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If you are not in a rush, I like to be able to listen to the project in both of my studios, as well as in my car. When I feel I have something worth presenting, I will either get a CD to you (if you are local), or send you files over the Internet. When mastering is completed, I usually upload the master to the manufacturer of your choice.
We spent four days and three nights (Tirane, Berat, Himare) in Albania and I’m writing this a couple of days later, having crossed into Greece and spent a couple of days doing nothing on a campsite. We entered Albania at a very small border crossing near Lake Skadar, and our original plan was to spend the first night in the town of Shkoder. The road to Shkoder takes you across a one-track bridge, seemingly built of planks of wood and scrap metal. After this a section of the outskirts which was like some sort of industrial ghost town; half-finished buildings, disused factories and (I may be exaggerating here) a petrol refinery.
Having travelled through Romania in 2010 we had gotten used to seeing locals driving with foreign plates on their cars as a way of avoiding road tax and insurance. Fifteen minutes after entering the city limits of Tirane and Iva, who was driving, was sweating and completely frantic. This gave drivers the chance to ignore his half-hearted waving and the traffic lights in equal measure.
After a while, oddly, it becomes quite liberating to ignore everything you’ve ever learned about driving and traffic safety and in fact by day two I shamelessly cut several people off in clear violation of the rules of the road. Every five or ten minutes along our journey we came across massive piles of rubbish, which must have accumulated over some time, in the weirdest places. As it often is with capital cities, in some ways Tirane captures what the rest of the country is about and in other ways is something completely different and individual – an exception to the rule. Tirane turned out to be a pleasant and vibrant city to walk around, with a tremendous number of shops, interesting, upbeat bars and restaurants and a lot of noise and chaos. The only real advantage of driving on the world’s worst roads is that you have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.

Particularly the frequent views across to the immense, snow-capped Mount Tomor were unlike anything which we had seen before. Albania presented a very different and foreign environment for both of us, and at times is was pretty confusing, but I can honestly say that every single person we met in Albania, without exception, was friendly and generous and made us feel welcome in their country. This entry was posted in Camper Trip April 2011 and tagged 2011, Albania, crazy roads, Tirane. Whenever possible, it is preferable to deliver the mixes in that format, at 24-bit, than to use regular audio CDs.
This test involves listening to your mixes, and directly comparing them to the song references which you have given me, as well as my own references. As an expatriate Albanian living abroad I can say that you are a realistic and honest person.
Although it does make you wonder what the woman was expecting when she ordered a sheep’s head? Just out of curiosity I have been going through the websites containing Albania’s photographs.
The place was so awful in almost every respect that we had started to rethink our plans before reaching the city centre.
In Albania it’s much the same story, with British, Italian, Swiss and German numberplates pretty much everywhere. A bit of online research (here and here) confirms that the majority are stolen in Western Europe as a response to the Albanian appetite for MB. We’d seen bad drivers before, but in Albania EVERYBODY drives like a epileptic lunatic on crack. He chose a spot, opened the bag, emptied out the trash in a pile and then dropped the empty bag on top.
Places where the previous owners of the trash must have gone to quite some effort to transport their rubbish their, and dump it. He asked us where we were from, where we had been in Albania and then went on to tell us about his own visit to London.

Audio CDs have already downgraded the audio to 16-bit, and thus are inferior to the mixes that the original mixing system itself generated.
Young couples and families with kids come here to stroll, spend time, eat ice cream, and so on. Apparently he had eaten at Richard Branson’s restaurant there, which was very nice (but expensive). These mixes may be fun to listen to at home, but in terms of mastering, they are a virtual time bomb. Create a spreadsheet where you’ll track each blog and your submissions to those blogs. A high number indicates that users read more than one article on the site, which is good news for you if you become a regular contributor.2.
Is it the right demographic?Are the visitors to the website people who would care what you have to say? Quantcast will give you all the demographics you’d ever want or need, assuming that the site has been tracked. These are the topics that are most relevant and interesting to the readers of the blog.READ the comments… What questions do they ask? What points do they make that indicate a deep interest in the subject matter?The comments are the key to your success. Pay attention and follow the instructions!If not, you’ll have to contact the owner of the site directly. The Wealthy Web Writer is a website for writers.Submit an article idea here, complete the form, and send in your guest post idea. If it’s good (relevant, timely, helpful, and informative), then you may be asked to write the article.

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