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Second Chance Romance by Jason Hicks is one amongst a growing band of products that are designed to help you to get your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back into your arms.   The premise of these guides is a simple one.
When you do that you come up with guides like Second Chance Romance by Jason Hicks, and are not sure whether to laugh or cry.
Well, I have actually personally bought the product and read it so that I can give you an accurate and truthful second chance romance review. The first thing you will notice after buying second chance romance (which is currently on a limited time sale at $39 – Hence the price above). I admit that I would have been quite tempted by this if I actually was in the position of needing to get my ex back. The two parts that especially caught my eye in the platinum package upgrade to Second Chance Romance was the audio version and the exact phrases report. And having EXACT PHRASES to say in different scenarios would be really useful, especially if you are not a natural wordsmith. In the end though I opted to not get the platinum upgrade, because I want to focus this Second Chance Romance Review on the core product in this review, rather then doing a Second Chance Romance Review that is focused on the bonuses, and not the main get ex back guide itself. Remember, though that this product and any upgrade does come with a 60 day money back guarantee. If I wasn’t writing a review, but just getting the product solely to use I would have got the upgrade. The download area is quite nicely organised (unlike many that I have seen where you get lost, and wonder where the hell your product is!)  And it could instantly be seen that there were five bonus books in addition to the main second chance romance manual. But, as expected I didn’t get access to either the Phrases Report or the Audio Version of the Book which are the main reasons why I would have decided to upgrade anyway. I downloaded all the different bonus books as well as the main second chance romance ebook, and then spent a happy evening reading them all.
The book itself is not dramatically long at 58 pages, which you could see as a negative if you equate length purely to value. He discusses a lot of foundational elements that you may have missed after your breakup about getting to the real root of what may have gone wrong with your relationship, and starting to rebuild it again with a firmer foundation. I liked this section of the book when I was reading through in order to do this Second Chance Romance Review because it is all too easy after a breakup to think that a simple phone call or an email to your ex is going to have them rushing back into your arms.
Once apart though the differences in the relationship can suddenly seem much clearer, and so you really need to start work again on many levels such as the way you treated each other, your physical appearance, how much time you spent together etc In a way a bit like piecing a jigsaw puzzle together, and so it is important that when you get a guide to getting your ex back like second chance romance that it takes proper account of that and sets you on the right track to getting your relationship on a firmer foundation the second time around. Now, it is obviously necessary to accept that you may have done things wrong in the relationship. That may seem like a depressing outcome.  But the reality is that it is quite freeing when you reach a decision based on ACTUAL evidence. The next part of the book discusses the differences between men and women regarding what they want in a relationship. Those kind of differences can never be fully overcome, but unless you start to ask yourself key questions about them (such as the ones that are asked in second chance romance) then you risk never really understanding your partner fully. By going through the process you may even decide that you need a totally different type of partner, and honestly, that is perfectly fine as well. Once you have laid the foundations, done some hard thinking, written down the reality and not some fiction. The first third approximately of Second Chance Romance is taken up with laying those foundations so that any decisions you come to have some proper thought behind them. The book then moves into the actual tactics that you can employ to get your ex back if you decide that is really what you want to happen. Jason starts by discussing those first important contacts and exactly what you need to maximise your chances of having a happy ever after.  The thing is that this part is really like walking a tightrope.

