to get more curvy body and some want bigger body assets. It must be something that makes your girlfriend to feel that you always desire to meet her. It is possible after sending last message your girlfriend can’t stop her from sending more messages and give up her all guards and allow you to fill it with lots of love in your favor.
But recently I got couple of email from guys that want to know how to switch-on their girlfriend and his girlfriend doesn’t know how to send text message. It does not matter what she is doing, wherever she is, whatever she is doing, she will never forget to send reply to that message. These few words will push your girlfriend to know what are you thinking and external force push her closer to you. If you receive couple of messages after her first message, don’t get crazy and start sending her text.
These compliment texts are very powerful because your girlfriend thinks her boyfriend is very much caring and thinking about her everytime.

Anyways, these 3 ‘magical’ texts are only for those guys that have their girlfriend number with them but struggle to take their relationship to the next level.
They were married in 1969, raised four children together, and spent every single night together until her death in 1998. Your lover will fall head over heels for these beautiful and utterly romantic text messages.1.
Liu worried that his wife wouldn't be able to make it down the mountain easily, so in their second year he began carving out steps for her.
When they got married, there wasna€™t the option to have photos taken, and it is something they have dreamt of having ever since. I mean, come on- can you think of anyone who wouldn’t instantly smile after reading something as adorable as this?
It feels good but you know it’s going to make you sick.There were times I love to hate you. Advertisement  They have your heart, they put a smile on your face, and your love for them will never end. But when you stumble and fall, take my hand and let me be the one to help you get up again.For an intensive guide on how to put spark back into your relationship with just Text Messages, I recommend you watch this video presentation here; Magnetic MessagingAnd do you know you can even get your ex back with just simple but highly effective text messages?
Check out related post below and don’t forget to say hi in our Facebook Fan Page  comment box below. Though studied Biochemistry but love writing and sharing his knowledge on matters of the heart. I just want you to know how much I care, and that you’re always in my thoughts when I can’t be there. I am completely enthralled by your beauty, mesmerized by your charisma, and spellbound by your fascinating love.
If he really loves you, she should be able to tell family and friends about you, failure to do that, look like he’s having another girlfriend somewhere else. Seriously, time is going, sit him down and tell him about your fear in the relationship, ask him why he didn’t want to tell his family and friends about the love he said, he has for you. A piece of my heart is always missing when you’re not with me. At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel wanted- especially by their lover. This text message is incredibly powerful and will give your lover that confidence and romance they need and crave.14. Every moment I spend by your side, the world seems absolutely perfect.Probably one of the cutest and most romantic things you could ever tell your lover.
When the time comes that I can’t smile anymore, don’t worry, I will know what to do: just think of you.
No one else could ever make me as happy as the way you do. An utterly romantic comment that is sure to bring a smile to your lovers face. If they make you smile no matter what, then this is something you need to send them ASAP!18. This is a great message to send right before bed, especially on those nights you simply can’t fall asleep. I am here not because I should be, Not because I am held captive in this situation, But because I prefer to be with you.
Something to send your lover on one of those days where you just can’t express your love in any other way!20.
No matter where our lives take us I will always be by your side.Making a promise to your lover such as this is always something they love to hear.
Though women arousal comes from within and it takes a bit of time before it comes on, but how to know when and how to make that happen is what you’re going to learn in this post. Once you know how to excite her mind with words, you can make her wet in no time.These Pointers will help you understand how to use romantic text messages to turn woman on1. You need to find out what’s her interest firstNot every girl can be turn on with some certain thing especially things that they don’t fancy.
For you to be able to turn woman on, you need to do your research and find out what is her interest, and that will help you in achieving your objectives ‘to turn her on’. Once you’re able to get that, you need to include it in your word repeatedly to get her attention, and then use romantic texts to complement on that.2.
Don’t text her at the wrong timeAnother pointer here is that you need to text her at the appropriate time; never you try to text her during the day if you want to really turn her on.

The best time to do that is in the night when she is about to sleep, especially when she’s on her bed. When you text at her bed time, she has no other things doing except to begin thinking about you if you text her the right romantic messages. Be exciting and flirt with boldness in your textYou can’t be boring if you will include her interest repeatedly in your text, you’ll need to spice it up with some dirty questions that will excite her. Be courageous with your flirtation just as bad guy do and not that of nice guy, if she is not responding positively to your flirting text, you can stylishly said it’s just a joke and that neutralize the awkward feelings she might be feeling. Include in your text an appreciation of her physical quality you most desireHave you ever seen anyone that’s being praised that does not feel happy about it, is just like putting honey in your mouth, you won’t throw it out but rather send it in.
Don’t shy away from asking really dirty questionsAsking dirty question is the best way to engage a woman mind toward dirty talk.
Charge her up with your dirty questions like “what part of a guy’s body really turns you on the most” “what are you wearing now” “what is the colour of your night dress” “”what is your favorite pant colour” and other dirty questions you can think of.
Let her know too that you can’t even wait to meet and you’re ready to even rip her clothes off when you take a hold of her.Really, putting all of these in your romantic text message to her will turn her on in no time. Please don’t forget to share this with your friends who might be interested in what you just read here, and you can make use of the comment box below to let me hear what you think about all of this. Before you go further, I will encourage you to watch this video presentation which will really teach how to flirt with any woman and turn her on with your text messages.
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May I use a few seconds to say thanks for giving me the gift of knowing someone like you?Downright sweet. Sex is awesome, but it’s the emotional, spiritual, & physical intimacy we have that makes it mind blowing!Because sex is so much better when you’re in love, right? Looking forward to our date tonight!The absolute BEST text message to send your partner before a date, especially if you’ve been dating for awhile! I am yours.You probably never imagined a six word text could be so utterly romantic and deep.
She obviously must like you if she is with you, so just enjoy the relationship and be with her.
If you ever need romantic advice, you can always check out the many articles on the topic on Her Interest. She has told you plenty of times that she is not interested any more, so the gentleman-like move would be to move on.
She may end up liking you in the future, but continuing to chase after her now will just drive her further away from you. If she is texting you back constantly and misses you after a minute, then it sounds like she likes you. If she responds so quickly, it sounds like she is interested, so she would probably say yes.
If it seems like she is deadset against liking you, then you could take a step back and try to just be friends. Getting to know her as a friend would give you a chance to win her over slowly and give her a chance to recognize all of your good qualities.
I used them on my gf and its working fine with us.Reply web admin June 19, 2015 at 12:44 amI am really glad that these messages helped you out!
If you need more messaging ideas, there are plenty of articles on this site that contain quotes, texts and short messages for a girlfriend or boyfriend.
If you liked these texts and quotes, we have plenty of other articles that list loving messages.
There are several that cover beautiful texts for a partner, good morning quotes or similar topics. If you bookmark this page, you can always come back for more romantic text messages to send your boyfriend or girlfriend.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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