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How wonderful it is to offer my friend something real and true instead of my feeble human opinion.
There are many great reasons to study the Word of God and I see this as one of the most beautiful. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life.
Although we mull over articles and videos on career, we often forget to ask for direction from our Creator, Father God.
As the leader of the SIB KL Workplace Ministry, Yaw shared that everyone needs to understand the Christian worldview about work.
Firstly, we must recognize that every one of us has a specific calling or purpose in life, and that starts from having an ongoing relationship with God.
We can also recognize our calling by evaluating ourselves and understand our natural skills sets or talents and passions. But sometimes, we are afraid to try something new and we get stuck in our current position. After two years of training in an entirely new stockbroking industry, Yaw was promoted to General Manager of Botly Securities Sdn Bhd, a sister-company of TA Securities Berhad and eventually became its Executive Director in 1996. He shared that when we decided in our heart to follow God, we must be willing to follow His Way. And yes, following God sometimes involves making decision that is uncomfortable and downright risky. After 18 years in TA group, Yaw was already the Executive Director of TA Enterprise Berhad and a director for its subsidiaries. Sharing on the Christian Worldview about work, Yaw shared that we tend to look at work as a curse but even before Adam fell into sin, God created work. Jesus has redeemed us from the curse by becoming a curse for us, so that the blessings of Abraham can come to us.
And amongst all people, God has the greatest interest to see you succeed in your life because He has created you and put His image and likeness in you and invested in you with the blood of Jesus Christ.
When Jesus was brought by the devil to the top of the mountain, the devil offered Jesus a short-circuit way to reign over all the kingdoms of the world without the pain and agony of the crucifixion by worshipping the devil.
We are currently living in the culture driven by the Babylonian system, where we believe that success meant being rich and famous. We are first and foremost all full-time priests, though a few are called into the full-time pastoral ministry.
He shared about Joseph who was a favored son of his father and brought up in a privileged background.
In conclusion, everything stems from having an active and vibrant daily relationship with God. Lastly, the Lord intended our work to be enjoyable, fruitful, and satisfying, especially when He has redeemed it with His precious blood from the crown of thorns.

It is such a blessing to share the wisdom of the Bible with someone when they need it most. Through our daily walk with Him, we are able to recognize His Voice and follow His leading.
The longstanding time-tested habits of reading the Bible, praying, seeking God, and finding peace—basically having a relationship with God— still works today. Handling cases up to the then Supreme Court level, Yaw knew the ropes of his job until he had a job offer from TA Securities Berhad in 1993.
So often the decision is not so clear cut, and I got to ask if I have all right facts before me—what are the benefits, risks and consequences. He learned and acquired many soft skills from managing people in a corporate setting compared to the independent background he came from in the law firm. That is why God has to be involved in it,” said Yaw, who always prayed for wisdom from God. But sometimes, we deceive ourselves by wrapping our personal ambition around God’s ambition.
But the Lord prompted him to move on at his prime time in year 2011 into an entirely new industry at 49 years old. But as a generation that demands immediate results and gratification, we forgot the value of patience, persistence, and perseverance in reaching our destiny.
Before Jesus was sent to crucifixion, the first time he shed his blood was the placement of the crown of thorns around his forehead at the Praetorium (the seat of government power where the marketplace is).
But Yaw shared that fruitfulness does not necessarily mean being wealthy alone but also being healthy, enjoying good relationship, achieving our purpose and destiny in life, and leaving behind a legacy. His ‘ROI’ (return-of-investment) is setting up his children for success, by guiding us to do things His Way and in His Time. Though she did not have a big house and she mixed with the rejects of the society, Yaw believed that Mother Teresa is very successful. But at 17 years old, he was sold and worked as a slave for 13 years from the pit to Pothipar’s household and the prison, before he returned to the palace and became the prime minister of Egypt. As you take a step of faith, God will take a quantum leap and you will find yourself fulfilling His Will for you in your work and your destiny.
Walking with God meant being at the right place, at the right time, and applying the gifting and skills God has for you in that vocation,” said Yaw Chun Soon, Executive Director of Talam Transform Berhad.
And while he thought he would be working in the legal department there, he worked only three months before he was assigned to a management role. During then, one of his children was going to the university and it was the post subprime loan crisis.
However, I have the peace in my heart though my mind could not make commercial sense of it. A calling is not a job or just collecting a paycheck to meet monthly needs, but it is reaching your highest potential, which God gave you,” said Yaw.

But it would come later in God’s timing and God’s way, which involves a painful death by crucifixion and in the process, redeems us and reconciles us to the Father. If God can create the universe and own the gold and silver and the cattle on the thousand hills, surely God is able and ready to give you a million dollars instantly if He wants to,” said Yaw. A full-time marketplace vocation is not inferior to a full time pastoral ministry vocation. God was with Joseph all the time in a foreign land working under ungodly and difficult employers all these years.
Every failure is only a temporary set back and the good Lord will redirect your steps and bring restoration as we trust and obey God in our journey of faith. In that role, he begun the journey of relearning from ground zero the stockbroking systems, processes and procedures, which were foreign to him (covering areas from dealing, to share settlement, margin accounts, credit control, and compliance).
But when Adam sinned, God cursed the ground (not work) with thorns and thistles so that the results would no longer commensurate with the work. The Lord was using all these circumstances to shape and form his character before elevating him to the premiership role.
You look at your purpose, passion, and your potential, that’s where God is guiding you towards your destiny. Some situations are challenging but if you don’t do it, you don’t get experience and expertise.
A humble lady who worked in the gutters with a heart of compassion for the downtrodden and under privileged, Mother Teresa was awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace prize.
The marketplace is also the place that God use to mold us into becoming the person He wants us to be. For example, if you want to buy a Honda Accord, you will see this Honda car all over the road.. And so, God called the majority of the believers to spend the majority of their time interacting with the majority of the pre- believers in the workplace.
In this manner, God is raising the workplace believers to impact their workplace’s sphere of influence. I rang him up and said, "Can I crash on your floor?" He was sharing a flat with [Hendrix bassist] Noel Redding.
To see Hendrix play was magic -- the things he did with a guitar have not been equaled to this day: He played rhythm and lead at the same time, under his leg, behind his neck, behind his back, left and right, upside down -- fucking amazing.

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