Jason Hicks at this stage talks about the planning that you need, and the communication strategies that you need to use.
But, cook it for too long, or at the wrong temperature and you end up with something that gets thrown away.
For more analytical minds this might not necessarily be the best approach though.  As some people prefer to have more explanation as to why to do things. I note in this Second Chance Romance Review that it covers such topics as phone calls, face to face meetings, what to say if you get their voicemail, and the planning steps that you need to keep in mind to move things to the next level. It then engages with how to develop the meetings into further dates, and the different rules that apply to those. Hopefully though the relationship won’t suck, and you will by this time have re-ignited the fires and be back again with your ex. The Second Chance Romance book then moves onto a discussion in the last part of how you can deepen your relationship, and hopefully avoid the pain of another breakup. There are many things that you can do, and they don’t have to be arduous, expensive or time consuming. This is a really good part of the book, because it is actually moving beyond a simple sticking plaster approach to relationships, and placing a greater emphasis on building something that lasts. The bonus books that come along with Second Chance Romance make a good addition to the main book.
Personally, I would start off by reading the main book and get going with the key strategising that needs to happen right now if you are going to get you ex back.   And then dip in and out of the books as you need them. I will quickly summarise what I see as the main uses of these other books and what you get. You will still need to do the exercises, and the contemplation, and finally take actual action if you want to see results. You need to be committed to doing something, and so I hope I have made it clear in this Second Chance Romance Review that you will have to step up and actually DO SOMETHING after reading Second Chance Romance.
But if you are willing to make and happen, and just need some guidance as to what you should do next, then this can help.
How To Make Her Wish She Had Never Left – Can You Have Your Ex Girlfriend Yearn To Have You Back? How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back By Rebuilding Your Own Self Image – And Feel Good In The Process! Why Bad Advice From Your Female Friends Can Torpedo Any Chance Of Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back! The Four Step Plan To Getting Your Ex Back – WITHOUT Begging, Pleading Or Saying You Are Sorry! In other words, expanding beyond your horizons and finding out some key new information that will help you to smooth the path back to reconciliation.
Separate the hype from the reality, and see what you really get if you decide to dig down into your pockets and actually buy this guide. I would certainly be thinking that sounds promising.  But the thing is that for many of these type of products the salespage is the best bit so you need to be careful.
For people who don’t like reading it is a real boon to be able to simply to listen to an audio version of a product. You could simply turn to the book and read what to say next, which has got to be easier then thinking on your feet! It is clear that Jason Hicks has taken the time to really think about the dynamics of a relationship that has fallen apart, and that a logical and ordered mind is behind the second chance romance system. However, the information itself is good and well structured and the compact size allows you to go through the material in an evening without having to drag the process out over several days which is good.

At least then you can move forward with your life.  You must know what you would be willing to give up for your partner if you are to properly decide whether they are right for you. You can then make some hard choices, and will then be in a position to decide whether you actually want your ex back. It allows you to stop, relax, and reflect on where you have come from and where you want to go to. It is extremely easy to mess this up, and simply by saying the wrong thing at this stage you can screw things up permanently.
Your ex is now single, and if they are any kind of catch they aren’t going to stay that way for long. He delves into the timing of the meeting, how long to meet them, how to meet them, and what are the best times to meet them. Once you become awakened to the possibilities of what you can do then many areas can open up to you.
It approaches the subject intuitively and logically and puts a whole sequence at your fingertips. It provides extra depth and angles to the same issues, that may shed light for some people, by approaching some of the topics with more examples. The sky may have totally fallen in, but more likely is that a few things went wrong that ended up with you splitting up from your partner.  Now, you may have considered that a good thing at the time.
But at least if you arrive their based on a proper consideration of the facts you will be able to properly move on, and that in itself can be very liberating.   Second Chance Romance does a good job at helping you to assess those kind of questions from a proper overall look at the relationship. You need to take action soon, but it needs to be the right action, or you risk messing things up for good. You need to make some decisions based on some criteria that Jason Hicks talks about.  The process is simple enough. Far better to deal with them up front and know exactly where you stand, so that you don’t have to live through them again.
Its main strength is that you can get to grips with it quickly, and be taking action very soon after buying it. More information to build on AFTER you have put the main second chance romance guide into action. But maybe a few weeks have now passed, and you now think they aren’t in fact the monster you had them pictured as in your minds eye, and in truth you kind of miss many of their funny ways. You have found the motherlode of good news when it comes to being happily shacked up again. So you won’t leave to chance what is after all once of the most important decisions in your life (who you spend time with and who you are intimate with).
But the reality is that unless you really take the time to dig properly into your feelings you will never really know where you stand.
Which is more second chance romances strength, rather then telling you why you need to do certain things. You need to show a level of discretion, and make sure that you approach it more intuitively.

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