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A broken heart can rock your world, and although most people wouldn’t recommend obsessing over the relationship, reflecting on sad love quotes can give you perspective.
If you question your partner’s commitment to the relationship, giving each other a little space may be the only way to test the strength of the union.
Even if you have the most loving and stable relationship today, there are no guarantees that the union will last forever. There is nothing wrong with giving a relationship your all and making sacrifices for the greater good of the union.
After breaking ties with someone, you may sit back and reflect on happy times and actually start to miss this person.
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This might include a friend, a coworker or another acquaintance who is already in a relationship with someone. And if you rely solely on your partner’s income and credit for financial support, you might be digging a hole for yourself.

But on the other hand, if this person were never in your life, you would miss out on happy memories and feelings. If you’re constantly giving but never receiving, you might end up frustrated and bitter. By doing this, you not only give the other person satisfaction, you deprive yourself of happy times with those who care about you.

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